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The High Life and Low End of Harlem's Hip-Hop Hustler

Richard Porter walked down a cold Harlem street in December 1990 wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a loaded pistol. He was ready to go to war. …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Justin Timberlake's New Video Has Pharrell And An Exploding Illuminati Pyramid

The tracklist announcement for Justin Timberlake's upcoming fifth album <i>Man of the Woods</i> provided much entertainment in the form of pure speculation: …

Justin Timberlake

Woke up, sheeple, Justin Timberlake just dropped 'Supplies', the worst music video of 2018 so far

<i>"Oh no, this is crazy bad. I'm so entertained."</i><p>This was the reaction from one of my colleagues 30 seconds into the new Justin Timberlake music video …

Justin Timberlake

How OutKast Set An Impossible Grammys Standard With Their Album Of The Year Win

When OutKast won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2004, nearly the whole world seemed to think that the dynamic Atlanta duo was the most deserving. Before Carlos Santana and Faith Hill read the list of nominees, someone in Staples Center in Los Angeles yelled “ANDRE,” as in Andre 3000, who had …

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Violent Brawl Sends Panicked Fans Running At Hip Hop Tribute Concert In The Bronx

<b>NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —</b> Fans were sent running for the exits after a violent brawl broke out during a tribute concert in the Bronx on Thursday …

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Drum 'n' bass producer Mistabishi has been found making racist comments

The remarks came after Donald Trump's visit to the UK was cancelled

News Industry

Step inside Jamie Jones' tech-filled studio

Jamie Jones on the kit that made 'The Sound Of Music' on Hot Creations


2 Mics, 1 Skateboard: Lauten Audio Records a Minimalist Music Video All Over Montreal

Today, Lauten Audio has launched a music video with the artist Stephano Petrocca called “Foundation (On a Broken Dream)“.The lead vocal for …


The Resonant Human: The Science of How Tempo Affects Us

Image courtesy of Flickr user Derek Gavey.<p>You’re walking along, enjoying some of your favorite music on a pair of headphones, when all of a sudden …

Bette Midler

The Pioneers of Audio Engineering: Les Paul

Les Paul, pictured here toward the end of his life, never gave up designing, tinkering, and performing until the very end.Who was Les Paul? He was …


Music From The South


The history of racism in rock and roll

It is well known that rock and roll originated in the black community but was coopted by white musicians like Elvis Presley and British groups like …

Elvis Presley

Jodi Arias: A Look Back at Her Bizarre Murder Trial that Shocked a Nation

The beautiful aspiring photographer murdered her ex-lover — and then tried to cover her tracks.<p>When Travis Alexander broke up with his girlfriend, …


How Cardi B Achieved Stardom as an Old-School Hitmaker for New-School Hip-Hop

Over the new jack swing beat of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse (Remix),” Cardi B brags a pinnacle truth of her fresh career: “Bossed up and I changed the …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Beyonce Dad Mathew Knowles busted for smoking crack

Well damn could it be true that Beyonce Dad Mathew Knowles is a Crack head? Well according to the Jasmine Brand a man by the name of David Lee Brewer …


Camila Cabello Shares the Dramatic Details Behind Her Fifth Harmony Departure

Though it may seem like eons ago for fans, Camila Cabello's official departure from Fifth Harmony only went down just over a year ago. In a note …

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello Releases Her Self-Titled Debut Album

A little more than one year ago, Camila Cabello parted ways with Fifth Harmony, opening the door for a new chapter in her career as a solo artist. …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Eric Clapton Apologizes for Racist Past: ‘I Sabotaged Everything’

The drink, the drugs, the women. It's all in the new Eric Clapton rockumentary, even his disturbing 1976 racist outburst.<p>The British guitar legend …

Eric Clapton

First Listen: The Bad Plus, 'Never Stop II'

A continuity and a break: That's the history of The Bad Plus in a nutshell. An acoustic piano trio with the combustion properties of a post-punk band, it emerged in the early 2000s to an uproar — its surging attack and shrewd repertoire were framed as a radical split from the jazz tradition. …


'Fast' Eddie Clarke: a rock'n'roll revivalist who made Motörhead motor

With Lemmy’s growl and Phil Taylor’s kick drums, ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke, who has died aged 67, turned Motörhead into something rock had never seen<p>And then there were none. With the death of “Fast” Eddie Clarke, from pneumonia, at the age of 67, all three of the members of Motörhead’s greatest lineup …

The Rolling Stones

Grieving David Bowie, a True Rock Star in Life and in Death

I am a pathologically nervous flyer, and once, on a short flight out of Berlin, of all places, gripped by a manic and totally unfounded certainty …

David Bowie

David Bowie: The Last Five Years Brings a Pop Icon Back to Life

It’s been two years since David Bowie died and it’s still hard to believe he’s no longer here. The 90-minute British documentary <i>David Bowie: The Last</i> …

David Bowie

Jerry Lee Lewis is, improbably, a generation’s last man standing

It’s not something you’re going to read about on the cover of Time or see red-flagged on your Twitter feed.<p>But as pop culture milestones go, it’s not …

Jerry Lee Lewis

Ray Thomas, Moody Blues Flautist and Founding Member, Dead at 76

Multi-instrumentalist contributed to all of Rock Hall-inducted prog rock band's albums until 2002 retirement<p>Ray Thomas, flautist and founding member …


Jazi - PMS Freestyle (Politically Manipulated Society)

Donald Trump

James Brown, The Foundation of Funk

James Brown

Berklee Bass Talk: Was Jaco Overrated?

<i>This month we revive a column that first appeared late last year… Ed Lucie is the Associate Professor of the Berklee College Of Music Bass</i> …


Chris Orrick - Your Ambition (feat. P.O.S of Doomtree) | Official Video

Rap & Hip-Hop

LSD MKUltra Soundtrack Edition