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    Coffee Curator Chat Recap: Group Magazines - Flipboard

    Janette Speyer told us about Group Magazines, meaning she co-curates them with one or more other people. She uses them both professionally and personally.

  • Here is what you will learn:

    ● Getting around the Flipboard
    ● Creating a "Smart Magazine"
    ● Flipping into magazines
    ● Finding & curating relevant content
    ● Using the “Compose tool”
    ● Picking THAT WOW cover!
    ● Adding video, sound & more
    ● Adding collaborators
    ● Sharing your magazines

    Avatar - Janette Speyer
    Janette Speyer
  • Avatar - Janette Speyer
    Learning Flipboard in 1,2,3

    Learning Flipboard in 1,2,3

    Avatar - Janette Speyer
    Curated byJanette Speyer

    Flipboard has so much to offer! It's not only a reader. If you just read on the app you are missing out on 60% of Flipboard. The art is in the curation and creation of a beautiful Flipboard magazine. In this Storyboard, I'll show you how to build your own magazines in easy steps. Enjoy the process!

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