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The Internet Is A Huge Energy Suck

But we love it anyway<p>The internet is an amazing thing. It connects the most remote, far-flung corners of the world with the busiest metropolises, allowing people around the world to learn, do business, and look at adorable puppy gifs.<p>But with great power comes ... huge energy costs? A new SciShow …

Mind Blowing on Twitter: "This is the clearest picture of Mercury ever taken. http://t.co/0eFPeimiAf"

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British defence in 2030: 3D printing and graphene armour

Try to imagine warfare in 2035, and you might come up with Hollywood-style visions of soldiers in powered exoskeletons battling robots with laser …

NASA Wants to Build a Cloud City on Venus

Dale Arney and Chris Jones dreamed up Project Genesis, a vision of colonizing Venus up in the clouds, above the boiling surface.<p><i>(Photo Credit: NASA Langley Research Center)</i><p>A Bespin-like Cloud City could be coming to Venus. NASA researchers Dale Arney and Chris Jones are busy on a proposal for the …


Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars

A massive ancient ocean once covered nearly half of the northern hemisphere of Mars making the planet a more promising place for alien life to have gained a foothold, Nasa scientists say.<p>The huge body of water spread over a fifth of the planet’s surface, as great a portion as the Atlantic covers …

European Space Agency

Army Plans The War Helicopters Of Tomorrow

Joint Strike Rotor<p>Moving an army is no easy task, and it’s even harder when that army wants to travel by air. Working with NASA and the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army is developing a new fleet of helicopters to carry troops into battle, and into the future. Some helicopter designs from the early 1960s …

Dubai: http://t.co/W9b1n3ZgYJ

Highliners take a hammock break in the Italian Alps: http://t.co/9KsFmkj48E

If this doesn't blow your mind, nothing will. http://t.co/MSjeSfx5j5

This tree is transitioning between seasons: http://t.co/BS1C6UsQWa

Earth's water older than the sun, came from interstellar ice

The water in our solar system -- including up to half of Earth's supply -- has actually been here since before the birth of the sun, according to new research.<p>Somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of the water in the solar system -- including the water on Earth as well as the ice in comets, the discs …

APOD: MAVEN at Mars (2014 Sep 26) Image Credit: MAVEN, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Univ. Colorado, NASA http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140926.html Explanation: Launched on November 18, 2013, the MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) spacecraft completed its interplanetary voyage September 21, captured into a wide, elliptical orbit around Mars. MAVEN's imaging ultraviolet spectrograph has already begun its planned exploration of the Red Planet's upper atmosphere, acquiring this image data from an altitude of 36,500 kilometers. In false color, the three ultraviolet wavelength bands show light reflected from atomic hydrogen (in blue), atomic oxygen (in green) and the planet's surface (in red). Low mass atomic hydrogen is seen to extend thousands of kilometers into space, with the cloud of more massive oxygen atoms held closer by Mars' gravity. Both are by products of the breakdown of water and carbon dioxide in Mars' atmosphere and the MAVEN data can be used to determine the rate of water loss over time. In fact, MAVEN is the first mission dedicated to exploring Mars' tenuous upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the Sun and solar wind. But the most recent addition to the fleet of spacecraft from planet Earth now in martian orbit is MOM. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/maven/team http://lasp.colorado.edu/home/maven/ http://www.nasa.gov/ Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page http://asterisk.apod.com/discuss_apod.php?date=140926 #APOD

Baffling Butterfly-Shaped Cloud Turns Out To Be... A Huge Swarm Of Actual Butterflies

Meteorologists in St. Louis were baffled last week when radar images showed a strange butterfly-shaped cloud passing overhead on its way south.<p>The cloud was shifting its shape dramatically on what otherwise was a “completely clear day,” Laura Kanofsky, a National Weather Service (NWS) …

140 year old mom, with 5 day old son. http://t.co/96crog9Smp

Volcano eruption in Chile, photo by Francisco Nagroni: http://t.co/fCvS7antO9

Bird-eye view of Niagara Falls. http://t.co/t0jsYFzwkP

A rare image of a peacock flying: http://t.co/Cluy5qczjK

Rare shot of a majestic Peacock in flight: http://t.co/wDGltwXTEZ

This cloud looks like a breaking wave http://t.co/q5eGPqx3Gw

Millions of flower petals erupted from a volcano and covered an entire village. http://t.co/euPphTbWqq

Ghost in the Shell review – a rare slice of adult animation fantasy

After almost 20 years, this movie looks as commandingly bizarre and mysterious as ever. It reminds you what a rarity an animation intended purely for adults still is. Shot-for-shot, Ghost in the Shell has the visual grammar of a live-action movie, but it has dated much less than live-action films …

#MovieFacts - Stallone spent 9 days in hospital after Lundgren hit him for real while filming Rocky IV. http://t.co/pUcLpGD2OW

Astronomers discover Earth-sized 'diamond' 900 light years away

The world's largest diamond, the Cullinan, is a tad over 3,100 carats uncut. Its estimated value is some $2 billion, and it only weighs about 1.37 pounds. That stone, while enormous relative to others like it, is but an invisible speck when up against the Earth-sized diamond discovered 900 light …

The Best Smash Bros. Mod Around Just Keeps Getting Better

Six years after its release, <i>Super Smash Bros. Brawl</i> is kept alive by hardcore fans that mod the game. In particular, fan-made Project M continues to …

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at night http://t.co/RL0By5FnrD

Forget fillings, scientists just discovered how to regrow full teeth using lasers

Good news for all you taffy addicts and crystal meth smokers out there — a Harvard-led team of scientists has just devised a way to regrow teeth. If …

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