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Cruise the Greek islands. Explore Mediterranean coastlines. Plan the perfect European sightseeing itinerary. From the whitewashed architecture of Santorini, Greece to the historic castles of Wales and Ireland, these are our picks for the best things to do on your Europe or Mediterranean island vacation, plus the most authentic places to stay.

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Europe & Mediterranean


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    Where to Go

    10 Best Beach Vacations in Europe

    10 Best Beach Vacations in Europe


    If island hopping is your passion — you love exploring Instagram-worthy villages and trying authentic local cuisine rather than sunbathing at a resort for an entire week — the Greek Islands are ideal.

    Italy's Amalfi Coast

    Candy-colored umbrellas and matching chairs of the “stabilimento balneare” (beach clubs) stand in tight, neat lines beside the azure sea. Colorful houses and terraced gardens cling to an almost-vertical hillside. Vespas and tiny Fiats zip along the boulevard in front of cafés that serve heaping platters of “fritto misto.”

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