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Incredible Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

San Antonio, Texas based artist Scott Wade is always experimenting new ways to express his artistic views and known for his popular pieces of Dirty …

Portuguese multimedia artist Gustavo Fernandes portrays a parallel universe in his oil paintings. According to this essay on his work, Fernandes had a difficult childhood and once referred to himself...

Portuguese multimedia artist Gustavo Fernandes portrays a parallel universe in his oil paintings. According to this essay on his work, Fernandes had …

Artist Stuart Haygarth Created A Sideboard From Beach Waste

Stuart Haygarth has an incredible way of transforming trash into something great, and it’s called Barnacle.


Hurricane Katrina, Then and Now

St Patrick's Day


Carsten Jamrow Carsten Jamrow is a creative director and photographer, located in Hamburg/Germany. Read the rest of “Inspiring Beach Lifestyle …


Photographer Creates Impressive Wiping Out-In-Kitchen Selfie

We’ve all had a brilliant, photo-worthy wipeout or two in our lives. But few of us have succeeded in catching such an event like photographer Derek …


In Conversation With Roger Ballen - One Of The Most Collected Photographers In The World

All Images (c) Roger Ballen

I've been a big fan of Roger Ballen for many years. His work is fresh and terrifically rich. Using a cast of characters and animals, integrated with artwork and physical sets, Ballen blurs the lines between reality and fiction, documentary and storytelling. His work is, …


“Martha Pachon ”

Official Tumblr for Hi-Fructose: The best selling New Contemporary Art Magazine.


Martha Pachon

Gehard Demetz

“Gehard Demetz has risen to international prominence by applying his incredible craftsmanship as a traditional woodcarver to subjects that are new …


Gustaf Mantel

If we don’t, remember me is a series of animated movie stills by Gustaf Mantel.
There is something terrifying in the Kubrik series..(Via Co.Design)

Kincso Toth

“In this project, I explored the properties of volume by creating the structural framework and “skin” of a human heart.”
Spatial Dynamics II
is a …

Photographer Took A Pictures Of Colorful Bus Stops Across Belarus

For the series ‘It Must Be Beautiful’, photographer Alexandra Soldatova captures colorful painted bus stops across Belarus. In an interview, …


This Minimal Trunk Bench By Cradle Design Studio Uses Misfit Tree Parts

The team behind Cradle created a minimal bench using a raw-cut tree slab and a white steel frame. The project’s name ‘Bench_01’ stems from the fact …


Dark and Troubling World by Sean Mundy


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Amazing Photorealistic Food Paintings


NASA Grows Edible Vegetables in …

The Artist Turns Useless Hubcaps Into Impressive Looking Sculptures

Most of us get bored when we see old hubcaps jumbling the roadside, but artist Ptolemy Elrington has spent 12 years setting them for the good use. …


Uncomfortably funny illustrations that will make you go ‘huh?’ (NSFWish)

Ever gone to an art gallery only to mouth ‘WTF?‘ to yourself? Porous Walker’s art will make you ask the same question, all while you’re giggling like …

Meet the cut-up master of photography

Jean-François Lepage’s haunting collection of stitched up shots sees him at the crossroads of cinema, painting and photography

Treading the crossroads of cinema, painting and photography, French-born photographer Jean-François Lepage’s images are a haunting and surreal collection of stitched …


Artist Spotlight: Sam Octigan

Lovely work by Melbourne-based artist Sam Octigan. His recent solo exhibition, “No Place Like Home,” explores themes of departure and the …


Artist Spotlight: Sam Wolfe Connelly

Paintings by New York-based artist Sam Wolfe Connelly. Found via our July Reader Submissions. More images below.View the whole post: Artist Spotlight: …


Photographer Spotlight: Frédéric Fontenoy

Amazing, and slightly eery, photographs by Paris, France-based photographer Frédéric Fontenoy. See more distorted images from Fontenoy’s series, …


Artist Spotlight: Adrian Cox

Beautiful work by St. Louis, Missouri-based artist, Adrian Cox, who we originally discovered through our Monthly Reader Submissions post (hint hint). …


12 Street Artists You Need To Follow on Instagram

The Lower Manhattan Art Festival via @davidabalos

If you happened to be in lower Manhattan this weekend, you might have noticed something a little out of place: graffiti artists, out in the open, spray painting the city in the light of day. Taggers, sticker artists, guerrilla street artists, and …


The Gorgeous, Provocative and Bizarre

The photographic work of Berlin based photographer Evelyn Bencicova is every part stark and seductive, with twists on conceptually questionable …


“Mountains, Heaps and Blenders full of Bodies by Disturbing Contemporary Artist Makoto AidaAida certainly deserves the bad-boy image he’s gained over the years, but hardly because...

Aida certainly deserves the bad-boy image he’s gained over the years, but hardly because he’s a slacker. His works are larger-than-life, and it often …

Tokujin Yoshioka’s Tornado: 2 Million Straws

Tokujin Yoshioka’s first solo-exhibition in Kyushu features “Tornado”, an installation created using more than 2 million transparent straws, which …


Project Astoria: Retro-futuristic scenes of an attempt to colonise another planet

Los Angeles-based photographer and multimedia artist Todd Baxter is the mastermind behind this series of images, entitled Project Astoria, which …


These world-acclaimed African artists make a whole new magic from the continent's junk

THE transformative use of found or discarded objects into art has surged in contemporary African art galleries.

From the types of waste used to the …

Gerhard Richter and Arvo Pärt, Whitworth Art Gallery, review: 'powerful '

The combined works of the German artist and Estonian composer is remarkable, says Alastair Sooke

Anyone who doubts that contemporary art now fills a religion-shaped hole in the soul of society should consider the Manchester International Festival, where the centrepiece of this year’s visual-arts …