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22 Things You Can Make In Your Waffle Iron

Let's not beat around the brunch: Waffles are God's gift to carb lovers everywhere.

But did you know there are actually plenty of other foods you can make with your prized waffle iron? Here, 22 fresh ways to use what your aunt Patricia gave ya. (It was on your registry, after all.)

Cinnamon Rolls

Use …


15 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Pursue Your Dreams

Following your dreams is usually easier said than done. A little motivation and inspiration from people who have successfully pursued their dreams can help you get started.

Following your dreams isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Watch a movie about someone following his/her dreams, and the …


What New Horizons Is Looking For On Pluto, And How

After nine years and three billion miles, here’s what we're learning from it all

At 7:50am EDT tomorrow, July 14, New Horizons, the fastest spacecraft ever launched, will perform the first close-encounter flyby of Pluto and its system of five known moons. During that approach, New Horizons will be …


South Carolina Lowers Confederate Flag, and an Era Ends

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Closing a chapter on a symbol of the Deep South and its history of resistance and racial animus, South Carolina on Friday lowered the Confederate battle flag from outside its State House, where it had flown for more than 50 years.

The flag came down amid heavy security at a Friday …

It Takes a Nation—and Then Some—to Make the All-American Meal


Despite being the world’s top producer of beef, the U.S. is a net importer of beef—and it’s because of your Fourth of July hamburgers and …

Healthy Eating

15 Stylish Ideas For a Memorable Summer Party


Weeknight Dinner Solution: 9 Sophisticated, but Easy Recipes

We know that weeknight dinners can be a pain. After a long day at the office, the last thing on our minds is what to have for dinner...until it’s too …


If It Feels Like Stress Is Killing You, That's Because It Might Be

When you feel frazzled, so do your organs and cells

Chronic stress stems from many circumstances, such as poverty, a bad marriage, or long-term ailments. Its repercussions—elevated cortisol levels and inflammation—can wear us out, from the cellular level on up to our major biological systems.

Nervous …


Should every educator be an “innovator”?

Having a conversation with an administrator, and talking about the notion of the “innovator’s mindset“, they asked me if I thought every educator …


Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

You’ve probably heard the following statistic: Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

The finding comes from a Hewlett Packard internal report, and has been quoted in Lean In, The Confidence Code and dozens of articles. It’s …


Are humans getting cleverer?

IQ is rising in many parts of the world. What's behind the change and does it really mean people are cleverer than their grandparents?

It is not …


Pain Really Is All In Your Head And Emotion Controls Intensity

When you whack yourself with a hammer, it feels like the pain is in your thumb. But really it's in your brain.

That's because our perception of pain is shaped by brain circuits that are constantly filtering the information coming from our sensory nerves, says David Linden, a professor of …


The Random Events That Sparked 8 Of The World's Biggest Startups

These household names began as less-than-glamourous solutions to problems.

Light-bulb moments don’t happen on command, and brainstorming sessions rarely produce extraordinary results. More often it’s a random remark, event, or memory that sends an entrepreneur down the rabbit hole of innovation. …


The invisible downside of cheating in life

People who take shortcuts can trick themselves into believing they are smarter than they are, says Tom Stafford, and it comes back to bite them.

Honesty may be the best policy, but lying has its merits – even when we are deceiving ourselves. Numerous studies have shown that those who are practised …


Yes, Processed Food 'Makes' Us Fat -- But Science Provides Two New Clues As To Why

Processed Food

27 Tips for Mastering Anything

What does it take to become a master at your craft? Is genius innate, or can it be learned?

In his book, "Mastery," Robert Greene draws from the latest research, interviews modern masters, and examines the lives of former greats like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mozart to discover what it …

The Brain

The Toddlers of Dwell Review 5 Modern Playhouses

All it takes to play is a healthy imagination, 
but a modern playhouse adds to the fun.

While the debate rages on between the benefits of free play versus structured play, we can all agree that these play structures make 
any modern family home so much 
merrier. For a little perspective—–
in more …


5 More Fantastic Family Homes

Good design is more crucial than ever when accommodating a growing family, here we celebrate the best in family home design (Check out part one as well!).


On the Red Couch with Model and Advocate Christy Turlington Burns

Shortly after the birth of her first child, Christy Turlington got a big scare. She experienced inexplicable complications that made her aware of the …

Christy Turlington

Let Kids Be the Church

A few weeks ago, I experienced a rite of passage with my oldest
son. He and a buddy were heading for England and Scotland — just
the two of them. As we …


Visions of Sugarplums Danced

(Or, how I got a skeptical Frenchman with Grinch-like tendencies to like Peeps, making his heart grow three sizes just in time for Christmas.)

I opened the large white carton with curiosity and anticipation, feeling very much like Pandora innocently opening the mysterious box only to release what …


The Most Notable Education Stories of 2013

The year in review

Here are some of the stories that dominated the education conversation this year—and will likely shape discussions for years to come.

Teaching Kids “Grit” (& Other Soft Skills)

“Selfie” might be the word of the year for the general public, but among educators and parents it’s …


Fun Holiday Gifts for Kids

Creative and cool gifts the kid in your life will love.

Kid Made Modern Collection

from $10-$25. target.com

Courtesy of Manufacturer

NEXTChic Holiday Gifts For Women


What Does It Take to Get Kids to Stop Skipping School?

A New York City pilot program found success by tracking and sharing student attendance data, assigning mentors, and communicating with parents.

When it comes to tackling the problem of chronic absenteeism, students who already have a track record of skipping class can be a particularly tough crowd …


The Sharp Rise in A.D.H.D. Diagnoses

To the Editor:

I am concerned that our children are being overtested and that too many are receiving diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (front page, April 1).

We are a society that likes things fast and now, and we like to find shortcuts to everything. That is perhaps why we expect …

Thanksgiving Books For Every Age

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might be looking for something special and festive to share with your children. We’ve rounded up the …


MPMK Gift Guide: Top Learning Toys for Building STEM Skills

With all the talk I’ve been doing on the blog about the importance of fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, I felt I …


4 Things I Learned From Students This Week

I spent the past week speaking to trustees, superintendents, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students. Working with all levels of school in …