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NASA's 'Chief Sniffer' Explains How His Nose Helps Astronauts

Chemical specialist George Aldrich spent over four decades with NASA sniffing anything and everything that could be launched into space with …


Atlantropa: Herman Sörgel's Vision of a New Continent

Imagine a world with futuristic cities and renewable energy in abundance. A civilized world where poverty and war are things of the past. Imagine a …

A Moderate Carb Diet Is Best for Optimum Health, Study Reveals

The research shows that both diets low and high in carbohydrates are linked to an increase in mortality rates. Meanwhile, moderate consumption of …

What Are the Best Electric Cars of 2018?

Electric cars were once a novelty and often the target for much amusement, but no more. Things have changed considerably since the 'dark days' of the …

Electric Vehicles

Scientists Develop the Most Wear-Resistant Metal Alloy in the World

Researchers at the famed Sandia National Laboratories have developed a platinum-gold alloy that withstands high amounts of heat and friction.


This Microscopic Single-Celled Protozoan May be The World's Fastest Creature

Scientists at Georgia Tech are busy studying this speedy tiny animal in hopes of producing solutions for future applications in small robots.


Last Stages of The Sun Glimpsed In 'Inside-Out' Nebula Surrounding 'Born Again' Star

A series of observations on this nebula called HuBi-1, similar to our Sun, may have revealed the end prognosis of our Earth's star.


Researchers Develop New Long Lasting Fireproof Lithium Batteries

The breakthrough can lead to next-generation rechargeable batteries to power future electric vehicles and electronic devices.

Study Confirms Women's Pockets are Too Small for Smartphones

Women finally have statistical proof that their front pants pockets are made smaller, thanks to two fed-up female researchers.

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IT Energy Efficiency: Single-Atom Transistor in Gel Electrolyte Reaches the Limit of Miniaturization

Researchers have developed the world's smallest single-atom transistor that consumes very little energy opening new avenues for Information …


The World's First 4D Printed Ceramics Take Shape Thanks a Team of Mechanical Engineers

With everything from fully functioning 3D-printed homes and massive structures like 3D-printed steel bridges entering the realm of engineering …


These Robot Stories Will Show You Just How Versatile Bots Can Be

Robo sumo wrestlers and famous robotic models showcase just how diverse the robotics industry has become.


MIT Secures Cloud-Based AI With Novel 20 to 30 Times Faster Method

The researchers devised of a way to blend two encryption techniques to protect data used in online neural networks without slowing them down.

Artificial Intelligence

Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Develop Novel Method for Growing Blood Vessels

Led by Dr. Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, a team at Texas A&M University has developed a method that employs 2D nanoparticles to promote blood vessel growth.

Texas A&M

People Who Have More Fevers Have Fewer Chances of Getting Cancer, Says New Study

Researchers have discovered that repeated exposure to infectious fevers increases the quantity of the immune system's gd T cells. These unique …

People Who Have More Fevers Have Less Chances of Getting Cancer, Says New Study

Researchers have discovered that repeated exposure to fevers increases the quantity of the immune system's gd T cells. These unique lymphocytes have …


9 Incredible Mayan Inventions and Achievements and One They Missed

What did the Mayans 'do for us'? A couple of words... Chocolate, Rubber and the number Zero! The Mayans were a highly sophisticated people who made …


YouTuber Talks Tesla and the Future with Founder Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most famous innovators of our time. Known for his futuristic vision and a risk-averse appetite for disrupting conventional …


YouTuber Talks Tesla Future Plans And Dreams with CEO Elon Musk

The CEO of the groundbreaking electric vehicle carmaker discusses plans to ramp up production, reduce car costs and more with MKBHD.

Elon Musk

This Miniature 'Mona Lisa' Replica Is Created Using Genetically Modified Bacteria

Researchers have genetically modified bacteria so they can self-organize depending on the amount of light they are exposed to.


Humanoid Robots Have Power to Shape Children's Opinions, According to New Research

A team of scientists from the University of Plymouth are measuring the social and psychological effects of humanoid robots on children.


This Air Purifier Helps You Concentrate on the Road

Unlike air fresheners that simply mask one bad smell with another, this purifier eliminates everything from odors and bacteria to second-hand smoke.

Air Purifiers

The Hottest of Ultrahot Exoplanets Literally Vaporizes Metals

New research has revealed that ultrahot Jupiter KELT-9b contains iron and titanium vapors in its atmosphere created by the exoplanet's exorbitantly …


You Can Safely and Quickly Charge Your Devices Anywhere With This Advanced Travel Adapter

Zendure Passport Pro travel adapter lets you use your devices almost anywhere around the world and be sure of your safety.

IPhone 8

Massive Furry ‘Sea Monster’ Washed up on Russian Shore Baffles Locals

An unidentified animal has been found on a beach in Russia. According to the Siberian Times, the “sea monster” has been discovered on the shore of …


Australian Teen Hacks Apple, Downloads Files to Folder Called 'hacky hack hack'

Apple has been hacked by an Australian teen. The baby hacker broke into Apple's corporate computer network, accessing files and downloading more than …


Scientists Restore Vision in Blind Mice Using Retinal Stem Cell Technique

The research conducted on congenitally blind mice saw the effective transformation of supportive eye cells into photoreceptors. It is the first of …


This Bipedal Robot Uses a Helicopter Head to Stumble Around

Bipedal robots have come a long way within the last decade. From Boston Dynamic's Atlas to IHMC's bird-like Planar Elliptical Runner, robotics …


50-Year-Old Streamliner Set the New World Land Speed Record of 722.1 km/h

Danny Thompson has fulfilled his dream by setting the new land speed record for a car using an internal combustion engine.

This Modified Prius Easily Outdoes a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in a Drag Race

Watch this pumped-up Prius face a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in a drag race.

Sports Cars