Trends in Higher Education

By Jan Svärdhagen | This magazine covers trends in higher education with a specifik focus on digital learning in higher education. Tech could be great used the right way...but it´s not always this is the situation ;-)

Is Wikipedia a Trustworthy Academic Resource? Scientists Think So

It might seem like common sense to exclude Wikipedia from the list of great science resources, but researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of …


Making Connections with Multimedia Content

2017 Impact Awards<p>Johns Hopkins University developed a web application to help learners explore and easily document relationships among visual …

Johns Hopkins University

What Higher Education Experts Want You To Know About AI

Artificial intelligence is hitting universities, but it doesn’t mean professors are being replaced by computers.<p>“So when we talk about AI, we imagine …

Higher Education

U Maryland Baltimore County Plugs in Hybrid Reality Wall

AR & VR in Education<p>The University of Maryland Baltimore County last month cut the ribbon on a new immersive "hybrid reality" lab for working with …

Augmented Reality

Temple University’s Real-Time Feedback App Is the Latest Analytics Business Spinoff

By Meghan Bogardus CortezUniversity data programs continue to flourish as businesses of their own.

Higher Education

Educators on Artificial Intelligence: Here's the One Thing It Can't Do Well

It isn’t just the tech entrepreneurs and Hollywood directors who dream about the role that artificial intelligence can play, or will play, in …

Artificial Intelligence

Education technology meets its limits

This week has been a good one for those who like to talk about the limits of technology. Over in the UK, a prankster managed to fool Trip Advisor into naming his shed the #1 ranked restaurant in London. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a city struggling to manage several wind-fueled wildfires, the …


Campuses See Value of Digital Learning, but Lack a Plan

Research<p>In a recent survey, most chief academic officers (CAOs) at 359 two- and four-year institutions (86 percent) agreed that digital content and …

Higher Education

Data, AI and Collaboration Top Higher Ed Tech Trends

Ever-changing technology has presented university leaders with new ways to innovate and boost student experiences. Data can increase student success …


How Will AR Transform Education? [#Infographic]

By Meghan Bogardus CortezAt both the primary and secondary level, augmented reality has the power to provide students with more interactive …

Augmented Reality

Emerging Tech Boosts Online Education Growth Over Next 4 Years

By Meghan Bogardus CortezA study finds that mobile devices, virtual reality and blending learning programs will spark innovation.


Faculty Predict Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Will Be Key to Ed Tech in 10 Years

Faculty in our 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey believe tech will play a positive role in the future of higher education — but some technologies …


Wearables to See Double-Digit Growth through 2021

Wrist-worn devices will drive the market, according to a new forecast, while "lesser-known wearable products, such as clothing and ear-wear, will …

Wearable Tech

New Google Docs Workflow Streamlines Collaboration for College Students

By Meghan Bogardus CortezUpdates to the popular tool makes writing academic papers and peer reviews a breeze.

Higher Education

Survey: Blended Learning on the Rise

Teaching with Technology Survey<p>Most faculty in our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey said they employ a mix of online and face-to-face …

Students are opting out of purchasing textbooks because of cost — how OERs fit in

Students also cited an interest in "inclusive access," or incorporating the cost of digital classroom materials into the cost of tuition.


How People Approach Facts and Information

(Hero Images/Getty Images)When people consider engaging with facts and information any number of factors come into play. How interested are they in …

Information Literacy

College textbooks are going the way of Netflix

<i>This is the second in</i> The Vanishing University<i>, a four-part series exploring the tech-driven future of higher education in America. Here are parts one, three, and four.</i><p>A new copy of Glenn Hubbard and Tony O’Brien’s widely used introductory economics textbook costs more than some smartphones. The …


Educators grapple with integrating technology into the lecture

A new survey indicates millennials feel they learn more from devices than people — an issue faculty members are trying to navigate as they balance …


Digital literacy a key factor for employers, report finds

By 2020, 35% of skills vital for the workforce will have changed, with qualities like being technologically savvy topping the list, according to the …


AI, analytics transforming guidance counselors' roles

New tools are making it easier not only to track and predict student performance for potential interventions, but also to monitor online activity for …


Clippy and the History of the Future of Educational Chatbots

Earlier this year, Microsoft made headlines when it debuted Tay, a new chatbot modeled to speak like a teenage girl, which rather dramatically turned …


Why Education Is the Hardest Sector of the Economy to Automate

We’ve all heard the warning cries: automation will disrupt entire industries and put millions of people out of jobs. In fact, up to 45 percent of …


Campus Technology 2017: Lifetime Learning Is the New Model for Higher Education

By Amy BurroughsIn the workforce of the future, graduates will need to complement — not compete with — technology, an education expert says.


New Project Explores Higher-Education Podcasts (And Their Impact)

These days busy college leaders hone their craft while walking the dog or commuting to campus (with earbuds in), thanks to the recent explosion of …


In push for digital materials, expert says print is still important

As schools continue to invest in opportunities for online texts, some argue students may actually learn and retain information better when they read …

This is how you build the library of the future

When looking towards the future of education and instruction, hardware will not be the catalyst for change. The people behind the technology will be …


Are Teachers Becoming Obsolete?

A veteran educator reflects on the personalized-learning trend that’s left him wondering if a computer is more capable of doing his job than he is.<p>Leaving my school building the other day, I had an unexpected realization: Perhaps a computer was a more effective teacher than I currently was. The …

Report: Most Millennials Learn More from Technology than from People

The majority of millennials ages 18-34 (69 percent) say they learn more information from technology than from people, according to a new report from …