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Best of 2013: Meticulously Constructed Sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki

Originally published on February 26th, 2013: From delicately carving rolls of tape into detailed landscapes to building towers out of loose towel …


Phillip Toledano’s “Hope & Fear”

British photographer, Phillip Toledano examines and visualized the fears of Western civilization in his series “Hope & Fear.” The costumes that were …


Human Head Helmets

Dubai based Jyo John Mulloor, having worked as a graphic artist and retoucher specialist for companies such Hyundai, Nissan, Morris Grage, Goodyear, …


Mark Heine

A beautiful series of paintings by Victoria, British Columbia based artist Mark Heine entitled “Sirens.” To accompany these paintings Mark wrote an …

Western Canada

19 Pieces Of Athens Graffiti That Perfectly Sum Up The Attitude Of Young Greeks

The neighborhood of Exarcheia is different. That’s what several people told me when I first arrived in Athens. I knew that this neighborhood is Greece’s anarchist stronghold, a kind of ‘80s Berlin Kreuzberg in Athens.

In this place you’ll find anarchists, foreigners, families, students, …


In Athens, Austerity Makes Contemporary Art Palatable

Austerity measures have been bad for Greeks, but good for tourism, which shot up 28.8 percent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period in 2014. Another beneficiary? Artists. Rent for studio space is significantly cheaper than in other European capitals, and the political …


Cesar Zambelli

“My art springs from my desire to have things in the world which would otherwise never be there.” -Carl AndreGallery


Duane Hanson's Hyperrealistic Sculptures Challenge The Meaning Of 'Average American'

“What really lingers with us [...] is their mood of stoicism; or perhaps not their stoicism, but their indifference, or even their resignation -- rather than their energy, their resilience or even their sense of fight,” writes JJ Charlesworth on the new Duane Hanson show at London's Serpentine …

The Arts

Flash forward: the rising stars of British photography – in pictures


Tintype Portraits Of Genderqueer Individuals Are The Nude Artworks Of Our Future (NSFW)

Upon first glance, Robyn Hasty's glass-plate portraits seem like they could have been generated alongside those of 19th-century photo giants like Julia Margaret Cameron or Nadar. The images, crafted with wet-plate collodion tintype and ambrotype developing processes, depict nude subjects meeting …


Meet the UK’s fresh photography talents

Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed offers the country’s up-and-coming names an invaluable platform – preview photograpy’s next-gen as the show kicks off this week

Now in its eighth year, FreshFaced + WildEyed has become the go-to exhibition to discover the UK’s best up-and-coming photographers. Held annually …


This is Not the Way to Disneyland

Exciting new work by Canadian painter, Andrew Salgado. This is Not the Way to Disneyland debuts June 15th at Volta 11, Art Basel. Check out more …


Bone Structure – Les étranges manipulations organiques de Can Pekdemir

Une série de portraits étranges et surréalistes du designer Can Pekdemir, qui manipule et déforme les os de ses modèles afin de créer des …

Video of the Day: Wes Anderson’s The Shining aka The Grand Overlook Hotel

The Grand Overlook Hotel was born when director Steven Ramsden noticed many similarities in the way Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick frame their …

Wes Anderson

Todd St. John

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A Rare Super-8 Silent Film by Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin was a painter and legendary fashion photographer whose style has been pervasively appropriated in pop culture. Mentored by Man Ray, he …

Fashion in Film

Kip Omolade

Photorealistic paintings by New York based artist Kip Omolade.View the whole post: Kip Omolade over on BOOOOOOOM!.


Celia Johnson

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Moscow artist Dmitry Morozov explores the medium of electronics in his work, using everything from barcodes to robotics to generate glitch visuals …


Music Video: Leaky Hands

Music video for track by Karol Stolarek is a monochromatic motion design project by student Jakub Romanowicz employing 3D graphics.

Music Videos

Emerging Artist

One module at the EXPO 1: New York exhibition was called ProBio. Josh Kline curated this module which explores the theme of “dark optimism” within …


Your Waste of Time

An other module of the EXPO 1: New York exhibition was the sculpture “Your Waste of Time” by Olafur Eliasson. He placed several massive pieces of ice …

Olafur Eliasson

Jessica Harrison

The new works of Scottish artist Jessica Harrison.

“Harrison re-describes the body in sculpture through the skin, offering an alternative way of


Gehard Demetz

“Gehard Demetz has risen to international prominence by applying his incredible craftsmanship as a traditional woodcarver to subjects that are new …


These are Not Pieces of Trash They Are Detailed Paintings on Carved Wood

What you’re looking at is not a discarded cigarette package, it’s a detailed painting by artist Tom Pfannerstill on a carved piece of basswood. His …


Intricate Oil Paintings of Gem Stones by Carly Waito

Toronto based artist Carly Waito is well-known for her oil paintings of gemstones, having an uncanny knack for capturing the light and contrast with …


Painful Paintings by Fabio Magalhaes

Fabio Magalhaes creates gorgeous, cringe-worthy paintings of painful, meaty predicaments. Metaphorically connecting images of his own body, feelings …


Wrinkled Paintings by Stefania Fersini

Creating an interesting wrinkled, crumpled paper effect while using oil on canvas, Stefania Fersini recreates photoreal fashion magazine portraits as …


New Photoreal Mastery from Yigal Ozeri

No question: We love the work of Yigal Ozeri. So much so that the artist will be in a book we are curating at the moment that will make its way onto …