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28 Examples of Super Creative Packaging

Cakes Puzzle sugar Anti Theft Bags Champagne flowers Breakfast bar Fruit juice box skins Waterproof watches ' Chocolate Calculator Slimming water …

32 Creative Business Cards You’d Want To Keep

This article was originally published on SmokingDesigners Website - 32 Creative Business Cards You’d Want To Keep and it was Written By Nataliya Ford.

American Jazz Album Covers in the 1950s and 1960s

Will you be at HOW Design Live 2016 in Atlanta? Join us.The beginningDuring the 1950s and 1960s modern jazz became a widely recognized part of …


Top 15 Poster Designs in History

Throughout history, there have been countless amazing poster designs, whether they be political posters, movie posters, or event posters. I’m going …


40 Tiny Web-Based Tools & Apps for Working With CSS

We have accumulated a super-useful collection of our favorite little web-based apps and tools for when you’re working with CSS. All of the tools have …

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20 Gorgeous Next-Level Personal Portfolios To Inspire You

Portfolios are an important asset in the professional lives of many creatives.

Before online portfolios were the norm, most creative professionals …


Totally Sleek Brand Stationery Inspiration

Having a set of your own stationery can sometimes feel like a right of passage for a business owner or an artist. Continue reading...


20 Web Designs That Look Like Animated Infographics

Over the past year or two we’ve seen the latest CSS and Javascript animation abilities being used to really enhance the experience of browsing a web …

89 Essential Quotes About Design

Though quotes may often be contradictory, presented out of context and preserved over the years like a bad game of telephone, I’ve long been obsessed …


20 Brilliant Blind Embossed Business Cards

Embossing is a very popular printing technique. It is a great way to add texture and structure to your designs. Blind embossing, however, is a little …


25 Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

By Jacob Gube


Web fonts have given web designers greater options for web typography. For ideas and inspiration, check out these beautiful …


20 Unacceptable Behaviors for Freelance Web Designers

I know what you’re probably thinking right now:

“Wow! 20 is a big number for a list of unacceptable freelance web design behaviors, isn’t it?!”

And you …

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10 Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

One of the best techniques to have in your toolkit is designing with type on and around images. But it can also be one of the toughest concepts to …

Design mockup resources

Showing your designs in context — in other words, as they’re more likely to be seen by others — is key to helping your client visualise the outcome …


101 best free logo fonts

When you’re working on a branding project, the principle asset is the font you use for the logotype. The decision on what font to use is a critical …


13 New Free Fonts for Designers

The Font you choose for your website, app or print design can affect user experience, so select best and user-friendly typefaces. Today’s I’m going …


Clever Use of Maps in Website Design

You're reading Clever Use of Maps in Website Design, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, …


20 Beautiful and Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

Designers can never ever have enough fonts in their toolbox, and hand-drawn fonts are the perfect choice if you want to add a little charm and …


50+ incredible freebies for web designers, May 2015

We’re constantly amazed at the generosity of designers and developers who release exciting, inspiring products out to the web design community on a …

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9 Clever Visual Tricks Behind Iconic Poster Designs

Design historians have been portending the poster’s demise for at least four decades. And by most accounts, the computer screen should have been the …

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59 Award-Winning Poster Designs

The Regional Design Annual is the premiere design competition—and the only design competition that recognizes excellent work by the region from which …

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Alcohol packaging by Kevin Cantrell, Chen Design, Chad Michael & Eric Kass

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