Forever Young: A beginner's guide to living longer, healthier lives

Living forever is not a new fantasy. To mature in mind alone, without the aches, pains, wrinkles, and ailments that emerge as our cells break down over time. Feel spritely and sharp well into our 90s. Eliminate the looming prospect of heart disease or dementia. But fresh buzz about aging bubbled up during the pandemic, and looks like its here to stay.

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Forever Young: A beginner's guide to living longer, healthier lives
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    Forever Young

    Forever Young

    It isn't all about radical science advances. Decades of research on Super-Agers, including those in the five "Blue Zones," show that simple habits, like walking regularly and eating healthy carbs, are underappreciated ways to fortify our bodies and minds.

    'Blue Zones'

    'Blue Zones' are locations where residents have high rates of living into their 100s. Regions in Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, and even the US have some of the longest-living, healthiest residents on the planet.

    How Centenarians do it

    Genetics can determine whether or not someone lives to 100, but lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and relationships, can play a role too.

    The search for immortality

    Whether it be funding startups with the aim of finding the key to immortality, or buying the most expensive treatments available on the market, billionaires are really trying to stop themselves from aging.

    Natural ways to reverse aging

    Striving for a long life doesn't have to be complicated. Despite the hardcore longevity routines of celebrities and the ultrarich that can add up to many hours and millions of dollars, some of the best health hacks are free and don't take much time.

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