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2 Mics, 1 Skateboard: Lauten Audio Records a Minimalist Music Video All Over Montreal

Today, Lauten Audio has launched a music video with the artist Stephano Petrocca called “Foundation (On a Broken Dream)“.The lead vocal for …


The Resonant Human: The Science of How Tempo Affects Us

Image courtesy of Flickr user Derek Gavey.<p>You’re walking along, enjoying some of your favorite music on a pair of headphones, when all of a sudden …

Bette Midler

The Pioneers of Audio Engineering: Les Paul

Les Paul, pictured here toward the end of his life, never gave up designing, tinkering, and performing until the very end.Who was Les Paul? He was …


Dow jumps 323 points, closes above 26,000 for first time in its 121-year history

The Dow closed above 26,000 for the first time Wednesday, continuing an early-year stock surge that has pushed the U.S. market to fresh records.<p>The Dow Jones industrial average rose 322.79 points, or 1.3%, to a record 26,115.65. It was the Dow's best one-day point gain in 14 months, or since the …


Is America's Spy Plane Back — and Hypersonic?

The SR-71 Blackbird spy plane may be back and faster than ever.<p>Or maybe not. Ambiguous wording at an aerospace-conference presentation last week …


Want to Get Wisdom? Be Your Own Crowd

Research suggests that people can improve decisions by thinking twice -- or as many times as possible.<p>Crowds of humans can be very good at solving certain kinds of problems. If, for example, you wanted to guess many bacteria live in Lake Erie, you’d be better off asking a random group of people and …

Lake Erie

South sees snow, frigid temperatures and slippery roads

<b>(CNN) —</b> Snow and icy conditions have made roads in parts of the South and East treacherous, with two people reported killed in Louisiana weather-related accidents, officials said.<p>A fire official was fatally injured Wednesday in West Feliciana Parish when a pickup truck pulling a trailer lost …


The newest $1 billion startup is led by one of tech’s youngest female CEOs

The archetype of success in Silicon Valley has long been young, male, and potentially a dropout from one of three or four elite universities. That may be slowly changing.<p>This week, Canva announced a $40 million founding round making its founder, Melanie Perkins, 30, perhaps the youngest female CEO …


New California declares 'independence' from California in bid to become 51st state

The founders of New California took an early step toward statehood Monday with the reading of their own Declaration of Independence from California, a state they describe as "ungovernable."<p>Their solution: Take over most of current-day California — including many rural counties — and leave the …

Declaration Of Independence

Workshops help parents have 'the talk' with kids on what it means to be black in US

Winston Harris remembers watching the video of Philando Castile after he was shot by Officer Jeronimo Yanez of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Police …

Philando Castile

Security concerns grow after apparent stowaway attempt at Honolulu airport

Updated:Monday, January 15 2018 1:42 AM EST2018-01-15 06:42:49 GMT<p>Some mobile users may need to click here for a full slideshow. Copyright 2018 …


Detroit man deported to Mexico after 30 years in US

<b>(CNN) —</b> Jorge Garcia, a 39-year-old landscaper and father of two who has lived in the United States for 30 years, said a painful goodbye to his family at the Detroit Metro Airport early Monday morning.<p>Garcia was deported, after having lived in the United States since he was a child, when his family …


This Is What a White Supremacist Department of Justice Looks Like

Jeff Sessions's tenure as attorney general shows how far to the right the Republican Party has swerved under Trump.<p><i>This article is part of a weeklong series looking back at the first year of Donald Trump's presidency.</i><p>To judge Donald Trump’s presidency, we should ask what he’s done that a generic …

Republican Party

Hawaiian emergency worker who sent the wrong message is reassigned

HONOLULU —The worker who sent Hawaii into a panic by mistakenly sending a missile alert has a new job — and it's nowhere near the early warning system.<p>Richard Rapoza, spokesman for the Hawaii Emergency Management System, declined to say Monday what the worker's new duties are.<p>“All we will say is …

Ajit Pai

Four Ways We've Distorted The History of the Civil Rights Movement

Demonstrators in the Poor People's March, Washington, D.C., June 18, 1968.Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress This MLK Day weekend, I've been …

Black History

Memphis sanitation workers recall marching with Martin Luther King Jr.

On April 3, 1968, workers found themselves in lock-step with Dr. King, who had come to Memphis to support the strikers

Black History

Music From The South


Ten Excellent Online Courses I Highly Recommend (And They're All Free!)

Ever since the start of the recent boom in free online college classes several years back, I have almost constantly been enrolled in or following at …


Driver swept up by mudslide ‘didn't realize' danger of situation


The history of racism in rock and roll

It is well known that rock and roll originated in the black community but was coopted by white musicians like Elvis Presley and British groups like …

Elvis Presley

Omarosa, Donald Trump Had Sexual Relationship, Reality TV Star Claudia Jordan Alleges

Reality TV star Claudia Jordan claims Omarosa Manigault had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump before she was ousted from his White …

Donald Trump

People in Honolulu Shocked by Missile Alert


How to survive a nuclear bomb: 3 steps to save you from the blast and fallout if North Korea attacks

How likely is nuclear war? Despite escalating tensions with North Korea, some experts say fears are overblown. Others caution that the United States …

North Korea

A Racist in the Oval Office

Donald Trump grew up in a wealthy white enclave in Queens, and he first came to public attention in 1973, when the Justice Department sued his father’s real-estate company for refusing to rent apartments to people “because of race and color.” (Trump strongly denied the charges, which eventually led …

Donald Trump

What It Felt Like in Hawaii When Warning of an In-Bound Missile Arrived

A little after 8 <i>A.M.</i> today, Hawaii Standard Time, an alert was sent to cell phones in Hawaii: “<i>BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL</i>.” The message was also broadcast on local television and radio.<p>Nearly forty minutes passed before a second message …

David Ige

Moby says he’s spoken to CIA agents who believe Trump is a “Manchurian Candidate”

Earlier this year, after declining an invitation to play at the inauguration, Moby passed along inside information he received from “friends who work …

Donald Trump

Jodi Arias: A Look Back at Her Bizarre Murder Trial that Shocked a Nation

The beautiful aspiring photographer murdered her ex-lover — and then tried to cover her tracks.<p>When Travis Alexander broke up with his girlfriend, …


Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits

President Donald Trump was apparently unaware that not all—in fact, the vast majority—of welfare beneficiaries are not black as recently as last …

Donald Trump

Will Hawaii Be the Next Puerto Rico?

No, But Things Could Get Rough<p>The most recent Census population estimates showed something interesting for Hawaii: a population decline.<p>So 2017 shows …


'This is not a drill': Hawaii gets false alert of missile attack from 'wrong button'

People in Hawaii woke up Saturday to emergency alerts sent to their mobile phones and broadcast on radio and TV warning of an imminent ballistic …

Brian Schatz