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The greatest wildlife spectacles around the world

Where to go to witness real animal magic, as creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes feed, court, fight and migrate.

Travel to destinations around the world to witness real animal magic, as creatures of all colours, shapes and sizes feed, court, fight and migrate.

Látrabjarg bird cliffs, …


Biggest Startup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


10 of Europe's best national parks … that you've probably never heard of

Gran Paradiso, Italy

It may be one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps, but the wild lakes and mountains of Gran Paradiso national park often get overlooked by tourists, who are more likely to visit northern Italy’s more popular destinations: the lakes of Como, Maggiore and Garda. In the …

Europe Travel

Top 10 Oceanfront Cities

Travel (Australia)

5 Bucket List Travel Destinations

We live in a wild and wondrous world, which means it's time to dust off your passport and get busy exploring Earth's natural treasures and man-made marvels. While hunting down every awe-inspiring landmark would take a lifetime, we've started off with five must-see destinations that should be on …

Bucket Lists

5 Books That Changed My Perspective of the World

"What is your favorite book?"

I've been asked this question numerous times throughout my life. Even now as a 19-year-old college student, I find this question nearly impossible to answer. I've read hundreds of books in my lifetime; how can I pick just one as superior to all the others?

I think this …


Japan's 31 most beautiful places

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6 Stand-Out National Wildlife Refuges

America’s national parks get plenty of laudatory ink, but what about its wildlife refuges?

As the name suggests, these wild sanctuaries were created to safeguard the habitats native animals need to survive and thrive in an ever developing world. Together, they protect 150 million acres of land and …

National Wildlife Refuge

20 Most Beautiful Forest Around World

Forest as the dominant terrestrial ecosystem on Earth, is the home for lots of plants and animals. It has an ancient and mysterious charm is the …


4 Books That Can Pump Up Your Productivity

This post originally appeared on LearnVest.

If you’ve ever felt like, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to get to the bottom of that daily to-do list—join the club.

But just because being a productivity ninja seems like a farfetched concept to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

After all, for …


America's 14 Best Small-Town Festivals

You may not know it, but some of the country's best festivals are held in small towns scattered throughout the U.S. Featuring a wide range of unique themes, and ranging in size and scope, these celebrations often include parades, entertainment, food, and plenty of special events. Make an effort to …

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Best of Travel: 16 More Things We Loved

Even if they didn’t snag the tippy-top spots on our 2015 Best of Travel list, these outstanding runners-up still deserve an award for being the best in their respective fields.

Want to see the wildlife of Uganda or ride a camel in the Sahara? The outfitters here have you covered. Seeking endless …


10 of the Most Colorful Places in the U.S.

We've shown you the world's most colorful places. But wait until you see these ten bright, beautiful spots right here in the U.S. of A.

Skagit Valley, Washington
The state's annual tulip festival takes place during the month of April--and gives the Dutch some serious competition. View

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15 Best Travel Experiences for Night Owls

When you think of late-night fun, chances are clubs in big cities like New York, Berlin, or Miami come to mind. And while it's true that there are plenty of up-all-night diversions in those locales, there are also plenty of alternative evening adventures awaiting travelers, both in cities and …

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Top 10 Extreme Environments

Travel (Canada)

11 of the Most Astounding UNESCO Sites in Africa

With golden sand dunes, thundering falls and the world's largest population of giant tortoises, Africa's world heritage sites encompass staggering beauty and diversity.


1. Okavango Delta

With annual flooding between June and August, this astounding delta is formed as the Okavango River meets …


A decade of observing Earth from space has given us these breathtaking views

The European Space Agency may never have had the glamor of the Apollo missions or space shuttle launches, but they've quietly launched some of the most advanced Earth observation satellites around.

The ESA's Envistat satellite was the largest Earth observation satellite ever built.

Since 2002, it has …


Nine culture-filled weekends in Europe

Delve deeper into the corners of the continent that helped inspire writers, musicians, artists and Vikings.

This article is the second in a series featuring destinations and activities perfect for a quick getaway. From cuisine to culture to the great outdoors, discover ideas that will help you make

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Top 10 Things to Do in Utah Parks

U.S. Travel

Top 21 under-the-radar destinations

From Canada’s Yukon wilderness to the mountaintops of India, these unconventional holiday destinations will lead you off the beaten path and onto an adventure all your own.

#TheLIST: The New Places to Honeymoon in 2015

A honeymoon is meant to be anything but typical and, let's face it, a little about bragging rights. Tried-and-true standbys may work for any old holiday, but this special trip should be once in a lifetime. For the newly-engaged couple or simply romantic travelers who are suffering from "been there, …

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Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer Mount Bromo (foreground) and Mount Semeru, simultaneously erupting as the earliest touches of dawn mix with the light from a setting full moon during the sacred #Kasada ceremony in the spectacular #Tengger Caldera located in #EastJava #Indonesia. Pleased to announce that beginning today I’ve joined @NatGeoCreative for representation in commercial assignments and image licensing. In addition, I’m bringing my entire archive — 14 stories from more than a decade with @NatGeo magazine — over to NatGeo Creative, expanding my collaboration with the Society, sharing more loudly the passions for education, awareness on the issues facing all of us today and into the future. Looking forward to dancing with the talented team lead by Maura Mulvihill and the likes of @alicebrkeating, @ginamartindc and more. Above is a photograph from my 4th story with the magazine, published in the January 2008 edition, titled #VolcanoGods. A story I proposed to the magazine, the approach was rather unorthodox — not how one volcano is interacted with #spiritually, rather how an entire nation located along the #RingofFire interacts with what many Indonesian’s believe are the bellybuttons of the earth. Will never forget the story proposal conference call. It went somewhat like this: Mid-morning in a bar in Iquitos, Peru. On the phone was editor and chief, Chris Johns, then director of photography @dlgriffin, creative director @billmarr, members of the editorial and art departments, maps and more. After explaining the story approach for 10 or so minutes, Chris said, “I like this idea, let’s do it.” Then I thought, great — now I have to prove my theories on a topic never widely studied. Had the privilege to be partner with Senior Photo Editor, @sadiequarrier. Sadie and I worked through the process of creating the final narrative that appeared in the magazine. Often complex, I’ve always feel that each National Geographic story I do is like preparing — then defending — your doctoral thesis. In this case, it nearly was, standing in a room over a year later, presenting the final story that originated with a "let’s do it" back in South America.

Photograph by @paulnicklen A pod of Narwhals approach the ice edge near Baffin Island. Here, they will dive under the ice to feed on polar cod. Unicorns really do exist. This was photographed from my ultralight airplane as Brian Knutsen and I turned and burned over the drifting pack ice. To see my favorite underwater photograph of narwhals of which I will post later today, please follow me on @paulnicklen #nature #wildlife @elplanetaphoto @natgeocreative #unicorn #unicorns

Florida's 7 Best Beaches

Which Florida beach is right for you? The Sunshine State boasts almost 1,000 miles of flip-flop-friendly beaches, each with its own distinct style. From snow-white sand perfect for relaxing to the best place to explore with your dog, find the perfect beach for your travel needs.



How to Get Clients and Suppliers to Fund Your Startup

Getting the money you need to launch a startup can be one of the most daunting tasks for any entrepreneur. You face rejection constantly. As a …


12 Inspirational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn. It's easily the most portable way to consume content.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of …


11 of the world's most incredible journeys

Up for an extraordinary expedition? Whether by foot, car, boat or train, these adventures will fire up your wanderlust

1. Trek with creature comforts, …

South America Travel

South Africa’s BIG Five Adventures to Cross Off Your Bucket List

Got a thirst for adrenaline? Check out these BIG five must-do activities for any global thrill seeker to embark upon in the world-class adventure …

South Africa

World's most unusual towns

From a circus-centric Florida community to an English high street near Shanghai, these five places are keeping it weird.


7 Underrated Cities in Italy You Have to Visit on Study Abroad

A guide to some of Italy's beautiful hidden gems
By Nina Truong, Emory University.

When someone says "Italy", you immediately think of major cities like, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. However, Italy has a lot more than these four major cities. Each city in Italy has very distinct architecture …