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Trump’s China Tariffs

Stocks fall as markets doubt the White House has a trade strategy.<p>President Trump announced his long-awaited trade assault on China Thursday, and this time at least he is closer to the right target. But his decision seems unconnected to any larger trade strategy, and his main remedy of tariffs will …


China Started the Trade War, Not Trump

Unlike with steel and aluminum tariffs, economists see merit in Trump’s trade case against China<p>If there’s a trade war between the U.S. and China, don’t blame Donald Trump: China started it long before he became president.<p>Even free traders and internationalists agree China’s predatory trade …

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Trump Orders $50 Billion Hit On Chinese Goods Amid Trade War Fears

President Donald Trump is taking his boldest step to level the economic playing field with China, ordering sweeping tariffs on Chinese goods in a …

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Fed Raises Interest Rates for Sixth Time Since Financial Crisis

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Wednesday by a quarter of a percentage point and signaled that the central bank is on track to raise rates twice more in 2018.<p>■ The Fed said it would raise its benchmark interest rate to a range of 1.5 percent to 1.75 percent, marking the sixth time …


China to Target Trump’s Base in Tariff Response

Beijing prepares to deliver pain to President Trump’s support base, including with tariffs targeting agricultural exports<p>China is preparing to hit back at trade offensives from Washington with tariffs aimed at President Donald Trump’s support base, including levies targeting U.S. agricultural …


Trump to Ramp Up Trade Restraints on China

White House plans to raise barriers for Chinese firms looking to acquire advanced American technology<p>WASHINGTON—The White House is preparing to crack down on what it says are improper Chinese trade practices by making it significantly more difficult for Chinese firms to acquire advanced U.S. …


Why the Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso Have Diverged Recently

Trade worries, central bank policy and domestic politics have all played a role in the currencies’ trajectories<p>The currencies of Mexico and Canada have gone their separate ways this year, an unexpected outcome for two countries whose economies may be hurt by trade tensions with the U.S.<p>The Mexican …


In Nafta Talks, U.S. Tries to Limit Junk Food Warning Labels

MEXICO CITY — The contentious negotiations over the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement have veered into one of the world’s most pressing health issues: fighting obesity.<p>Urged on by big American food and soft-drink companies, the Trump administration is using the trade talks with Mexico …

Mexico City

China’s Leaders Smooth Trade Tensions but Talk Tough on Taiwan

But Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping took a stern line on Taiwan, warning against attempts to divide China<p>BEIJING—China’s responses to challenges from President Donald Trump loomed large as the country’s leaders closed out an annual political gathering, promising a more open market but …


Paul Krugman Explains Trade and Tariffs

<i>Paul Krugman took questions from readers about trade after President Trump’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Here are his answers to some of the hundreds of questions he received. — By the Editors</i><p><i>1. Literally every small consumer item I buy is made in China. Please explain</i> …

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Trump Blocks Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday blocked Broadcom’s $117 billion bid for the chip maker Qualcomm, citing national security concerns and sending a clear signal that he was willing to take extraordinary measures to promote his administration’s increasingly protectionist stance.<p>In a presidential …

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The C-suite is turning its back on free trade. That's a problem

<i>Karan Bhatia is the president of government affairs & policy at General Electric and was the Deputy U.S. Trade Representative from 2005 to 2007, overseeing U.S. international trade policy involving</i> <i>Asia and Africa. The opinions in this article</i> <i>are his own.</i><p>The recent news that the United States may …


Please don't start a global trade war, President Trump

<b>(CNN) —</b> What Donald Trump clearly cannot see through the prism of his own warped ideology is that the US is so far behind in its trade imbalance with the world that no matter how many tariffs he imposes, the retaliation will only leave it deeper in the hole with a damaged economy.<p>In short, he is …


KPMG Acts Globally but Keeps Scandals Local

Affiliates spread across countries help shield accounting firms from liability, but setup also limits their control<p>Accounting firm KPMG is under fire over three different scandals in the U.S., South Africa and the U.K. Or is it?<p>KPMG does face trouble on three fronts—but technically it is happening …

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Trump Alienates Allies Needed for a Trade Fight With China

China’s predatory trade behavior is threatening sectors much more vital than steel and aluminum<p>The U.S. isn’t the only country that has a chip on its shoulder about trade. When it comes to China, so do countless others.<p>For President Donald Trump, this could be an opportunity to lead a coalition …

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Dow Industrials Fall as Gary Cohn’s Exit Adds to Trade Concerns

Investors worry that trade disruptions could lead to ripple effects for wide range of commodities and products<p>The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell Wednesday after economic adviser Gary Cohn’s resignation from the White House led to renewed concerns over a possible trade war and its impact on …

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Professor Ross’s Soup-Can Economics

A new study predicts job losses from tariffs of nearly 146,000.<p>Washington is forever looking for common ground, and we may have found some in Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s remarks Friday on Fox Business about the Trump Administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs. “You’ve got to look at the job …


China Spends More on Domestic Security as Xi’s Powers Grow

Beijing invests in policing at home amid push by president to solidify authority<p>BEIJING—China has substantially increased spending on domestic security, official figures show, reflecting mounting concern about threats inside its borders as President Xi Jinping moves to acquire more power and …

North Korea

Mnuchin: Tariffs Won’t Apply to Mexico, Canada if Nafta Is Reworked

Treasury secretary tells Congress the administration is trying to balance protecting U.S. industries ‘with making sure we don’t do undue harm to the economy’<p>WASHINGTON—Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers Tuesday new tariffs on steel and aluminum wouldn’t apply to Canada and Mexico if …


McConnell Says GOP Senators Are Worried About Trump Tariff Plan

Republican senators urge Congress to take back some authority over trade<p>WASHINGTON—Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that Republicans in the chamber were worried that the White House’s planned tariffs on steel and aluminum could spiral into a trade war, echoing views expressed …

Mitch McConnell

How Low Can Unemployment Really Go? Economists Have No Idea

Here are two things most economists can agree upon: They want an economy where everyone who seeks a job can get one. Yet for the economy to be dynamic, some people will always be unemployed, at least temporarily as they move between jobs.<p>There exists, in theory at least, some magic number for the …


Will Trump’s Trade Policy Fit Into a Can of Beer?

As President Trump announced sweeping trade tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, raising the specter of a possible trade war, one question has repeatedly come up: Will Americans drink less beer?<p>More than $100 billion in beer is sold in the United States a year, much of it in aluminum cans. And …

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China, Finally, Clamps Down on North Korea Trade—And the Impact Is Stinging - WSJ

By<p>Jeremy Page,<p>Jeremy Page<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>@JNBPage<p>Google+<p>Jeremy.Page@wsj.com<p>Andrew Jeong and<p>Andrew Jeong<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>@hj257<p>andrew.jeong@wsj.com<p>Ian Talley<p>Ian Talley<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>@iantalley<p>Ian.Talley@wsj.com<p>HUNCHUN, China—Six months ago, the Quanhe …

North Korea

Trump’s Tariff Folly

His tax on aluminum and steel will hurt the economy and his voters.<p>Donald Trump made the biggest policy blunder of his Presidency Thursday by announcing that next week he’ll impose tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum. This tax increase will punish American workers, invite …

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