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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sales surpass expectations

Industry sources from Korea report that sales of the curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge flagship are much higher than anticipated, with supply now unlikely to be able to keep up with demand. Currently, the S6 Edge accounts for approximately 50 percent of all Galaxy S6 model shipments worldwide, …

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LeBron James expresses regret at never entering Slam Dunk Contest

LEBRON YOU CAN STILL DO THE DUNK CONTEST IT'S NOT TOO LATE YOU'RE NOT DEAD YET PLEASE DO IT<p>LeBron James has famously never been in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. While Michael Jordan's dunk contest appearances helped forge his legend, James has time and again opted not to participate, and in 2012, he …


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Part of Me by Katy Perry

Days like this I want to drive away<br>Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade<br>You chewed me up and spit me out<br>Like I was poison in your mouth<br>You took my …


Tip: Try interrupting a normal day at the office or supermarket with the water dance. #GlubGlub #newtrends