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Meet Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire's Cosplay Pikachu, Mega Metagross and more

A trailer released today for <i>Pokémon Omega Ruby</i> and <i>Pokémon Alpha Sapphire</i> introduces new creatures and features headed to developer Game Freak's upcoming Nintendo 3DS game.<p>Pokémon League Champion Steven — a helpful character who doubles as the final Champion Pokémon Trainers face — will wield Mega …

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Chuck Jones, Brilliant Creator Of Road Runner And Wile E. Coyote

A new exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image celebrates Jones’s creative genius.<p>Most six-year-olds addicted to Saturday morning cartoons don’t know much about the man behind beloved characters like Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, or about the painstaking work that went into making Bugs Bunny …

Minecraft sales near 54 million copies as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions outsell the PC original

If you want to build something great in Minecraft, you do it one block at a time. For example, developer Mojang sold one copy of Minecraft at a time — and now it has millions of players.<p>The studio revealed yesterday that it has sold nearly 54 million copies of Minecraft across all platforms. Mojang …

Review - 'Days Of Future Past' Proves 'X-Men' Still Among The Best

Director Bryan Singer returns with spectacular results to the superhero series that made him a blockbuster filmmaker. <i>X-Men: Days of Future Past</i> (or <i>DOFP</i> as I’ll refer to it) makes it difficult to pick the single best and most entertaining <i>X-Men</i> movie, standing alongside <i>X2: X-Men United</i> and last …

X Men Days of Future Past Clevver Review

Marvel's Ant-Man Loses Director

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2 Official

XMen Days of Future Past "Bishop" Power Piece


IDW Publishing will, tomorrow, June 10, release <i>Star Trek #34</i>, "Lost Apollo, Part II," and StarTrek.com has details, preview pages and an exclusive …

Leaked secret Star Wars Episode 7 photos bring great news for fans

TMZ just posted a huge set of 45 leaked images taken at one of the film setlocs of the forthcoming Star Wars Episode 7 directed by J.J. Abrams. The …


Latest<p>Hot Toys Unveils the Diecast ‘Iron Man’ Mark IV Figure with Suit-Up Gantry Set<p>Hot Toys 13 hours ago<p>Hot Toys<p>‘Star Wars’ Black Series DJ, Island …


BOGO Free Toys Ranging From 'Pokemon' and 'Star Wars' to Unicorn Meat<p>sales 16 hours ago<p>sales<p>Steam Winter Sale Daily Highlights Include Assassin's …

Best of 2014: Original Star Wars Concept Illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie

<i>Originally published on April 29th, 2014:</i><p>This morning we take a look at some of the Star Wars concept illustrations of Ralph McQuarrie who designed …



Star Wars Pinball: These are the tables you’re looking for

Okay, so pinball maybe isn’t the first thing you think of when hear the two words <i>Star Wars</i>, but this actually looks pretty great.<p>Developers Zen Studios are veritable Jedi masters at bringing out both the video game quality you need in a digital pinball table, and also at utilizing licenses in a way …

Star Wars


Action Packed Stormtrooper STAR WARS Art - Fire Assault

Photographs That Capture The Secret Adventures Of ‘Star Wars’ Figurines

<b>Photographer</b> Carlos Sisi takes pictures of his <i>Star Wars</i> figurines in a wide variety of settings.<p><b>The atmosphere</b> in these photographs really fires up …


Crazy Stunts Like These Are the Best Reason to Keep Playing GTA V

Holiday Travel Would Be More Bearable If Airports Looked like Star Wars

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