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The Internet is a Laughing Matter for Comedian Cameron Esposito

If you can’t find her work on the internet, your wifi might be broken.

Few comedians embrace today’s technology at the intersection of storytelling …

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How the Internet is Creating a New, Global Language of Comedy

Performers all around the world are using the internet as their comedic stage, proving that comedy has no borders.

For those of us raised on sitcoms …


5 Steps to Making A 360-Degree, 4K Music Video

Pop star Noa Neal teamed up with iQ in Europe to create an original, music video format recently supported by YouTube.

Music videos have come a long …

Comedy Plugs Into Technology

Entertainers are turning to facial recognition technologies and polling via smartphones to measure audience reactions, redirect performances in real

Is Humor the Final Barrier for Artificial Intelligence? - iQ by Intel

A look at researchers engaged in the seriously difficult business of teaching machines to laugh.

Attendees at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, …

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What Makes Your Favorite Computing Devices Work?

Hit with that question on the streets of Europe, people improvised some wickedly witty responses.

If there’s one thing people have in common — and …

Paddington Bear Hits the Big Screen

From the printed page to larger than life, Intel technology helps power Paddington’s big-screen transformation.

One of the technology leaders behind …

Why Messaging Apps Are Making Us Better Communicators

Is the explosive and evolving use of instant messaging apps a wrecking ball destroying language or a new means to expressing human thought and

The Art & Science of Finding Love Online

Fifty years from now, your grandchildren won’t be asking how Grandma and Grandpa met, but rather which online dating website they choose.

According to …

Best Second Screen Apps for Music Lovers

Television and music lovers toggle between screens to influence the Billboard charts and greater pop culture.

Sure, summer is a great time to be a …


Jimmy Kimmel Is the Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014

McAfee’s eighth annual study showcases a risky mix of comedians and musicians.

Taking a break from work to search for videos of your favorite …


Digital Nomads: Matt Harding Dances His Way Around the World

You may have seen him doing ballet in Syria, waltzing in Austria, dancing underwater in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or even cutting a rug in North …

Digital Nomad

Unsung Social Networks Every Musician Should Know About

These social networks might be small, but they could lead to the big break musicians dream about.

Wishing there was a place online to cash in on your …

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FaltyDL's "New Haven" Video Is a Slow-Burning Optical Wonder

The Creators Project is premiering the music video for FaltyDL’s “New Haven,” a single off the producer’s fourth LP, “In The Wild” (out now via Ninja …

Behind the Scenes of the VFX That Earned "Game of Thrones" an Emmy

You know nothing — about the highly detail-oriented process that goes into making George R.R. Martin’s fictional world come to life on TV. Nothing, …

How an Artist Built a 3D Futurama

The 3D animated “Futurama” remix that took over the Internet — not unlike Bender’s robot revolution — last month was a short and sweet taste of what …

Behind the Game: Discover Your Brain on Tetris

As Tetris turns 30, a look back on how one simple game got in our heads and changed everything.

Tetris is recognized as one of the most popular and …

Premiering Röyksopp and Robyn's "Monument"

The new music video for Röyksopp and Robyn’s “Monument” is a cosmic voyage through other worlds and dimensions, centered around an illuminated …

Shark Week: How Sharks Inspire Innovation

Sharkageddon reminds us that sharks may be best known for instilling fear and terror, but they are also a significant source for new ideas in

Making of I Origins: From Iris Biometrics to Ocular VFX

When a series of uncanny coincidences force him to confront his own data-driven disbelief, the world of Dr. Ian Gray (Michael Pitt) is turned …

Driving into the Next Generation of In-Vehicle Infotainment

Gone are the days of the cassette deck and CD player. Nearly every new car comes equipped with some sort of infotainment system capable of playing …

Illustrator Bob Staake on the Powerful Blend of Technology and Art

A popular illustrator blends tenets of old-school illustration and new-school tech tools to create colorful, quirky and quintessential …

The Secret Weapon DreamWorks Used to Make 'How to Train Your Dragon 2'

DreamWorks Animation software optimized by Intel lifted creativity while cutting production costs.

Long before NASA’s Apollo Program landed the first …

13 Movies That Explore The Future Of Technology

To create the bleak and high-tech world in the year 2054 for sci-fi blockbuster Minority Report, director Steven Spielberg consulted with an expert …

New Stop-Motion Film "Unity" Is The Work Of A Potential Animation Legend

Starewicz, Svankmeyer, Barta… Following this succession of stop-motion supernovas, we arrive on a new surname: Stretch.

Winner of the Radiohead’s Weird

Newest Godzilla Movie Would Have Taken 450 Years To Design On A Single Computer

The newest incarnation of cinema’s most nefarious mega-monster started surging through movie theaters across the States today. This is the first …

10 Expert Opinions On The Future Of Film

Image via

It seems like long ago that Francis Ford Coppola was waxing poetic on the Warholian notions of what the filmmaking landscape might look like …

How Wearables Change Our Relationship With Technology

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