SOS Venezuela

By Janette Speyer | A country under economic siege. Here is a tribute to all Venezuelans that continue the fight for freedom and justice.

Children caught up in Venezuela protests must be protected – UNICEF

<b>CARACAS, 21 June 2017</b> – UNICEF is deeply concerned for the safety and wellbeing of children involved in Venezuela’s ongoing street protests and …


OAS chief: I’ll resign in exchange for Venezuela’s ‘freedom’

The head of the Organization of American States on Saturday said he would step down from his post in exchange for a laundry list of reforms in …


Piden a la ONU un embargo de armas contra Venezuela

La carta que fue recibida por la subsecretaria general de la ONU y por la secretaría de la presidencia del Consejo de Seguridad, tiene como objetivo …

Venezuela poised for new violence after security forces fatally shoot protester, 17

Fabian Urbina is first person to be killed by security forces during unrest Supreme court announces charges against chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz<p>Venezuelans are bracing for a further escalation of violence after a 17-year-old protester was shot dead by the national guard, and the supreme court …


Venezuela is cracking down on 'bitcoin fever'

Venezuela's economy has seen its currency, the bolivar, plummet as inflation has spiraled into the triple digits, causing people there to struggle to meet their daily needs.<p>In response, some Venezuelans have chosen to cross international borders to stock up on needed supplies, as others turn to a …


Guardia Nacional dispara perdigones contra manifestantes y periodistas en Dist. Metropolitano #114Junio @ 12:33 pm . . 💬 Etiqueta + Difunde

Anti-Maduro chants ring at Venezuela soccer heroes' welcome

CARACAS (Reuters) - Thousands of soccer fans repeatedly chanted against President Nicolas Maduro's government during a homage in a stadium on Tuesday to Venezuela's youth team who were runners up in a World Cup final.<p>Some 20,000 people in the Olympic Stadium cheered as each of the players, dressed …


Leopoldo López Fast Facts

<b>(CNN) —</b> Here's a look at the life of Leopoldo López, a Venezuelan opposition leader who is currently serving nearly 14 years in prison for allegedly inciting anti-government protests.<p><b>Personal:</b><b><br>Birth date:</b> April 29, 1971<p><b>Birth place:</b> Caracas, Venezuela<p><b>Birth name:</b> Leopoldo Eduardo López Mendoza<p><b>Father:</b> …


Venezuela : entre émeutes et pénuries, les habitants de Caracas au bord de la crise de nerfs

Depuis avril, les manifestations anti-régime se succèdent dans le pays en crise ; beaucoup de biens de première nécessité sont devenus inaccessibles.

Is Venezuela on a path to civil war?

Anti-government protests in Venezuela are now in their third month, with nearly 70 people killed and 1,300 injured. Barely a day goes by without new scenes of flaming street anarchy or some horrific act of state violence. Venezuela is coming unglued.<p>Syria is the most recent and most alarming …

Latin America

Doctors Flee Desperate Venezuela to Work in Safer Places

Country’s loss of medical and other professional personnel is gain for places like remote Chilean island<p>ANCUD, Chile—On a recent day in this remote island town, Dr. Jhomar Yansen rushed to operate on a man who had been kicked in the gut by a sheep and was suffering severe internal bleeding.<p>The …


Venezuela ministry takes over police in opposition state

<b>Venezuela's interior ministry has taken control of the police force in the opposition-controlled state of Miranda.</b><p>The ministry accused Miranda's police of human rights violations and involvement in criminal networks.<p>The state, governed by the opposition leader Henrique Capriles, has seen some of …

World News

Venezuela protesters set fire to Supreme Court building as crisis deepens

Anti-government protesters set fire to the supreme court in Caracas, Venezuela, Monday.<p>This is the twelfth week of upset in the country, as protesters demand the resignation of president Nicolas Maduro and call for elections.<p>The supreme court Monday voted to reject a motion that would prevent Mr …


Todos estos años nos enseñaron que los obstáculos son para aprender y hacernos más fuertes. Seguimos CAMINANDO y seguimos sumando. #Repost @pasqualegh (@get_repost) ・・・ Firmes, y decididos sin miedo ante el acoso de los cuerpos de seguridad del estado. #380xvzla @380kmxvzla #prensa #venezuela #lara #Caracas #UCV #UCLA #UNEXPO #UNY #UNEFM #UC #ULA

Months of Deadly Anti-Government Protests in Venezuela

Beginning on April 1, anti-government demonstrators have staged daily protests across Venezuela that continue to devolve into violent clashes with riot police, leaving thousands arrested, hundreds injured, and 66 dead. Opposition activists are protesting against the government of President Nicolas …


Best photos of the day: Orlando remembers and a bank job in Caracas

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of highlights from around the world, including the one-year anniversary memorial service for victims of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, and anti-government demonstrators at a branch of Banco Provincial in Caracas

Downing Street

Venezuela's Crisis -- Right On Our Doorstep

For the last few weeks the most violent city in the world has reached new terrible lows. No, not Baghdad. No, not Kabul. The most violent city in the world, in terms of homicides, violent crime, and police brutality, is actually Caracas; right on our doorstep.<p>Venezuela, a country awash with natural …


Venezuela government turns on 'traitor' prosecutor Ortega

CARACAS (Reuters) - Ruling Socialist Party officials have launched a series of attacks against Venezuela's chief state prosecutor this week, from accusations of insanity to promoting violence, after her high-profile break with the government.<p>A former ally of President Nicolas Maduro, the prosecutor …


Venezuela Musicians Rise Up After Violist, 18, Is Killed at Protest

CARACAS, Venezuela — Armando Cañizales left his viola at home that day.<p>Eighteen and talented, he was a success story of Venezuela’s state-run music program for the poor. But he decided it was time to join the street protests against the government that had supported his career.<p>As teenagers throwing …


Venezuela's mass anti-government demonstrations enter third month

Clashes between protesters and security forces have become a deadly cycle and doctors are seeing disturbing patterns in the violence<p>There is a pattern to the protests that have rocked Venezuela for the past two months. Anti-government demonstrators set off on a march to the government buildings in …


Venezuela's bishops: President Maduro starves his people into submission

Vatican City, Jun 8, 2017 / 04:14 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- After a last-minute meeting with Pope Francis Thursday to discuss the dire situation of their …


Venezuelans flee to the US in search of better lives

<b>(CNN) —</b> The decision to come to the United States wasn't an easy one. Carolina, a 33-year-old mother of three, said it was perhaps one of the toughest decisions of her life -- one taken after many sleepless nights in her Barquisimeto, Venezuela, apartment.<p>Holding back tears, she remembers a night …