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The Top 10 White Terrorists Of All-Time

With the recent bombing and shootings in Oslo committed by madman Anders Breivik, we decided to take a look back and find the 10 most notorious white …

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Angels & Demons

On June 4, 1989, the bodies of Jo, Michelle, and Christe were found floating in Tampa Bay. This is the story of the murders, their aftermath, and the …

Tampa Bay

A crusading attorney helped free a man framed for murder. They both ended up dead.

Leaving prison was supposed to make everything better. It was only the beginning of the troubles for an unlikely pair.


ShamWow Guy in Jail


Racist Commercials


How jails extort the poor | Salil Dudani

Why do we jail people for being poor? Today, half a million Americans are in jail only because they can't afford to post bail, and still more are …

Ferguson, MO

"KEEMSTAR" Saying Nigger Exposing V2 @yung_kaitflop

Police used the myth of black snipers to justify brutality in the Long Hot Summer of 1967

In Newark and Detroit, no organized groups of shooters were ever found<p>The morning of July 15, 1967, New Jersey residents picked up their copies of …

Law Enforcement

I Walked Into the Drug Den of Bogotá — and Survived

It was late and the drugs had run dry.<p>Everyone assumed the house party was over. Then Javier, a garrulous Colombian friend, volunteered to walk down …


Student fakes being black to get into college

Affirmative Action

Trump signs what he calls ‘seriously flawed’ bill imposing new sanctions on Russia

President Trump on Wednesday signed a bill that imposes new sanctions on Russia, ending immediate hopes that he might be able to reset U.S. relations with the Kremlin as Congress overruled his opposition to the provisions' curb on his executive power.<p>Trump's reluctant signing of the legislation …


How the FDA Made a Felon Out of This Amish Farmer

He is behind bars after selling skin-care products made from natural ingredients without government approval.<p>In Bath County, Kentucky, a rural area near Lexington, a judge sentenced a 57-year-old Amish farmer and father of 12 to six years in prison for producing a herbal skin cream without the …

Amish Mennonites

DC Cop Under Investigation for Wearing Shirt With KKK Symbol While on Duty

An officer with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., has been accused of wearing a shirt with a racist symbol on it while he was …


Watch: When race riots meant white men terrorizing black neighborhoods

The frequency with which it occurred is chilling<p>Today, when we see black, urban populations rioting, it’s usually an expression of frustration …


“This Is What You Get!” :The Unheard Message of the 1967 Detroit Riots

Fifty years ago, today, America waged war on itself. The battle began at a welcome home party for black veterans, two men just returned from the …


Watch: The Newark unrest of 1967 through the eyes of one black teenager

Atno Smith’s political awakening was catalyzed by the events of that summer<p>When the police brutalized a black taxi driver in Newark in July of 1967, …


Let Black Kids Just Be Kids

George Zimmerman admitted at his 2012 bail hearing that he misjudged Trayvon Martin’s age when he killed him. “I thought he was a little bit younger than I am,” he said, meaning just under 28. But Trayvon was only 17.<p>What may be most tragic about Mr. Zimmerman’s miscalculation is that it’s …


Trump's Vision of Lawless Order

The president suggests he sees the rule of law as an impediment to getting tough on crime.<p>“America is once more a nation of laws,” President Trump said near the end of a speech Friday afternoon in Brentwood, New York. He meant it as a boast, but one could be forgiven for thinking it was a lament, …


Security officer allegedly steals $100,000 first day on the job

A New Jersey security officer has been charged with stealing $100,000 from a business on his first day of work, Fairfield police said.<p>Larry Brooks, 19, of Elizabeth, was working for Garda, a cash vault and armored car company, when he was captured by company surveillance cameras taking the money, …


Officers kill man with no active warrants at wrong house

Documents show that Southaven officers went to the wrong house to serve a warrant on Monday, which resulted in the shooting death of a man who did …


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Signs Mocking Police Appear in Minneapolis After Fatal Shooting of Australian Woman

Street signs mocking Minneapolis police popped up around the city over the weekend in the wake of the fatal police shooting of an Australian woman, which led to the resignation of the police chief.<p>The signs, reading "Warning: Twin Cities Police Easily Startled," appeared to refer to the July 15 …


Gilbert: 'We screwed up' on mostly-white crowd in Detroit ad

A billionaire businessman has apologized for his real estate company's controversial sign in downtown Detroit that says "See Detroit Like We Do" with …

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Here's The Trailer For 'Crown Heights,' Based On The True Story Of A Wrongful Conviction

<i>Crown Heights</i>, the prison drama about the life of a wrongfully convicted Brooklyn man, is coming to the big screen next month, and this week we got …


Body Camera Video Allegedly Shows Baltimore Police ‘Plant’ Drugs

Body camera video produced Wednesday appears to show a Baltimore police officer plant drugs in late January, an act that later resulted in a criminal arrest.<p>The 90-second Baltimore police body camera video, which was made public by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, belongs to Officer …


102 Synthetic Weed Overdoses in Three Days in One County: What You’re Not Being Told

<b>(</b><b>ANTIMEDIA</b> <b>Op-ed</b><b>)</b> <i>Lancaster County, PA —</i> Last weekend, 102 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana in Lancaster County, PA. Though no deaths were …

Florida's first black state attorney asks cops why they pulled her over

Body camera footage released by the Orlando Police Department last month shows Florida's first and only black state attorney asking police officers …


John Crawford III, Sean Williams: Officer who killed Walmart shopper won't face federal charges, Justice D

DAYTON, Ohio - The Justice Department says it won't bring federal charges against a white police officer who killed a black shopper carrying an air …

American tourist killed in Greece was fatally beaten over a selfie, police say

American Bakari Henderson was killed by a group of as many as 15 men because of an argument over a selfie at a bar on a Greek island, police said.<p>A confrontation began after Henderson, who was vacationing with friends, asked to take a picture with a waitress, and quickly escalated into a fistfight …