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RTR Shock Collar Golf Preview

Emma Watson is just Awesome (11 Pics 4 Gifs)

Food, Booze and Beauties (27 Pics 2 Gifs)

You a person who loves food, booze or just wants to be feature on our next FBB post?!<p>Email us @ media@ragtagriot.com<p>1 2 3 … 29 Next »

Nightly Charge Yourself

Geek Art for Your Desktops and Walls

Interesting Facts About Famous Movies

Featured Artist - Seth Worley

Just wanted to share this really cool short video directed by Seth Worley. I think you’ll enjoy the graphics and comedy.

For the Ragtag Ladies...bc You Deserve It

Lady Lump Day

Good Morning, Now Let's Get To It!

Good Morning, Let's Start the Day

Charge Yourself! ...Nightly.

So Many Emotions....Bars & Melody

Hide and Geek

Auto-Correct Texts Never Get Old

Kids are Literally Drunk Tiny Humans

Your Doctor Prescribes Lumps...Lady Lumps (21 Pics)

Food, Booze and Beauties...Delicious

Lingerie Time

Anna 6

Jessabelle and her Geek Mode

Hawkeye Wearing A Scarlett Johansson Mask On Avengers 2 Set Is Freaky

No, this isn't some bizarre spoiler for <i>The Avengers: Age of Ultron</i>. Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner apparently stuck Scarlett Johansson's stunt double's …

Arrow Special Feature Clip From Season 2

<i>Arrow</i> Season 2 hits stores today on DVD and Blu-ray, but yesterday <b>DC All-Access</b> gave us a behind the scenes look at the mythology of the series. So …

Who is excited for Arrow?! #Arrow #DCcomics

J.J. Abrams borrowed the Batmobile for 'Star Wars Episode VII'

<i>Star Wars Episode VII</i> director J.J. Abrams has been teasing the film with snippets of footage from the set. The latest such video, posted today on Bad Robot Productions' YouTube page, comments on a recent controversy involving a certain masked superhero's mode of transport.<p>The only thing this video …