Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. She was Britain's longest-reigning monarch, having inherited the crown from her father in 1952. The monarchy, while largely ceremonial, plays a huge role in British society — with the Queen's longevity helping earn her a particularly beloved status. Insider takes a look back at the life of the record-breaking monarch and the legacy that she left behind.

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Remembering Queen Elizabeth II
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    Queen Elizabeth II is dead at 96, bringing her unprecedented 70-year reign to a close

    Queen Elizabeth II is dead at 96, bringing her unprecedented 70-year reign to a close

    Queen Elizabeth II has died. In a statement sent to Insider, Buckingham Palace said the Queen "died peacefully at Balmoral" on Thursday afternoon.

    the world reacts

    In the wake of her death, numerous public figures – from members of the royal family to celebrities and world leaders – shared their thoughts on social media. On the ground, mourners gathered around Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace to pay their respects.


    her beloved, prince philip

    Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's decades-long royal romance started when they met as children at a wedding in 1934. Their deaths marked the end of a love story that started before the queen ascended to the throne.


    What happens Next?

    Under Operation Unicorn, the reported codename for events following the Queen's death in Scotland, the Commonwealth has entered a state of mourning. The actual funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, where the Queen married the late Prince Philip in 1947, and will be televised and open to the public.


    For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II played a key role in keeping the Commonwealth alive. Her death marks the beginning of a new chapter for the 54 countries once under her leadership and with Charles taking over as King, the future of the Commonwealth is left in an uncertain state.

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