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Jameis Winston, Florida State memes flood the net after embarrassing loss

Most of America united Thursday over one common interest: wanting to see Florida State finally lose. We were all tired of Jameis Winston, his rape …

Jameis Winston

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me." http://t.co/0Putlfwy9S

This is our society: http://t.co/UTMAyNUSjj

This is heart-touching: http://t.co/ywSBZpdgYS

Do you know: http://t.co/CiVsOGtGLm

We need more people like officer Acerra: http://t.co/4w6m5wEVrJ

New Oculus Rift game allows you to train like a real Jedi

Without a doubt, the Oculus Rift will be the be-all and end-all of our most cherished nerd fantasies (until the holodeck comes.) Example: This game …

Virtual Reality

RT if u can Admit it. http://t.co/hW0WrXyogk

Johnny Appleseed was real, and he got frontiersmen hammered

Most kids growing up in the U.S. have heard of Johnny Appleseed. He's the subject of museums and storybooks. Like Paul Bunyan, he's a …

John Lennon

Mind=Blown http://t.co/zQvOkaDjD8

A 95 year old man gives all of the advice he's learned: http://t.co/TdRKsrLeDg

Lucid Dreaming: http://t.co/xl1hkmlbjF


Wow! http://t.co/3nqqjYHSLd

Worth a retweet: http://t.co/Yq2YpN5f1B

The largest creature to ever fly was the Quetzalcoatlus, just imagine seeing those fly around. http://t.co/94BdL1csGN

Aerosol Cake Batter Is Real Now and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

Just when you thought that mankind's genius could stretch no further, a solid year of research has given birth to a new apex in cake innovation. …


When the sun smiles, the birds smile back! http://t.co/UcdGzL7aPP

Respect: http://t.co/Ciw6WHTGoT

Must share: http://t.co/Kvk5DBBNFf

Respect: http://t.co/LJFQ36eMs1

She is a beautiful soul: http://t.co/vXNJ5jzO6k

Public phones are outdated due to cellular phones so the phone booths were converted to Aquariums in Osaka, Japan. http://t.co/v1Z6UN3icX

Watching this video makes you hallucinate without any drugs

The Illusion Lab created a fun illusion video that can cause some serious hallucinogenic effects just from watching the video. It only lasts for a …

Cool Stuff

Mind Blowing on Twitter: "Amazing: http://t.co/3v7KzII0vs"

Mind Blowing on Twitter: "Serious-Lee: http://t.co/p7EeOSc4in"

Mind Blowing on Twitter: "Science saves lives. http://t.co/4NOzkghZ0b"