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50 Clean Websites for Inspiration

By Jacob Gube


Here are some well-designed clean websites to check out. These web designs will surely give you ideas and …


20 Unacceptable Behaviors for Freelance Web Designers

I know what you’re probably thinking right now:

“Wow! 20 is a big number for a list of unacceptable freelance web design behaviors, isn’t it?!”

And you …

Web Design

10 Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

One of the best techniques to have in your toolkit is designing with type on and around images. But it can also be one of the toughest concepts to …


Design mockup resources

Showing your designs in context — in other words, as they’re more likely to be seen by others — is key to helping your client visualise the outcome …


13 New Free Fonts for Designers | Fonts

The Font you choose for your website, app or print design can affect user experience, so select best and user-friendly typefaces. Today’s I’m going …


Clever Use of Maps in Website Design

You're reading Clever Use of Maps in Website Design, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, …


20 Beautiful and Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

Designers can never ever have enough fonts in their toolbox, and hand-drawn fonts are the perfect choice if you want to add a little charm and …


50+ incredible freebies for web designers, May 2015

We’re constantly amazed at the generosity of designers and developers who release exciting, inspiring products out to the web design community on a …

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9 Clever Visual Tricks Behind Iconic Poster Designs

The same principles that make a killer poster apply to any graphic confined to a rectangle.The post 9 Clever Visual Tricks Behind Iconic Poster …

Graphic Design

59 Award-Winning Poster Designs

The Regional Design Annual is the premiere design competition—and the only design competition that recognizes excellent work by the region from which …

Graphic Design

Alcohol packaging by Kevin Cantrell, Chen Design, Chad Michael & Eric Kass

It seems the designers and studio I follow for a long time all went into nice alcohol packagin lately ! Ok, me too, I am working on one ;) Here comes …

Packaging and Labeling

100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2015

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog The 2015 version of The 100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection is finally here. . Do you remember...


Film Posters in France, 1930s – 1960s

Beginning in the early 20th century, major studios like Gaumont, Pathé Frères, and Paramount commissioned posters to advertise their films. They …


Branding, Visual Identity and Logo Designs | Design

Professional branding or visual identity can be most valuable asset for any company or brand. Corporate branding is what sets your business apart from …


A FREE Fresh Collection of Really High Quality Flat PSD UI Kits (April 2015)

Flat web design refers to a design form that does away with busy-looking patterned textured backgrounds, drop shadows around lettering and boxed …

UI Design

20 Web Designs Built With Modular Grid Layouts

Grids are normally seen as blocky layouts with strict rows and columns, but grids don’t always have to be so structured. Modular grids provide a …

Web Design

20 Logos That Creatively Use Negative Space

The use of negative space is just as important as positive space. It brings order and balance to a composition and sometimes can be used in clever …


20 Simple But Professional Grayscale Logos

When designing a logo, I always design in grayscale, and then move on to adding color. This is because a logo doesn’t need to rely on color to make …


Truly Vintage Designs and Typography

The designs of packaging from back in the day are very inspiring to look at, they give us a brief glimpse of design history and trends in foregone …


27 Beautiful Web Designs with Big Background Images

The use of a large background image in a web design is a popular trend at the moment. A photographic background is impressive, giving designers the …

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30+ Of The Weirdest Children’s Books Ever

26 Inspiring Dark Web Designs

Dark hues used in designs elicit from their viewers impressions of elegance and modernity.

In the context of web design, sites that use dark colors …

World Wide Web

Beyond Coding: Aesthetics & Usability in Web Design

Have you created an award-worthy web design? Enter it into Print’s historical Regional Design Annual competition. Many non-web designers mistake …

Web Design

Modern Packaging Design Inspiration | Design

Beautiful packaging design, concepts, ideas and packaging examples of popular branding, products created by professional designers and students. …


18 Latest Free Fonts For Designers

New free fonts for your web and graphic design projects. Professionally designed fonts are best for Headlines, Headings and print designs. Free …