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*convention con 2013* man 1: sweet eyepatch! who are you cosplaying as? eyepatch man: i had eye surgery yesterday *silence* man 1: that's a weird …

Shoebox Cards

1 of 136<p>Who do you love more than your baby T-rex arms can show? 練練練<p>BRB, gotta get more cheese. 燎燎燎<br>#CheeseFTW<p>Hey, #PunxsutawneyPhil can we talk …

Taylor Swift YouTube Caption FAILS Sung By Rhett & Link (VIDEO)

Who could have known that the best way to improve Taylor Swift's song lyrics would be to let YouTube translate them?<p>YouTube comedy favorites Rhett and Link put the site's closed captioning skills to the test with some of Swift's most popular songs, and let's just say, it didn't exactly pass with …

The Lone Ranger Trailer 4 Official - Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer

'Star Wars Episode VII' Costume Designer Confirmed

Tiny Monkey Eats Noodle, Is Very Small (VIDEO)

This little creature is technically a pygmy marmoset. But did we mention that it's tiny?<p><i>Via Tastefully Offensive</i>

Bleep Bloop: The M&M's Trilogy

Better Names For Things 2 (VIDEO)

Pleated Jeans is on a mission to rename everything more accurately, which is a pretty big job. So following up on their previous "Better Names For Things" video, here's round two.<p>Honestly, why call them "trees" when you can call them "ground boners"? This is a no brainer.

Maker vs. Marker pits an animated character against its creator in stop-motion

There’s a grand tradition of breaking the fourth wall throughoutanimation, particularly in the Chuck Jones shorts “Duck Amuck” and “Rabbit Rampage.” …

-Bojan M. 

-Bojan M.

Tiny Goat Rides A Horse, Gets Bucked Off (VIDEO)

If only all rodeo clowns could be tiny goats, what a magical world it would be. Weirdly, this seems to be a tourism ad for Newfoundland.<p><i>(via Daily Picks And Flicks)</i>

Coffee Table Books That Didn't Sell 05/07/13

What Your Coffee Says About You By Doghouse Diaries (CHART)

Careful what you order at the coffee shop... you may be revealing more than you know.<p><i>Via Doghouse Diaries</i>

Red Panda Does Gymnastic Ring Pull-Ups Like It's Nothing (VIDEO)

Red pandas were already winning by looking like some kind of fox-raccoon hybrid. Now they have to go and be good at gymnastics too.<p><i>Via Daily Picks And Flicks</i>

Kitten Tries To Swim In Bowl Of Milk (VIDEO)

If only this kitten could apply its zest for milk to other more productive things, it would go very far in life.<p><i>Via CollegeHumor</i>

Chicken Walker

In case Star Wars — or barnyard animals — is more your thing than Evangelion, here’s a chicken chaser. <b>Max Pointner</b> takes his inspiration rather …


Can't Stop

-cough cough- green: i can't stop coughing *cough* green: well, at least i'm not that guy yellow: i can't stop farting *fart* yellow: well, at least …


An Uruk-hai eye chart for the orc with aiming issues.

Text Blindness PSA: The Risks Of Texting And Walking (VIDEO)

Text Blindness is a real medical disorder with real and surprising risks. But the cure is pretty simple.

Movie Countdown Supercut: 50 Actors Count Down To Zero (VIDEO)

Do you know how many actors have said a number between one and 50 in a movie? Well be prepared to have that burning question answered once and for all.<p>No, really: watch a supercut above of actors counting down from 50 to one in movies and see if you can identify each one. It's actually a lot harder …

Puppies vs. Stairs: The Ultimate Supercut (VIDEO)

Many human adults have trouble with stairs, so it's understandable that a puppy's first time on the steps can result in some adorable slips and tumbles. What they lack in coordination, these puppies make up for in perseverance. After all, almost all of them reach the top (or bottom) in the end.<p>In …

Happy 4/20! Here Are Some GIFs

Today is April 20. If this date holds some significance for you (we're looking at you, Colorado and Washington), we think you'll enjoy scrolling through these 27 entertaining GIFs. Consider it our 4/20 present to you.<p>And if you don't consider 4/20 to be an unofficial holiday, happy Saturday! You're …

Every Facebook Birthday Wall Ever By College Humor (PHOTO)

College Humor has pretty much nailed it. This is what your facebook wall looked like on your last birthday, too, isn't it?

Why Can't Republicans Deal With Gay Marriage?

The truth, the awful truth, and nothing but the truth.<p>Follow Marta Ibarrondo on Twitter: www.twitter.com/unzippedtruth

Girls and Boys

[[A woman sits at a desk, writing. The desk is covered in books & a laptop.]] Girls go to college To get more knowledge [[A man sits at a desk …

Baby Does NOT Like Kisses (VIDEO)

You don't need a very good reason to be upset when you're a baby (for proof, just see "Reasons My Son Is Crying"), but this four-month-old baby boy's pet peeve is one of the funniest we've ever seen.<p>Watch the video above to see this adorable little guy's hilarious reaction to a little kiss from his …

Kitten Scares Big Dog (VIDEO)

Just because dogs have a size advantage over their feline friends, doesn't mean they've always got the upper hand.<p>In case you've forgotten, kittens have excellent agility. Watch one scare the bejesus out of a big dog in the video above.<p><i>Via Tastefully Offensive</i>

If They Melded: John Mayer & Katy Perry Edition - CONAN on TBS

How to Tie a Tie

Cross it over... Loop it around... tuck it under... Now take it off. Lasso the great beast of cauldromorg! Drink its blood. Feel the power. Leave the …