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Worst Prison Experiments Conducted on Humans


Man Records Harrowing Moment Portugal Wildfire Nearly Overtakes His Car

Powerful wildfires are currently burning across Portugal and Spain, and this driver found himself nearly trapped by a fire.

Nicki Minaj, Always in Control

<i>This story is one of the seven covers of T Magazine’s Greats issue, on newsstands Oct. 22.</i><p>THE DAY I WAIT in the hotel lobby of the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park City to meet Nicki Minaj is the start of New York Fashion Week. I am early, and I watch as stylists push an overfull rack of designer …

Nicki Minaj

40 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1977

Four decades ago Jimmy Carter was sworn in as the 39th president of the United States, the original <i>Star Wars</i> movie was released in theaters, the Trans-Alaska pipeline pumped its first barrels of oil, New York City suffered a massive blackout, Radio Shack introduced its new TRS-80 Micro Computer, …

Ku Klux Klan

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More.

When North Korean hackers tried to steal $1 billion from the New York Federal Reserve last year, only a spelling error stopped them. They were digitally looting an account of the Bangladesh Central Bank, when bankers grew suspicious about a withdrawal request that had misspelled “foundation” as …

North Korea

It Was Universe-Shaking Announcement. But What Exactly Are Neutron Star Collisions?

On Monday, astronomers made a universe-shaking announcement about the detection of reverberations from the collision of two neutron stars.<p>It is another triumph for LIGO, short for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, the instrument that has opened a new window into the universe by …


President Trump to visit Hawaii in November

<i>Posted:</i> <i>Updated:</i><p>Big Island police are investigating a deadly crash on Saturday on Daniel K. Inouye Highway after a mini-van crossed into oncoming …


US Escalates Troop Buildup on Russian Border: It's Time to Be Concerned

<b>(</b><b>ANTIMEDIA</b><b>)</b> <i>—</i> The United States is continuing to encircle Russia with American troops deployed on its border in areas likely to cause further tensions …


We Need To Pay Attention To The New Hawaii Climate Commission

Community Voices aims to encourage broad discussion on many topics of community interest. It’s kind of a cross between Letters to the Editor and …


Lawrence Lessig lays out how Hillary Clinton could end up in the Oval Office

Sure, it's been more than 340 days since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, but there's still one very narrow, highly unlikely and entirely …


How to Solve Hawaii’s Solar Problem: Smart Imports

As problems go, having too much solar power is not a bad one to have. It's also an issue that has actionable policy solutions. In Hawaii, solar …

Renewable Energy

Hawaii securities commissioner fines developer $500K for taking $2.3M from investors for never-built Kapolei project - Pacific Business News

By Janis L. Magin <br>– Real Estate Editor, Pacific Business News<p>Oct 4, 2017, 5:58pm HST<b><br>Updated</b> Oct 5, 2017, 7:09am HST<p>The Hawaii securities commissioner …


Opioid-related deaths fell 6.5% after recreational marijuana legalized in Colorado, research finds

DENVER – Opioid-related deaths have fell by more than 6 percent in Colorado in the two years after the state started selling recreational marijuana, …


New Custom-Fit Condoms Available For Men Who Are ‘Too Big’

They come in 60 different sizes.


The Deadly Link Between Sugar and Cancer

Cancer cells are nasty little anarchists. They go where they shouldn’t, subvert authority, co-opt law-abiding cells around them, and break a ton of …


Parole Violation Prevents Atlanta Dad from Giving a Kidney to His Sick Child

A sick child may die because his father's criminal record prevents him from donating his kidney.


Scientists detect gravitational waves from a new kind of nova, sparking a new era in astronomy

Some 130 million years ago, in a galaxy far away, the smoldering cores of two collapsed stars smashed into each other. The resulting explosion sent a burst of gamma rays streaming through space and rippled the very fabric of the universe.<p>On Aug. 17, those signals reached Earth — and sparked an …


Nasa Hasn’t Confirmed Existence of Planet 9: What We Know about the "Planet" At the Edge of the Solar System

But scientists are honing in on its location.


Google Adds Barebones Antivirus Protection To Chrome Browser For Windows

Google Chrome might be the most popular web browser in the world, but it has long been criticized for the app bloat that has accumulated over the …


Publisher/SVP at The Hollywood Reporter

Editorial Director, The Hollywood Reporter. Personal account. Email:

Journalist, L.A., just waiting for the riot that ends The Day of the Locust to break out in cyberspace

Facebook and the US Government Are in a Race to Read Your Mind

<b>(</b><b>ANTIMEDIA</b><b>)</b> – The government and private sector are working hard to figure out what’s on your mind. In fact, for the last decade, the Department of …

Artificial Intelligence

Bob Weinstein Gets Emotional on "Depraved" Harvey, Saving the Company and His "Waking Nightmare" (Exclusive)

The Weinstein Co. exec insists he had no idea about "the type of predator that he was" and is sickened by Harvey’s seeming lack of remorse. "I want …

Bob Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein a sad, sick man - Woody Allen

<b>Woody Allen has described Harvey Weinstein as a "sad, sick man", as the producer faces sexual assault claims.</b><p>His remarks came as he clarified comments to the BBC that the story was tragic for the women involved but also sad for Weinstein as his life was "so messed up".<p>The film-maker added he had …

Woody Allen

'Black Panther' and Wakanda: A Guide to Marvel's Fictional African Nation

So you've watched the "Black Panther" trailer and you're curious about this Wakanda place. We've got you.

Marvel Universe

Man attends MMA event as a fan, ends up winning a belt in Brazil

Luis Felipe Alvim is the new Juiz de Fora Fight welterweight champion, and his story is unlike everything you’ve ever seen.Juiz de Fora Fight 18 was …


Pop Goes the Liberal Media Bubble

Trump drives the mainstream press to abandon the pretense of objectivity.<p>For years, reporters were content to obscure their ideological dogmas and …


The Danger of President Pence | The New Yorker

On September 14th, the right-wing pundit Ann Coulter, who last year published a book titled “In Trump We Trust,” expressed what a growing number of Americans, including conservatives, have been feeling since the 2016 election. The previous day, President Trump had dined with Democratic leaders at …

Donald Trump

Every Excuse Hillary Clinton Has Given for Her 2016 Election Loss

What happened? Here's what happened: Hillary Clinton has blamed everyone for losing to Donald Trump. Let's review the lengthening list.

Hillary Clinton