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This Revolving Lens Kit Will Upgrade Your Smartphone's Camera

Three high-quality lenses, an adjustable LED, and a selfie mirror all on one device.


Tesla Reveals the Roadster, a 'Hardcore Smackdown to Gasoline Cars'

Tesla has announced it will make the fastest production car ever made, the Tesla Roadster. Production is expected to start in 2020.

Elon Musk

Tesla Reveals Largest Supercharger Station in the U.S. Suitable for Semi Trucks

Tesla has revealed its largest Supercharger station in time with the release of their Semi truck. The station has solar panels on its roof and a …


9 of the Best Robot Toys for Children (and Parents) This Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us so why not get your loved ones one of the best robot toys around. Any of these will bring joy to kids of ALL ages.


The Leonid Meteor Shower is Headed to Earth for the Weekend

This weekend the Leonid meteor shower will once again make its annual appearance, with spectacular views anticipated.


Boston Dynamics' Latest Humanoid Robot Can Jump and Backflip Better Than You

Boston Dynamics just released footage of its robot, Atlas, doing backflips! Billed as the “The World's Most Dynamic Humanoid’ by its makers, it seems …


Put This AR Enabled Battle Robot on Your Christmas Wishlist Now

MekaMon is an augmented reality enabled robot that lets you battle against your friends.


A Shocking Video Shows CRISPR Editing DNA in Seconds

Structural biologist Osamu Nureki of the University of Tokyo developed a new imaging system by which to view a gene being edited.


Footage of CRISPR Editing DNA in Seconds Was Just Made Public

Structural biologist Osamu Nureki of the University of Tokyo developed a new imaging system by which to view a gene being edited.


This Bicycle Allows You to Glide Across Water

The Manta5 is the latest in hydrobikes. It can reach a top speed of 20km/h and is easily transportable.

Carbon Fiber

15,000 Scientists Join Forces to Send Humanity a Dire Warning About Climate Change

These same researchers laid out climate change predictions in 1992, and most of those have come to fruition -- not in a good way either.


Students Create Website to Weed out Fake Accounts and Bots on Twitter

Two students have created a website and Google Chrome plug-in that can detect bot Twitter accounts. The tools are already being used by tens of …

Social Media

Tesla Finally Debuts Long-Awaited Semi Truck, Surprises Crowd with New Roadster

After months of delays, Tesla finally unveiled its 'revolutionary' semi truck in a livestream at 8 p.m. CST on Thursday, Nov. 16.<p>Unveil will start at …

Elon Musk

This Space Themed Hostel Will Make You Feel Like You're on a Space Mission

This hostel in Singapore offers accommodation inside space themed pods that will make every space nerd smile.


This Team Broke the Guinness World Record by Toppling Over 250,000 Domino Tiles

A group of young domino fans has collaborated on this incredible domino topple installation. The team spent more than 1200 hours creating the …

World Records

Fisker Proclaims Electric Car Breakthrough with a Minute Charge for 500 Miles

The Danish automotive designer has grand plans for the future of his electric car company, including a battery that seems to do the impossible.


Smell Could Soon Become Part of the Virtual Reality Experience

The future of virtual reality looks very bright, thanks to large-scale research and development efforts, with work on introducing the senses of taste …

Virtual Reality

FDA Approves First Sensor Pill to Alert Doctors When It’s Ingested

The United States Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) just approved a pill with sensors for the first time. Anti-psychotic drug Abilify MyCite …


Domino's Will Use AI to Make Sure Every Pizza They Serve Is Perfect

Carryout pizza can be hit or miss when it comes to flavor and quality control, but one pizza giant wants to make sure its customers are satisfied …


World's First Solar-Powered Refugee Camp Provides Energy for Almost 80,000 Refugees in Jordan

The world’s largest solar energy plant inside a refugee camp just got switched on. Refugees at the Zaatari refugee camp on the border of Jordan and …


This Compact Electric Board Can Tackle Any Terrain From Sand to Snow

In the past few years, a number of modern twists to the skateboard have emerged: from personal transporters to track boards. In the same way, …

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This 3D Printing Company Lets You Scan And Print Yourself

3-D printing has made significant headway since its inception, in fact, the frequent implementation of the technology into multiple operations is …

3D Printing

Master Arduino and Bring Your Tech Dreams to Life with This Massive E-Book Bundle

Master the renowned electronics platform with this massive collection of e-books.


Virtual 'Space Nation' Asgardia Launches Its First Satellite

The Space Kingdom of Asgardia has sent its first satellite to space. The so-called 'space nation' has plans to eventually start a colony in space.


These Futuristic Electric Rollerblades Fold Down to the Width of an iPhone 8 Plus

Blizwheel combines e-mobility technology with traditional roller skates to create an awesome new way to get around.

Cool Stuff

Stop Time with This Awesome DIY Arduino-Powered Glove

This clever how-to video shows you a way to make it appear like time is stopped. Using a strobe and some Arduino programming this glove is an awesome …


Tesla Hits Back at Claims That Its California Factory Is A 'Hotbed for Racist Behavior'

Tesla has denied claims that its manufacturing plant in Fremont, California is a “hotbed for racist behavior.” The denial comes on the back of a …


Man Who 'Thought It Would Be Funny' to Shine Laser in Pilot's Eyes Faces Criminal Charges

We all have seen people using laser strikes to play an occasional joke on unwitting pedestrians or to momentarily distract a pet in order to divert …


9 Everyday Skills Video Games Can Improve

It's official, computer games are good for you. At least it seems with some everyday skills and general quality of life. Of course, this doesn't mean …

Super Mario

Here's How You Can Master VR Game Development

Learn how to build your own futuristic VR games in Unity.

Game Development