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Re-Thinking 'Star' Label for Some of the NBA's Biggest Names

Superstar labels are tossed around much too often in the NBA.

We're here to take a few of them back.

Some of these players have already seen their star designations start slipping away. For them, this label purge comes not as a surprise, but as an official reminder or ruling of how far they've fallen.


3 Reserves Who Must Step Up for Golden State Warriors During 2015 NBA Playoffs

Having already clinched a playoff berth with 10 regular season games still to play, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr may want to ponder his postseason rotation before the festivities begin in late-April.

The days of rolling out 10 or 11 guys will be gone and, instead, Kerr will have to …


Here's the simple explanation for Instagram photo at the center of the LeBron James-Kevin Love awkwardness

The odd relationship between Kevin Love and the LeBron James revealed itself again this week, and it all started because of an Instagram photo.

All year long LeBron has been posting celebratory pictures with a few teammates on Instagram after games. Those posts have gotten more frequent in recent …

Lebron James

LeBron James 'frustrated' by his relationship with Kevin Love, according to report

The latest rumor: LeBron James has tried to reach Kevin Love, but he hasn't so far, and that could pull the two apart in the summer.

Kevin Love could consider leaving the Cavaliers after this season because his relationship with LeBron James continues to deteriorate, according to Frank Isola of the …

Kevin Love

Chicago Bulls' Roster Is in Good Hands Regardless of Derrick Rose's Future

The winds of change are sweeping through the Chicago Bulls, but the NBA's most adaptable franchise is built to roll with the punches.

Their current building blocks are aging (Joakim Noah), injured (Derrick Rose) or perhaps unhappy (Tom Thibodeau). However, a new set of cornerstones is already …


Meet the Real NBA Rookie of the Year That No One's Talking About

The Rookie of the Year race hasn't been much of one this season. With key injuries to two of the top three picks (Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid), the consensus seemed to be that the award would be gift-wrapped to No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins. However, hard-nosed Orlando Magic point guard …


Can Vintage Tony Parker Return San Antonio Spurs to NBA Playoffs Glory?

Tony Parker has finally returned to vintage form for the San Antonio Spurs, subsequently leading the defending champions to their best basketball of the season.

Following a four-game losing streak that allowed seemingly reasonable doubt to overshadow the roster, Gregg Popovich's team has won 11 of …

San Antonio Spurs

Ranking the Biggest Concerns Facing San Antonio Spurs Heading into 2015 Playoffs

Have the San Antonio Spurs finally emerged as top-tier title contenders or not?

That narrative has dominated the Spurs' post-All-Star-break campaign, with the sudden resurgence of Tony Parker prompting the entire team's return to greatness after a disappointing start to the 2014-15 season.

But with …


10 Players Who Will Define the 2015 NBA Playoff Picture

A few 2015 NBA playoff seats have been reserved, but the postseason picture still largely looks as clear as mud.

The top-heavy Eastern Conference is overloaded on the bottom half of the bracket. Out West, the front-running Golden State Warriors have left a large gap between themselves and the field, …


Are the Dominant Warriors Actually Hurting Stephen Curry's Case for MVP?

The Golden State Warriors clinched the Pacific Division title on Tuesday night and have a sizable lead as the top seed in the Western conference. The Dubs have been playing Stephen Curry 33 minutes per game and sitting him in the fourth quarters of recent games.

Is the Warriors' record season …

Stephen Curry

The Top Free-Agent Target for Each NBA Lottery-Bound Team

Free-agent fantasies are nothing if not pivotal parts of the NBA offseason—especially for the league's lottery outfits, who have little else to plan for as their regular season nears a fruitless end.

Let's indulge that whimsy.

Preparing for the draft is a top priority for lottery teams, but selecting …


Jeff Van Gundy Likens Kevin Durant's Absence to One Direction Member's Departure

ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy isn't afraid to reach beyond the sports world for his in-game comparisons.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been getting by without Kevin Durant, who has missed the majority of the season with a foot injury.

During Wednesday's game between the Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs, …

Jeff Van Gundy

Andre Iguodala Reminding NBA of His Impact, Golden State Warriors' Insane Depth

The Golden State Warriors didn't make any moves at the NBA trade deadline, and rightfully so. But little did they know, the emergence of one of their own would represent the team's most significant midseason acquisition.

As if his stifling on-ball defense wasn't enough, Andre Iguodala has provided …


If the Dallas Mavericks Aren't the Right Team for Rajon Rondo, What Is?

The Dallas Mavericks acquired Rajon Rondo earlier this season with the intention of making him the franchise point guard of the future. As the playoffs near, there is a lingering possibility that his tenure with the team will end this summer.

A lot of things can change between now and free agency. …


B/R NBA Legends 100: Ranking the Greatest Shooting Guards of All Time

Plenty of big-name shooting guards have dominated the NBA throughout its history.

Players like Sam Jones, Hal Greer and Bill Sharman thrived during the early years of the league's star-studded tenure, but the position has always been in good hands. Even though it's tough to find many standouts …

Sports History

Derrick Rose: No pain in knee


TORONTO -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said Wednesday he has no pain in his surgically repaired right knee and remains optimistic that he can return before the regular season ends.

Rose, who had a meniscectomy on his right knee Feb. 27, is hopeful that he can start taking …

Derrick Rose

Should the Cavaliers Offense Revolve Around Kyrie Irving or LeBron James?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have put themselves in a favorable position for the playoffs as the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. But while LeBron James has been the team's offensive focal point since his arrival last summer, Kyrie Irving has become a breakout star since tallying 57 points against …

Lebron James

Are Heavy Minutes Finally Wearing Down James Harden?

The question seemed reasonable, even routine. Rockets guard James Harden had played more minutes than anyone in the NBA. He had carried at least as heavy of a load. Was he tired?

Harden gave the sort of look that Kobe Bryant shot to Jimmy Kimmel when Kimmel asked if the Lakers would have celebrated …

James Harden

LeBron: Not changing Love's mind


INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- LeBron James might not have received teammate Kevin Love's endorsement for MVP this season when the All-Star forward was asked to choose between James and former UCLA teammate Russell Westbrook, but he won't try to change Love's mind.

"I don't really think too much of it, …

New Orleans

Which NBA Star Has the Most Pressure on Him to Make a Deep Playoff Run?

It's no secret that the top MVP candidates are expected to be the heroes and lead their teams to an NBA championship. But while it may be possible for a single MVP to dominate the league, it won't be as easy for LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and James Harden to guarantee their …


Ric Bucher on Steve Nash's Complicated Place Amongst the NBA's All-Time Greats

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has decided to hang up his sneakers, retiring after 18 seasons in the league. Nash, who was a part of a few tremendous offensive juggernauts while playing in Dallas and then Phoenix, thrived at an uptempo offensive pace. While there was no championship run for Nash, the …

Steve Nash

Ranking the NBA's Divisions for the 2014-15 Season

The chatter about the NBA's conference imbalance has been a fine distraction this season, turning critical eyes away from the even more ridiculous (and similarly unfair) construct of divisions.

There are six divisions in the Association, each containing five teams.

The equality stops there.

Some …


Can the 'Bruise Brothers' Help Russell Westbrook Lead OKC to the Playoffs?

While Russell Westbrook has been dominating the Oklahoma City Thunder's backcourt, a new duo has emerged and is making a huge impact in their frontcourt.

Big men Enes Kanter and Steven Adams, nicknamed the "Bruise Brothers," are filling the stat sheets with double-digit numbers up front and further …

Russell Westbrook

Kevin Love Says Russell Westbrook Is Having a Better Season Than LeBron James

Kevin Love is not prepared to say LeBron James is better than Russell Westbrook right now.

While appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Love was asked whether Westbrook or James was having the better season. Citing time spent on the court, specifically James' two-week sabbatical at the beginning of …


How Seas Could Part for San Antonio Spurs

Even amid a March in which they've won eight of their 10 games, the San Antonio Spurs are uncharacteristically poised to start the postseason on the road—a No. 6 seed in a Western Conference stacked with would-be contenders.

And there's nothing certain about that No. 6 seed. With two meetings …


Are the Atlanta Hawks Running out of Gas?

Until now, there has been no reason to worry about the Atlanta Hawks.

That's all changed.


Time and time again, the Hawks have been deemed a suspect powerhouse, a regular-season phenomenon masquerading as a title contender. And time and time again, those questions have been quashed, those doubts …


The Bernstein Brief: The Bulls' Playoff Dilemma

By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Starting tonight, the Bulls’ final 11 games will be against Eastern Conference teams, most of …

Chicago Bulls

14 Weird Chinese Nicknames For NBA Players

• Jake O'Donnell
• 9:36 am, March 23rd, 2015

China loves basketball. They also love making up their own names for things. Chalk it up to a unique …


Love: Doing what's best for team


Kevin Love's inaugural season with the Cleveland Cavaliers has been a mixed bag for the power forward.

On one hand, with the Cavs qualifying for the playoffs last week, Love is set to play in the postseason for the first time in his seven-year career. On the other, he is averaging his fewest shot …

Kevin Love