By Insignificant Info | Insignificant, but with purpose

Harry's Shave Cream: Because you are better than that crap you are using

Soylent is fine, that American legal system though...

RSS: The best way to Internet that you haven't heard of

My mattress is amazing and from Casper while your mattress is dumb and from somewhere else so I am a better person by the rules of logic

Here is something better: A link to someone else's article

Beverages: Caffeinated, Japanese, and in Manhattan

Amazon has a Prime Credit Card with 5% cash back and that is a good deal so we will discuss

It's time for a sigh of relief: I finally found a kitchen cloth with a steep learning curve

Mistakes have been made... and they mostly involve black suits

You need to know about St. George Spirits


How I make KetoChow when I'm making KetoChow

Xiaomi Mi Scale: Get ready to hate whatever stupid inferior scale is sitting in your bathroom

Happy Scale: The only weight tracker on the App store worth downloading is also quite excellent and motivating

Just sayin...

Check out the excellent new Amazon Prime series "Catastrophe" before everyone else does so that you can feel "cool" and "with it" and "in the know"

The "steak bacon egg cheeses and wait, how many milkshakes is that?" diet that is helping me look goooooood

Do you know why we get fat and how to lose weight?

Let's be honest, you have 4 minutes to listen to these two songs, you aren't THAT busy

Defend yourself from doxing because holy crap the internet already knows everything about you and why aren't you freaking out right now

I really, desperately, want you to try Lofted Coffee and love it as much as I do

Ugh, fine, you can have your Monument Valley you big baby

Threes! and the other recent games for your phone you should feel bad if you didn't know about

Oh god, the Xiaomi Mi Band is my new best friend

Hey can you do me a solid and just know some things about this tie?

Music for listening to on your computer but with your ears

Xiaomi Powerbank in pictures

It's time that we had a talk about Xiaomi

Dental Floss Mega Update!