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Zapraszamy Was na Twórcze Lato 2014 oraz na Międzynarodowy Plener Ekspresji Twórczej Malarstwa i Rzeźby 2014 w Szkole Drzewnej i Leśnej w …

Template Cutting with a Jig Saw

It’s much easier to rough cut large pieces using a jig saw. The trouble is trying to stay close to the layout lines. To make things a little easier, …

Mora spoon and woodworking knives overview

Transform a Power Drill Into a Miniature Wood Lathe

If you want to turn wood to make spindles or decorative chair legs, you're going to need a lathe. Rather than spending a fortune on expensive …

Power Tools

Intriguing Design Roller Coaster: The Shifted House in Russia

Admit it!- having your place turned upside-town (after a memorable party, let’s say) is not something you are unfamiliar with at times. But this …

40 Cool Coffee Tables

In the market for a new coffee table? Or just like to window shop online? The days of using a trunk filled with blankets or an Ikea $9.99 Lack table are behind us. Here are 40 unusual quirky tables that will definitely make you look.<p>1. Mixtape Coffee Table: The moment this table hit the interwebs, …


The 'inside-out' collection by Polart brings a refreshing perspective towards classic everyday objects. It will be on display at the upcoming Habitat Expo 2013 in Mexico: Pre-register for Habitat Expo 2013 here:

Old Japanese Saw Makes A Great Woodworking Scraper • Complete Sharpening Series Video 21

DIY Projects

How to Sharpen a Woodworking Handsaw with Paul Sellers

Stop-Motion Animation of Wood Cut Millimeter by Millimeter Creates Waves that Ripple Like Water

Waves of Grain is a two minute strata-cut animation by filmmaker Keith Skretch who planed a block of wood in tiny increments and took photographs …

Branch Wall Hook,Twig Coat Hook, Wooden Coat Hook, Modern Twig Hook, Branch Coat Hook,Large Size,hooks and fixtures,storage and organization

Modern Twig Coat Hook – Twiggy series LARGE single wall hook***<p>Modern yet sculptural and organic our stylized twig hooks make a striking perch for coats, bags, hats, towels and umbrellas. They look especially dramatic when grouped in multiples, either in a straight line or at varying heights …

Check out these shelves! First time I used a Kreg Jig for a build. Why did I wait so long to try one?

Another great use of the iPhone 5, tilting my saw blade to 45 degree's. #woodworking #iphone5 #saw #diy #cellphone #danhux #handmade

Made a couple bottle openers, designed to not damage bottle cap #woodworking #craftbeer

What I'm making. See @georgemoore20 #handplane #handmade #hock #hockdesign #hockplane #block #smoothing #jack #fore #jointer #joiner #joinery #woodenplane #woodworking #woodworkingtools

How To Make A Push Stick

Making a Plywood Push Stick<p>This is an easy one.<br>I've been using this kind of push stick for a long time time, and I go into a few of the benefits of …


DIY | Wooden Base Desk Lamp

14 Comments<p>Contributor post by Caitlin of The Merrythought<p>Lately I have been working on creating a work space in my apartment that is inspiring and …

Octopus carved from a single block of wood

Personal Viking Ship

Live out your fantasies of sea-faring exploration and pillaging with this Personal Viking Ship. Sold by The Viking Ship Museum and hand-built to …

Exquisite Wooden Bathtub Designs Imprinting a Unique Room Character

<b>Wooden bathtubs</b> are an excellent choice for a dream interior. Every bathtub in this collection by <b>Unique Wood Design</b> has its own unique character and …