Diamonds In The Raw

They say diamonds are a girl's (and guy's) best friend. Take a look at the mega stones including the recent discovery from Botswana. A 1,098-carat diamond is now the largest rock in the world. Here's a roundup of the world's largest diamonds and their carat sizes. Feast away!

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Diamonds In The Raw
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    Botswana unearths world's third largest diamond

    Botswana unearths world's third largest diamond

    A 1,098 carat diamond believed to be the third largest gem-quality stone ever to be mined, has been discovered in Botswana, according to a joint venture between Anglo American's (AAL.L) De Beers and the government.

    Golden Jubilee Diamond – 545.65 carats

    Cullinan I – 530.20 carats

    Incomparable Diamond – 407.48 carats

    Cullinan II – 317.4 carats

    Graff Lesedi La Rona – 302.37 carats

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