Jose Antonio Fundo

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Illustrator Spotlight: Mi-Kyung Choi

Works by Korean illustrator Mi-Kyung Choi, who makes work under the name Ensee. More images below.


Paint Chip Paintings by American Artist Shawn Huckins

Amusing and amazingly detailed paintings by Colorado-based artist, Shawn Huckins. More images from Huckins’ “Paint Chips” series below!


This art is so life-like, it might make you question reality

This art is so life-like, it might make you question reality


Rhys Knight

“When one burns one’s bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.” -Dylan ThomasHis Facebook site

Dylan Thomas

Floyd Grey 

The Romantic Melancholia Of Katie Eleanor’s Elegant, Historically-Influenced Photography

Mature Content Warning

This article has been classified as ‘Mature Content', which means it may contain nudity or other sensitive content. By …


Leah Yerpe


Spacegirl 👽🚀




the awesome alexander grahovsky created this arousing header art just for us…I know I am showing some love, you?alexander’s| Web | Instag…

the awesome alexander grahovsky created this arousing header art just for us…

I know I am showing some love, you?


Melancholia by Cam Cottrill (website)


more by the artist that made AFA’s current header, giuseppe cristiano, show him some love

Jennifer Fairbanks | @jfairbanksvia


cam cottrill | @camcottrill


Oil on linen canvas, 42" x 42"
-Gold Medal From Society of illustrators
-Accepted in Spectrum 20

Persistent Dream of Youth by christopher pugliese

Persistent Dream of Youth by christopher pugliese



Apollonia Saintclair 606 - 20151120 La récolte du miel (The vixen and the bears)

cam cottrill | @camcottrill


Star Wars Characters Sculpted As Classic Greek Nudes

This is a series of faux-marble sculptures created by artist Travis Durden (not his real name) featuring Star Wars character heads on classic Greek …

Star Wars

Free Technology for Teachers: 9 Google Apps Productivity Tools & Tips for Teachers

The one thing that every teacher wants more of, besides salary, is time. I can't give you more time in the day. What I can do is point you to some …

Spectacular Double Exposure Oil Paintings

Korean artist Ho Ryon Lee's series entitled Overlapping Images incorporates a double exposure technique that is typically used in photography. The remarkable thing about this body of work is that the images are, in fact, oil paintings. The realistic renditions of the multitude of scantily clad women …


Photorealistic Chinese Party Girls (8 paintings)

Chinese painter He Sen must daydream all day about partying with beautiful women. At first glance, these images look like photographs that were digitally modified, but in reality they're really hand-made paintings. He Sen's young women seem to be caught between childhood and fully fledged adult …


Photographer Ryan McGinley on Nudity, Getting Older, and His New Book

"I think, in celebrating the human form, I’ve made the nude body less taboo."

It'd be difficult to overestimate Ryan McGinley's influence on modern visual culture. In 2003, at the tender age of 25, McGinley became one of the youngest artists ever to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American …


Elizabeth Builes

the extra talented alexander grahovsky created this header art just for us...

Gotta show some love!!!

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Watercolor Faces by  Leo van der Meer more

Watercolor Faces by Leo van der Meer