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Horse Riding | Kayley's Blog

Hey readers,<p>I love horse riding! It’s one of my favourite things to do! Let me tell you a bit about horse riding.<p>I ride a horse named Sage shes a …

Horseback Riding

Kitchen Appliances Unite!

If my toaster went on strike, I could definitely imagine what sort of speech he/she would say in front of all my kitchen appliances. Mistreated, …



Hi everyone!<p>Today I’m going to tell you about volleyball! I’m on the girls team this year, and we recently had our first game! We played three …



Snow, it comes in fast and then leaves as fast as it came. It’s a strange thing to see early in a year but it is also marvelous. Snow falls from the …


My Guinea Pig

This is my guinea pig Magpie. She is pregnant and she’s going to have her babies in one or two weeks. Sadly we have to sell her babies but I might …

Guinea Pigs


It’s the middle of the day<p>sun shining bright<p>but it is as dark as night<p>The moons in the way<p>it’s blocking the sun<p>the solar eclipse has just begun<p>The …

Solar Eclipse


Hello everybody,<p>As you know, winter is coming soon. I am writing about winter because right this minute I am looking out the window and it is snowing …


Halloween Is Here!!

Hello friends,<p>As you may already know, Halloween is coming up in the next couple days. Halloween is probably one of the greatest times of the whole …


The Life Cycle of Water in Winter

As you know<b>,</b> winter is near and Halloween is past, <b></b>but I never thought winter would be wait right at our doorstep.<p>It is November 2nd<b>,</b> just two days …



Unicorns aren’t real although I really wish they were. Many years ago a Greek historian invented a legend about a rainbow-horned creature. They are …



It finally snowed!!! I got to go sledding on the weekend with my friend Jake. We went to the school near his house where there is a good hill and …


Northern Lights

An explosion of fireworks<p>Lights up the night<p>Dancing across the sky<p>Moving slowly like a caterpillar<p>Across the turquoise sky<p><i>What do you see?</i>

Northern Lights


A dark night awaits the laughter and smiles of children on Halloween. There will be candy, costumes, and decorations that light up the sky! Fireworks …