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Inviting poems for inclusion 2023

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    People are often sealed in the capsules and prisons of their ideological positions .

    In contrast, metacognition is the ability to think about your own thinking. Critical thinkers should be able to analyse their thoughts and the the origins and evolution of their beliefs so that they can judge whether or not they’ve thought everything through in greater depth.

    Very little of this self reflection and humility is demonstrated ,or even understood , with dramatic impact on humanity throughout our fragile world.

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  • Subjective eyes

    Such sainted views
    On tainted news
    Are very rarely rare

    Those tumbling thieves
    Of wild beliefs
    Are roaming everywhere

    Subjective eyes
    Spread obscure lies
    To catch the wandering fool

    Who laps up words
    Like rotten curds
    Inside a broken spool

    So please take care
    With thoughts they share
    To pause and think it through

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    Dreaming of…

    A world at ease, where love is the key,
    Released by compassion, setting spirits free,

    As we move to the rhythm of unity,
    Let the melody flow in serenity,
    In a world at ease, we'll find release,

    Let love prevail, and may all conflicts cease.

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  • BlandLand

    All across this once great land
    The giant strides of soulless brands
    Are building boxes in a row
    No space to breathe no space to grow

    Where are the trees
    There is no space
    Just rows of bricks
    And lanes of lace
    Construction tricks
    Are now apace

    Once farmed land - now Meadow Close
    By Bluebell Grove and Honey Lane
    No sense of all so clearly gross
    No thought about the loss or pain

    All built on profit margin think
    No look at human want or need
    Just let it seed and let it sink
    Inside a snouted trough of greed

    So councils all across the land
    Pursue the art and crime of bland
    No vision held, just targets set
    The profit gross,the margin net.

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