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5 Remote Destinations For The Unconventional Island Hopper

Now that it’s getting nippy, our first instinct is to flee. An island vacation beckons, and some obvious destinations come to mind first: the Caribbean, Mexico, or even good old Florida, if you’re staying stateside. But for those willing to think outside their native hemisphere, why not venture off …

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Looking for Oysters? Aw Shucks, There's An App For That!

Meet 27-year-old Sam Asher. He’s so crazy about oysters, he invented an app called Pearl to help people like him find out where to find their favorites — in real time.

“I was sitting at an oyster bar with my friend and the idea just popped into my head,” says Asher, who was working in finance in New …


Oysters From A to Z: 26 Things to Know

Interesting oyster facts and figures you can't miss if you like this gourmet delicacy from the sea, perfect during holiday meals.

Alive. One of the …


Best Places to Live as Soon as You're a Billionaire

As with everything in life, it’s absolutely essential to be prepared. So on the day when you inevitably strike it rich and become a billionaire, …

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Best Trips 2016

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Top 10 Oceanfront Cities

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5 Amazing Adventures For Your Southeast Asia Bucket List

Southeast Asia is an adventure traveler's dream destination. You can eat like a king for a few bucks, explore unbelievable landscapes, and see remnants of some of the planet's most ancient civilizations. Check out our list of 5 Must-Do Adventures in Southeast Asia and book your flight today!

1. Hike

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10 Hotels With Unbelievable Views

(Photo: Jade Mountain)

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Architect and hotelier Nick Troubetzkoy eliminated the fourth wall from every room at this Caribbean paradise so guests can enjoy the picture-perfect views of the Petit and Gros Piton mountains, which are reflected in infinity pools that grace almost …


50 incredible hotels you should sleep in during your lifetime

You're planning an unforgettable trip, so why not choose a hotel that's equally memorable?

From ice palaces in Canada to underwater rooms in Africa, we've come up with 50 of the world's most incredible hotels that will take any vacation to the next level.

Here's our ultimate bucket list of 50 hotels …


NYC Restaurants - Best Oysters

Photo: Courtesy of Ditch Plains.

Oyster lovers rejoice. It doesn't matter whether you know the difference between Blue Point and Kumamoto, it's Oyster Week in NYC, which calls for some serious shucking and slurping. Celebrate these delicious bivalves with an array of events (from wine pairings to …


Knee-deep dining: Oyster safari off the coast of Denmark

(CNN)Wearing army green waders and carrying an underwater viewer that looks like an orange traffic cone, we are three feet deep in the cold waters of Limfjorden, hunting for oyster gold.

The transparent bottom of the viewer reveals a seabed generously scattered with the fabled European flat oysters, …


10 Surreal Destinations you Have to See to Believe

There are certain destinations in the world that are so surreal, and so unbelievable, that they’re impossible to comprehend until you witness their …

19 natural wonders everyone should see before they disappear

America is home to some of the world's most stunning natural wonders, but many of these sights are increasingly under threat from climate change and pollution.

While some are slowly experiencing change, others are deteriorating at a more rapid rate.

We've put together a list 0f 19 incredible and …

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Italy's six best road trips

With a network of well-maintained roads that weave through a landscape of snow-capped peaks, plunging coastlines, lakes and historic towns, Italy offers plenty of epic driving. And while some routes are undeniably challenging, they all make for unforgettable experiences.

Here we highlight six …


World’s Best Nightlife Hotels

Laser-lit clubs, swanky lobby bars: these hotels know exactly how to show guests, and locals, a good time all night long.

Hotels—at least, the very best of them—are so much more than a place to bed down. Often, hotels are the epicenter of a city's nightlife, offering guests and locals everything …


8 Things You Need to Experience in Lisbon, Portugal

Traveling to Portugal?!? If so, I’m sure Lisbon is on your list! With so much to do in this classic European city we were able to narrow it down to …


Best Cities in Europe: Readers' Choice Awards 2015

Italy dominates and a usual suspect tops this year's Readers' Choice list of the best cities in Europe. Did your favorite city make the cut?


The most affordable places to travel to next year, according to Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet just released its Best in Travel lists for 2016, highlighting all of the destinations travelers should check out next year.

Included in the series is a list of the best-value destinations for 2016, which pinpoints the top destinations where visitors can have high-quality travel …

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14 Types of Backpackers You'll Meet at Your Hostel

The hostel is widely known as one of the best and cheapest places to stay for young travelers around the world. While providing a roof over your …


10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Vietnam

1. The Food is AMAZING

From famous Pho noodles to incredible Bahn Mi sandwiches, the food in Vietnam is up there with the best in the world. The best …


How to Get More Instagram Followers: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram is quickly becoming a focal point for brands looking to use social media to connect with current and potential new customers—and for good …


Sustainable Seafood Businesses Tackle Food Deserts with an Ancient Farming Technique

One of the most interesting trends to emerge from the Fish 2.0 business competition is the increasing use of aquaponics, which combines fish farming (aquaculture) with growing plants in water (hydroponics). This is nothing new—people have been practicing aquaponics for centuries, in the Aztecs’ …


Best Hotels Under $40

Traveling the world as a couple you never really know what kind of accommodations to expect. It can be difficult to find that perfect place to call …

8 Thai Islands Perfect for every Traveler

When you think of Thailand, you might dream of exploring it’s white sandy beaches, or countless Buddhist temples. You may crave a plate of spicy pad …

The world's best bars 2015

Each year, the World's 50 Best Bars awards celebrate the best drinking dens around the world. The results are determined from votes submitted by an academy of lauded bartenders and drinks industry experts from around the world. Here is their selection of the 25 best bars in the world in 2015

25: The


The raw bar revival: why the oyster is back

Few foods are as divisive as oysters. For some, the enigmatic bivalves are a silky snack of the gods. For others, they are slimy globs of sea rubbish that come with a high risk of making you ill. Their newly aristocratic reputation doesn’t help. Before they were made expensive by overfishing, they …

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12 Secret Hideaway Islands in Europe

Whether you arrive by plane, ferry or a little taxi boat, there's something particularly romantic about marooning yourself on an island. Europe's most popular vacation islands - including Mallorca, Corfu and Ibiza - are well known, but there are hundreds of other smaller, less developed islands …


Drink like a local: 21 drinks to try around the world

We asked, you answered! Readers weighed in on iconic beverages to order at the bar. How many have you tried?

Read more: What should I drink in your country?

Top 5 Wild West Ranches in America

Get a taste of life on the open range at one of the top guest ranches in America. Found in mountain valleys, endless meadows and desolate deserts, these properties offer an authentic Wild West experience, complete with log cabins, cattle drives, guided horseback rides and cowboy-style cookouts. …

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Ten of the world’s most intriguing wine regions

We’ve all experienced it on our travels – whether watching a sunset in Italy with a glass of chilled Prosecco or at a barbeque in Australia with a beefy Shiraz – when a local wine could not be more perfectly suited to the moment.

Lonely Planet’s new book Wine Trails plots a course through 52 of the …

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