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A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America

Hate crimes in America have historically been difficult to track since there is very little official data collected. What data does exist is …

Machine Learning

Silicon Valley’s wealthy elite have made social inequality worse

San Francisco used to be a place for radicalism – now everyone’s too busy working or being priced out<p>Silicon Valley looks like a cross between Milton Keynes and the set of the <i>Stepford Wives</i>. Row after row of ordinary houses and picket fences, clustered in villages notable only for the …

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The tech industry is hiring Israeli engineers as fast as the army can produce them

United Airlines started a three-flights-per-week service from San Francisco to Tel Aviv last year. It was so popular that the carrier now runs the route every day, with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.<p>It’s another sign of the insatiable global demand for technology talent, with former Israeli army …

Tel Aviv

Why You Rarely Hear About Net Neutrality On MSNBC

Cenk Uygur

Why we need Net Neutrality & what you can do to save it - FCC Title II

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality - What a Closed Internet Means - Extra Credits


FCC Repeals Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

The new Advertiser friendly YouTube


Middle Earth: Shadow of War Censorship and Pay to Win Microtransactions


Nvidia, stop being a DICK


Ultra Settings Suck

NVidia Geforce

Unity: Good Enough for Bad Games

Game Development

Youtube's Quality through the ages


Google just killed Burger King's newest TV ad that had a disastrous flaw

Burger King

How to convert Python to JavaScript (and back again)

Python or JavaScript? While we’re still arguing over which has the upper hand or the brighter future, little doubt exists as to which owns the web’s …


Chinese scientists beat Europe in creating the biggest virtual universe with the world's fastest computer

Chinese scientists have created the largest virtual universe on Sunway TaihuLight, the world's fastest computer, according to a lead researcher on the project.<p>Experts said that China was learning to take full advantage of its raw calculation power, which had outpaced other nations in recent years, …


How Flipboard pivoted to mobile at an opportune time

Tech entrepreneur Mike McCue knows a lot about bringing different types of media — voice, video and text – onto the Internet. But for the last couple …

Mike McCue

Are edge computing and IIoT changing the way we think about data?

As we observe what’s happening in industrial enterprises, there’s an interesting evolution occurring—one that has important implications as companies make their first tentative steps toward the industrial Internet of things (IIoT).<p>Traditionally, operational technology (OT) teams have tended to …

Big Data

The Cipher Brief

Next Steps in U.S.-Cuba Relations<p>Strengthening U.S. Cyber Defenses<p>Russia Sanctions: The New Normal<p>Corruption in China: The Party’s Over<p>Change in the …

Young American Men Are Choosing Video Games Over Work in Staggering Numbers

New research has found a surprising culprit for the serious decline in working hours among young American men over the last 15 years: video games.<p>The …


“Anybody can code”: The new skills your resume should have to land a tech job in India

With new-age IT jobs on the horizon, techie resumes are due for a makeover.<p>Soon, it won’t be enough to flaunt an engineering degree or knowledge of Java and Python. Automation is set to take over jobs that primarily involve mundane, repetitive tasks. Globally, 12% of employers worldwide expect to …


Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working With Russian Intelligence

Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab boasts 400 million users worldwide. As many as 200 million may not know it. The huge reach of Kaspersky’s …


Analyzing GitHub, how developers change programming languages over time

In the end, the evolution of these matrices over time seems to be affine, and we observe the same language profile every year. Thus, to highlight the …


Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (Part 1)

Over the course of the last few decades, the gaming industry has seen great strides. Beginning with simple games like Pong* and Pac-Man* which offered players a short escape from reality and growing into such involved games like World of Warcraft* and Call of Duty 4* which are serious hobbies to …

Artificial Intelligence

It's Time to Make Code More Tinker-Friendly

Back in ye olde days of the information superhighway, curious newbies had an easy way to see how websites worked: View Source.<p>If they clicked that …


Google Reportedly Paid Professors For Favorable Policy Papers

Google has paid university professors to write academic papers that support its views on public policy issues.<p>That’s according to a report Tuesday by …


RED is making a $1,200 smartphone with a ‘holographic display’

Shipping in 2018<p>High-end camera maker RED has just announced a premium smartphone called Hydrogen One, and the headlining feature is something the company is referring to as a “holographic display.” A buzzword-filled press release for Hydrogen One says that the 5.7-inch display somehow uses …