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wilsonsunday: women and cats will do as they pleasejan 2016

wilsonsunday:women and cats will do as they please
jan 2016

Squeezing Trees

We love Giuseppe Penone’s bronze sculptures of hands gripping trees. The Italian sculptor installed a few of these hands onto small trees and in the …


The work of Zhang Xiao

The diversity of subjects that capture Chinese photographer, Zhang Xiao’s interest appears at first broad, but at the root revolve entirely around …


The Ephemeral Work of Hans Breder

Hans Breder trained as a painter in Hamburg, German and found early success in NYC in the early ’60s. Once he was drawn to Iowa, Breder created The …

University of Iowa

"Transfiguration” by Ben Hopper

Like a mask, the layers of body paint and powder on the models in London-based photographer Ben Hopper's "Transfiguration" series "disguise the …

Wire Sculptures by Robin Wight

One of the most magical elements to the creative process is being able to conceptualize your imagination. Robin Wight does a spectacular job …


Acting out, Sundance








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Aaron Curry

Aaron CurryWork from STARFUKER“Spanning both of the gallery’s exhibition spaces, STARFUKER will feature the debut of two new major bodies of work. …


Update on Joanne Nam

In an interview with Combustus, Nam says, “My house was located in the middle of a forest. My dad loves wild nature, and he thought it was important …


Illustrator Spotlight: Gabriel Levesque

by Jeff

A selection of work by Japanese illustrator, So Pinenut. More images below.

by Jeff

Digital paintings by Japanese artist YDK Morimoe aka Hi. …


Lucy McRae: the body architect

Body architect and artist Lucy McRae is fascinated by the reciprocal relationship between humans and technology. Combining science and imagination, McRae has translated the future potential of this relationship in different artistic mediums, creating visually arresting and intriguing multimedia art …


House of glass, Reuben Negron

House of glass, Reuben Negron



Incredible sculptures by Sarah Sitkin:

"Calculation" Drawings by Rafael Araujo

Using only a pencil, ruler and protractor, Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo creates these beautiful renderings of the three dimensional space …


Uncomfortable Nudes

We’ve posted about Polly Penrose’s work before. Over seven years she documented her changing body. Since then, we love the direction she’s gone, …

New Warped Wood Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

For his warpedsculptures, Paul Kaptein decided to use laminated wood to enhance the feeling of them being hand carved. As Paul puts it—the laminated …


Grown-Up Versions of Childhood Monsters by Futurehaircut | Monday Insta Illustrator

The term "childlike imagination" usually conjurs adorable images of children battling pirates or exploring invented landscapes, but illustrator Jimmy D'Amico, aka Futurehaircut, reminds us that kids can also be gross and whimsical. His grotesque take on the animal kingdom is childlike in scope and …


Artist Spotlight: Juan Ford

Australian artist Juan Ford’s beautifully detailed paintings of randomness. More images below.


Artist Spotlight: Anton Vill

Drawings by Tallinn, Estonia-based artist Anton Vill. More images below.


Artist Spotlight: Hannah Faith Yata

Paintings by artist Hannah Faith Yata. More images below.


Artist Spotlight: Richard Finkelstein

Cinematic series by New York City-based artist (and former lawyer), Richard Finkelstein, features miniature figurines and carefully constructed sets …


Exquisite Test Tube Dioramas by Rosa de Jong

Amsterdam-based artist/designer Rosa de Jong suspends tiny, intricate, handmade architectural scenes in test tubes. More images below.


Artist Spotlight: Charles Bierk

Photorealistic paintings of people’s hands by Toronto-based painter Charles Bierk. Click here to check out our previous post on the amazing portraits …


Illustrator Spotlight: Zeloot

Beautiful posters by Dutch illustrator Eline Van Dam aka Zeloot. More of her imaginative work below.


Artist Spotlight: Vasilios Paspalis

Haunting digital drawings by Greek artist Vasilios Paspalis. More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Dorielle Caimi

This is an OPEN CALL for you art and photography submissions! I discovered so many amazing artists this past year amongst all the monthly reader …


Fantastic Sketchbook Drawings by Illustrator Mattias Adolfsson

This is an OPEN CALL for you art and photography! I discovered so many amazing artists this past year in our monthly reader submissions posts. Just a …


Artist Spotlight: Jeff Simpson

Striking portraits by Montreal-based concept artist and illustrator Jeff Simpson. More images below.


Artist Spotlight: Henrietta Harris

Paintings by New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris. More images below!