The United States of Africa

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United States of Africa

African hip hop pioneer Didier Awadi is on a quest to craft an album that pays tribute to the great black revolutionary leaders and their struggle to …


Bono Partners With Monsanto to Destroy African Agriculture With GMOs

As his career continues to free fall into total irrelevance, pop star "Bono" of the rock group U2 has announced his support for a ...<p>Control, GMO, …

The United States of Africa Daily

$43M in cash found in empty Nigerian apartment

More than US$43 million was seized from an apartment building in Nigeria after the anti-corruption unit received a tip.


From coast to coast: Africa unites to tackle threat of polio

Joint news release UNICEF/WHO<p>More than 190 000 polio vaccinators in 13 countries across west and central Africa will immunize more than 116 million …

Universal May Try to Nullify Recorded-Music Deal With Prince Estate

When Universal Music Group announced in February that it had completed a recorded-music deal with Prince’s estate, one sentence stuck out. Not only …

Music Industry

Janet Jackson Shares the First Photo of Her Baby Boy—Introducing Eissa Al Mana

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to meet <b>Janet Jackson</b>'s baby boy.<p>More than three months after welcoming her first child with <b>Wissam Al Mana</b>, the singer …

World map shows Africa in truthful light

<b>Trice Edney News Wire/Global Information Network</b><p>In an age of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” authorities in the city of Boston believe their new …


Life advice from a 117-year-old

Elizabeth is spending it with her family. And since she was born in 1900, her family is... massive.<p>So does she have any advice for all her years of wisdom?<p>Of course she does. Watch the video to find out what she thinks is "a very big mistake".

Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit

<i>Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on</i> …


Rise of Terrorism in Africa | Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

The recent terror attack by al Shabaab in the port city of Barawe in southern Somalia, a suicide bomb attack by Boko Haram in Maiduguri in Nigeria, …


Letters from Africa: Is Nigeria being punished by God?

<b>In our series of letters from African journalists, novelist and writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani looks at whether a culture of blaming everything on destiny is holding Nigeria back.</b><p>The recent meningitis outbreak, which has so far claimed almost 450 lives in Nigeria's north, may have exposed one of the …


Volcanic Minerals, Not Worms, Caused Disease Outbreak in Uganda

Medical detectives in western Uganda recently discovered that the wrong culprit had been blamed for an outbreak of crippling elephantiasis — legs so swollen that they resemble those of an elephant.<p>As it turned out, one rare, neglected tropical disease had been mistaken for another.<p>In most affected …

The Cipher Brief

Next Steps in U.S.-Cuba Relations<p>Strengthening U.S. Cyber Defenses<p>Russia Sanctions: The New Normal<p>Corruption in China: The Party’s Over<p>Change in the …

People with albinism: hunted for their body parts

Over the past eight years, more than 600 attacks on children and adults with albinism were reported in 26 countries.<p>In a ground-breaking report where …


African Politics and the World Situation

<i>This conference comes at a very important time in regard to the political and economic situation here in the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan,</i> …


MIPAD: IK Osakioduwa, Linda Ikeji Make 100 Under-40 Most Influential Africans

On-Air personality, IK Osakioduwa and celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji have been named among 100 Most Influential Peoples of African Descent, MIPAD. …


The Vanishing Nile: A Great River Faces a Multitude of Threats

Though politicians and the press tend to downplay the idea, environmental degradation is often an underlying cause of international crises — from the …


Africa: Racist Attacks Belie Long Presence of Africans in India

[Citizen] The brutal mob attack on a group of Nigerian students in a shopping mall in the city of Greater Noida has generated a lot of discussion …


FrontPageAfrica Newspaper - Huge Presence of Sub Sahara Africa’s Cultural Relics in China’s National Museum

<b>Beijing, China</b> – Amongst 1.4 million artifacts and cultural relics meticulously being preserve in the National Museum of China located a stone …


New wave of African startups at U.S. accelerators

The PeaceTech Accelerator based at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. has selected <b>NicheStream</b>, a Cape Town, South Africa …


South Korea and Africa: A Curious Relationship In the Making

Almost every story about China in Africa features a reporter strolling down a hilly road with a local kid trailing behind, shouting, “Ni hao! Ni …


He Helped Unseat the Gambian Dictator — Who's Next?

This 36-year-old American plans to unseat Africa's despots. Just don't call him a white savior.


Africa deserves better from Comic Relief

This biannual guilt trip perpetuates Band Aid stereotypes. Can we finally look at the issues behind the problems, and inspire anger as well as donations?<p>Raucous comedy, flamboyant red noses, celebrity endorsement and a plethora of ways to get involved from bake sales to triathlons: the Comic Relief …


The Lawyer Behind Facebook's Turn to Africa

Ebele Okobi has a big job - working with governments across an entire continent - on behalf of Facebook.


Google expands its African initiatives

Alphabet is committing to training another 1 million students under its Digital Skills for Africa program in the next 12 months, the company said at events in Lagos, Nairobi, and Johannesburg.<p>The commitment follows the company’s 1 million mark milestone reached today and follows the opening of …

What If Africa Was Just ONE Country?