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This Clip-On Device Makes Learning the Guitar Fun and Easy

Learning a new instrument is a daunting experience. Your hopes and dreams of sounding like your favorite musician are quickly eradicated as your …


This Lockpicker Destroys an Aluminum Padlock Using Gallium

If you thought you needed a skeleton key or unreal bolt cutters to be able to break a lock, think again. This chemistry-minded lockpicker uses the …


Top 100 Best Engineering Schools in the World [2017 – 2018]

For many careers, a higher education qualification is necessary, and it certainly can help you move forward within your current role. An engineering …


First Grade Student Blows Away Teacher and the Internet With Riddle Answer

You are sure to remember those classroom riddles from your childhood. Whether it was part of a game or a daily brain teaser, the riddles were there …


Researchers Develop Neural Network with Remarkable Mind-Reading Capabilities

Combining a deep neural network along with a deep generator network, a team of Japanese researchers has managed to develop a new technique for …

The Brain

NASA Develops X-Ray Navigation That Could Guide Robotic Spacecraft in Deep Space

NASA has demonstrated technology that allows for fully autonomous X-ray navigation in space. The world first system has the potential to be used to …

Space Travel

This New App Records Explicit Sexual Consent Using Blockchain Technology

A new app called LegalFling records sexual consent in a legally binding agreement and is verifiable with blockchain technology.


Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity Hits Mach 0.9 on 7th Glide Flight

The VSS Unity completed a safe test flight this past week. The Virgin Galactic Team is excited about the coming future of commercial space travel.

Space Travel

This Creepy Tin Foil Robot Helps Scientists Understand What Crawling Babies Inhale

Researchers are eager to understand better what your child deals with each day as they crawl across your floors. To do so, the researchers at Purdue …


Mercedes Encases 1979 G-Class in 44.4 Tonnes of Synthetic Resin

Mercedes has cast a 1979 G-Class SUV inside 44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin to show that the car is 'stronger than time'. Taking some cues from the …


Elon Musk and OpenAI Want to Create an Artificial Intelligence that Won't Spell Doom for Humanity

Elon Musk has been very vocal about the coming age of super artificial intelligence. The tech pioneer and billionaire has made it clear that AI could …

Artificial Intelligence

Once an Irradiated Wasteland, Chernobyl Now Holds a 3,800 Panel Solar Farm

In 1986, a nuclear facility in Chernobyl, Ukraine experienced a catastrophic failure that resulted in the worst nuclear accident in human history. …

Clean Energy

Watch the Airforce Drop Five Armored Humvees Out of a Plane Cruising at 5000 Feet

Five armored Humvees were dropped from 5000 feet as part of a training exercise by the US Airforce in September. The annual training exercise tests …


This City in Colorado is Fighting Back Against ISPs by Building Their Own Network

In an effort to create a more self-reliant community, cities across the U.S. are looking into building their own internet channels so they don't have …

Net Neutrality

You Can Use a 3D Surface File to Print a 200-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Skull at Home

Thanks to a PhD student, dinosaur fans who happen to own 3D-printers can now craft their own accurate dinosaur skull with exceptional detail.


This Music Streaming Service Can Help Eliminate Distractions and Boost Your Productivity

Focus@Will streams music created using psychological concepts to eliminate distractions while you work.

Time Management

TTRobotix Shows Off Multiple Awesome Projects Including the SeaDragon, an Autonomous Sea Diving Robot

TTRobotix has revealed a range of two new cutting-edge products at CES this week in including its autonomous water robot called SeaDragon. The …


Akio Morita, Co-Founder of Sony and Electronics Revolutionary

Akio Morita helped turned a small radio repair shop in post-war Tokyo into one of the largest and most successful corporations the world has ever …


UBTech Spotlights the World's First Commercialized Biped Robot and it's Adorable

China-based UBTech, a company which has already made a name for itself for developing an impressive line of humanoid robots supported with various AI …


Web Services Giant Baidu Confirms Launch of Its Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

In a curious “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” scenario, formidable web services company Baidu, it was announced yesterday, has launched …


This New Boeing Drone Can Lift a Baby Grand Piano

Boeing's latest tech release certainly doesn't shy away from a heavy load. The giant drone can lift a 500 pound payload with ease. The company dubbed …


This Artist Uses Recycled Silverware and Scrap Metal to Create Beautiful Sculptures

Artists can take inspiration from just about anywhere. As the creative, veteran journalist Bill Moyers <i>stated</i>, "<i>Creativity is piercing the mundane to</i> …

Bill Moyers Introduces Precision into the Autonomous Vehicle Market

Feeding into the trends of CES 2018, demonstrated their take on the coming connected and driver free future. The ability to collect a …

Driverless Cars

Say Goodbye to the Steering Wheel as GM Unveils Their Driverless Vehicle

No pedals? No steering wheel? No problem. Today automotive superpower, General Motors showcased what their version of the autonomous vehicle may look …


Learn To Build Your Own Neural Networks With This Training Bundle

Science fiction movies seem to have done Artificial Intelligence (AI) a bit of a disservice. Due to decades of popular yet farfetched sci-fi …

Machine Learning

Russian Airbase in Syria Attacked by Swarm of Homemade Drones

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles attacked a Russian airbase in Syria on January 5th. The UAVs have …


Private Firefighter Company Uses Two Tesla Cars as Emergency Vehicles

Tesla has definitely given the world a new perspective to look at electric cars. The company proved its point that electric cars shouldn’t look ugly …

Tesla Model S

This Audi S6 Quattro Takes on a Lada Niva 4X4 in a Snowy Tug-Of-War

What is with motorcar tug-of-wars? The internet has seen an explosion of these games over the last few months, Teslas have taken on Hummers and now …


You Can Now Buy Fried Chicken with Bitcoin from KFC Canada

KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin for a crypto-currency themed meal deal if you order online for a limited time. Customers in Canada can order the "The …