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2017年の夏、フランスとイギリスが相次いで「2040年以降のガソリン・軽油車の新規販売を禁止する」方針を発表して以来、日本でもEV(電気自動車)化を囃す声が大きくなった。あたかも、世の中のすべての自動車がEV化されるような騒ぎようだ。だが、フランスもイギリスも「すべての自動車」に適用する、としているのだろうか。たとえば、トラックやバスなどの重量の重い荷物・人を大量に運ぶ車の取り扱いはどうなっているのだろうか?<p>技術音痴の筆者は、常々疑問に思っていた。<p>そもそも、現状ではバッテリー能力に限界があり、EVはガソリン・軽油車に走行距離では勝てないという弱点がある。したがって、バッテリーの技術革新とコス …

Don’t Call It a Blood Moon. Or Supermoon. Or Blue Moon

On Wednesday, humanity will be treated to a celestial trifecta: A supermoon (meaning it’s relatively close to Earth), but also simultaneously a blood …

Tokyo Owl

Owl Cafe


増えてきた体重をコントロールするために、自炊をしているという人は多いでしょう。なかには、「自炊をしていれば太らない」と思っている人もいるかもしれませんね。確かに自炊は、食材や献立・調理法・量などを自分で決めることができるため、外食と比べてダイエットに向いています。しかし、ただ自炊をしていればいいとい …


Various Sunsets


Happy Penguins!

Black birds............. ¡many!

A Salty Snack


Flamingo Chicks Emerge From Nests in Turkey: Pictures

Salt Lake City

RecycledLightCompany : Recycled Light Bulb Oil Lamp

Sumally is a growing community that connects what you love with the people you love. Find your “wants” and “haves” from products all over the world!

Light Bulbs

Morondava, Madagascar : 'Baobab Trees'

Sumally is a growing community that connects what you love with the people you love. Find your “wants” and “haves” from products all over the world!

北海道 : 神の子池

Sumally is a growing community that connects what you love with the people you love. Find your “wants” and “haves” from products all over the world!

Feel free

The waiting game.

Photo by @anandavarma. This is a closeup of a male Violetcrowned Woodnymph hummingbird photographed in the Santa Marta Mountains of northern Colombia. I was on an expedition in search of the elusive Santa Marta Woodstar with the goal of recording and describing its unusual courtship display. Unfortunately, we never found the breeding grounds of this species so we settled for gathering some data on the other local hummingbirds such as this Woodnymph. Follow @anandavarma for more hummingbird closeups. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #onassignment #hummingbird #closeup #woodnymph #SantaMarta #Colombia

I knew that hummingbirds would not be able to resist this luscious ginger flower at the edge of a cloud forest in Costa Rica, so I set up my camera and waited; it wasn’t long before a green-crowned brilliant buzzed in and sucked nectar while hovering in front of the flower, unaffected by bursts of light from my three strobes. Hummingbirds are an extreme consequence of a sugar-fueled existence. They are totally dependent on nectar to maintain their high-energy lifestyle, and zip from flower to flower with wing beats of up to 80 per second. From a plant’s perspective, hummingbirds are ideal pollinators: They are small and fast, and they need to visit many flowers in a short amount of time to get enough food--a perfect recipe for successful flower pollination. I share this image in honor of Earth Day. @natgeo @thephotosociety @franslanting @EarthDay #hummingbird #EarthDay #CostaRica #beauty #nature

Prim Pelican

Follow The Leader

Photo by @TimLaman. Red-crowned Cranes at dawn on the Setsuri River, Hokkaido. Cranes roost here in the river at night where they can stand in the water, safe from predators. On a clear, cold morning, mist forms and creates this mystical scene at sunrise. To see more of Japan’s Winter Wildlife follow @TimLaman. #Winter, #birds, #EndangeredSpecies, #RedCrownedCranes, #Japan, @NatGeoCreative, @thephotosociety, @TimLaman.

Sunset Spring

It’s Cherry Blossom Season: Pictures


On March 14, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt established the first #wildliferefuge on Pelican Island in #Florida. Created to protect bird species that had been hunted to the brink of extinction, this first refuge led to the National Wildlife Refuge System that now includes over 560 refuges across the country. Though the brown #pelican has recovered, Pelican Island National #Wildlife Refuge continues to protect 14 other threatened and endangered species. Photo courtesy of Andrea Westmoreland.

ジダン、C・ロナウドの無回転シュートに驚嘆 「彼だけが放てるものだった」

A Peck on the Beak

TV presenter Chris Packham has unveiled a series of images exploring the impact of litter on wildlife and the natural environment. The pictures were commissioned by the supermarket chain Lidl UK, which will be donating £500,000 from the proceeds of its single-use carrier bag charge to a new initiative with #KeepBritainTidy designed to inspire young people to reduce litter and waste and improve their local parks and green spaces.