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A Modest Proposal: Mr. President, Get Some Sleep

Donald Trump’s first week as President of the United States is in the bag, and what a week it’s been. He came in promising to be an unconventional …

Matt Taibbi: Trump Voters' Buyer's Remorse

Trump’s America is a rotten place

President Trump delivered a campaign speech, not an inaugural address, on Friday. That he and his staff do not understand the difference goes to the heart of his insufficiency as a leader. Addressing a shockingly sparse crowd, he painted a picture of a hellish America that can only be restored by …


Fortress (1992) Trailer

GCP Registry of Formal Specifications for Global Events

The procedures for event selection cannot be strictly formulaic because we are attempting something without precedent, addressing complex issues in a …

Immigrant groups to rally against Trump's planned crackdown

Black America Steels Itself for Obama’s Departure and a Future Under Trump

It’s going to be painful for African Americans to watch Obama leave the White House only to be replaced by that man. And that’s just for starters.<p>During President-elect Donald Trump’s recent “Thank You” tour he repeatedly took time to thank the countless African-American voters who decided not to …

Black History

Quincy Jones Not Attending Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party, Spokesman Says

<b>UPDATED</b>: A spokesman for Quincy Jones says that he will be spending New Year’s Eve with his family in Los Angeles and will not be attending a party …

The Most Politically Dangerous Book You’ve Never Heard Of

How one obscure Russian novel launched two of the 20th century’s most destructive ideas.<p>When Alan Greenspan began his political career in 1974, he asked two people to accompany him to his Oval Office swearing-in ceremony as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers: his mother, Rose Goldsmith, …

Ayn Rand

Trevor Noah grills Tomi Lahren about 'the right way' for black people to protest in America

Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren braved the lion’s den that is “The Daily Show” on Wednesday for a heated conversation with host Trevor Noah about race and protesters.<p>Much like how Noah became popular for his witty yet unapologetic political takedowns during the election, Lahren rose …


Why the Prosecution of Chelsea Manning Was Unconstitutional

The selective prosecution of those who disclose government information is profoundly dangerous to our democracy.Disclosures of government information …


Chasin The Free Masons

What Will Become of the Dirtbag Left?

The gleeful vulgarians of “Chapo Trap House” fight for irony in the age of Trump.<p>Felix Biederman, Matt Christman, and Will Menaker befriended each other on Twitter several years ago. They had common interests—international politics, making fun of journalists—and a shared comic sensibility that …

Bernie Sanders

Let's Raise the Stakes for America's Next Murderer in Chief

Perhaps the president should have to have killed in order to kill.

U.S. Presidency

Who Might Challenge a President Trump in 2020?

We know we just finished one (really long) election cycle, but some voters want to know who might take down America's president-elect in four more …


From Waitress to State Representative

Rhode Island's Moira Walsh thinks of herself not as a politician but “a waitress who happened to get pissed off enough to take a crack at it.”<p>The 2016 election rewarded candidates who could easily bat away accusations of being members of the establishment, and this held all the way down the ballot: …


Two Americas: You just have to look online to see how election divided us

(CNN)It's the morning after. And if, after this bitter election, you feel like we're all living in two distinctly different Americas -- you're right. At least on social media.<p>Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump were ecstatic this morning with his victory and they wasted no time filling up …


What It Would Take to Move 650 Million People into the US in One Week

You know I don’t really do much political stuff—but I sure do love a good estimation problem. And that’s just what we have with the following …

Immigrants Are Keeping America Young — And The Economy Growing

<i>This is</i> <i>In Real Terms</i><i>, a weekly column analyzing the latest economic news. Comments? Criticisms? Ideas for future columns?</i> <i>Email me,</i> <i>or drop a note in</i> …

Is America Due for a One-Term President?

It’s not easy to take the baton from a two-term president, particularly one who has become a sitting political icon in your own party. Twenty-eight …


The Most Conservative And Most Liberal Cities In America

New York City may be less liberal than you thought.<p>At least according to <i>The Economist</i>, which pulled data from an MIT study on how city governments reflect their constituents’ politics to produce a ranking of cities with populations of over 250,000. As <i>The Economist</i> asked (quite British-ly), “Would …


Alert! Something BIG Is About To Happen In America!

Linda McMahon, who once called Trump’s comments about women ‘deplorable,’ gave $6 million to support his bid

Linda McMahon, co-founder of the professional wrestling franchise WWE and a former Republican Senate candidate from Connecticut, infused a super PAC supporting Donald Trump with $6 million in August and September, new campaign finance filings show.<p>The donations from McMahon made up nearly one-third …

Donald Trump

Is the GOP About to Disintegrate?

Republican stalwart Grover Norquist argues why such reports are mildly exaggerated.


What Rises From This Election's Ashes?

The crazy will continue. Editor-in-Chief Carlos Watson on what no one's paying attention to.



Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

The year is 2030. Forget about the flying cars, robot maids, and moving sidewalks we were promised. They’re not happening. But that doesn’t mean the …

Don’t Stay Home on Election Day, Even if You Won’t Vote for President

Vote for the House and the Senate<p>For reasons both good and bad, Clinton and Trump are two of the least-liked candidates ever to run for President. …