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Creating a self-paced Spanish class - Innovation: Education

Experiment with flexibility: tech + assessment

At Edmunds Middle School, in Burlington Vermont, Sarah Wright is rethinking assessment to create a …


Why Self-Publishing May Be the Best Writing Lesson Ever

Brian South is an English teacher in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles west of Chicago. He is also the faculty advisor of the literary magazine …


4 educators reflect on personalized learning - Innovation: Education

Setting goals for summer learning and beyond

Welcome, Mill River School! We are very curious as to what you guys are up to.

It’s Day 3 of the 2015 …


Using hidden object games to support language learning - Innovation: Education

Let language-based video games engage students

ELL students and others who struggle with reading issues feature an uphill battle for skill mastery …

Game Based Learning

2 tools for building hidden object games with students - Innovation: Education

Tie video game authorship to language learning

Last time we looked at how hidden object games can support language learning, and how to assess …

Game Based Learning

Dow, Smithsonian Partner on Teacher Scholar Program

Professional Development

The Dow Chemical Company and the Smithsonian Science Education Center have partnered to create The Dow Smithsonian Teacher …


Collaborative digital tools for faculty meetings - Innovation: Education

Go beyond back-channeling and unlock creative communication

This summer, look for ways to liven up your faculty meetings and delve a little deeper …


How to use MoveNote for screencasting - Innovation: Education

Embed yourself in your video lesson

MoveNote lets you create screencasts where you appear alongside the material, making how to screencast a lot more …


Making a difference with watershed science data - Innovation: Education

Students partner with local scientists in collecting, analyzing & disseminating water data

A group of 6th and 7th grade students took a trip through …


Making even more of "Beyond Bling" - Innovation: Education

A couple of weeks ago, Lucie deLaBruere of Learning with Lucie shared a post considering how we can embrace the emerging interest in Makerspace …


4 ways to keep social media manageable for educators - Innovation: Education

Be strategic with your time

Social media gives you a number of different ways to meet great innovative educators, willing to share what they’re doing …

Social Media

New podcast ep: Making web apps at Williston Central - Innovation: Education

Vermont middle school educator created app at camp

In this episode of our podcast, we’re going to be hearing from math educator Jared Bailey, who …


Student-made geology games - Innovation: Education

Putting a human face on science storytelling

Lava flows down the halls of Main Street Middle School, in Montpelier, Vermont, and you must choose …

Game Based Learning

How Black Girls CODE is Placing Young Women of Color at the Forefront of Technology

While most children decorate their walls with Disney and Transformers posters, the withstanding fixture in my brother and my bedrooms is a small card …

Girls' Rights

Beyond Bling: how do we deepen Makerspace learning? - Innovation: Education

How do we move all new learners to the deep end of the pool?

Photo by Cecilia Denhard. CC 2.0

As I walked through an innovation showcase at SxSw 2015 …


Excellent Tool to Teach Students about Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

April 22, 2015

Digital Compass is a new tool released by Common Sense Media to help kids learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship and digital …

Digital Literacy

Work For The Smithsonian

Help to digitize important collections at the Smithsonian Institute.

Project: Smithsonian Transcription Center

If you have spent much time in museums, you've likely spotted the occasional open back room door ... offering a tantalizing glimpse into the guts of the institution where all the important …

How to use Google Hangout for screencasting - Innovation: Education

Let this powerful tool save you time

There are a plethora of screencasting tools available for Mac, PC and Chromebook, but one way to create a …

10-Year-Old Gets Mission Song Stricken from California School District Curriculum

A 10-year-old Wukchumni boy is changing the way one California school district teaches Native history....


Historic Use of Books

The beauty of sharing things in district and beyond is the impact that these projects have. Three years ago Tanna Fiske's 8th grade students used …

Children's Books

Blended learning and teacher empowerment - Innovation: Education

Getting educators to a place of power with a powerful method

When I think about educational technology, it has never for me been divorced from …

Celebrating learning at Richmond Elementary School - Innovation: Education

4th grade researchers share Capstone Projects with community

This past Wednesday, 4th grade scholars at Richmond Elementary School, in Richmond, …

What it's really like to use an LMS with students - Innovation: Education

edmodo vs Schoology, digital badges and how to leave a great comment

5th grade Peoples Academy Middle Level teacher Hannah Lindsey returns this week …

What does Minecraft look like in a school? - Innovation: Education

Crafting Pickaxes, swords and social skills

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has made its way into 60 million homes worldwide and has become the …

The digital native problem - Innovation: Education

Labels get in the way of fully understanding people

In a recent Twitter chat #vted we were discussing digital citizenship and the confounded label …

Professional development through Google Hangouts - Innovation: Education

Two years ago, our middle level team undertook a pilot project to begin work on personal learning plans (PLPs). Under the guidance of James Nagle, …

Digital citizenship in the real world - Innovation: Education

Learning on and off-line civics

Whenever I taught civics, I repeatedly told my classes that I would measure my success as a teacher on how many of …

Student motivation in claims, evidence and audience - Innovation: Education

What makes an argument worth making?

Recently, I was working with a colleague about getting students more jazzed to dive deep into building claims …

Ss using @padlet to brainstorm project interests at Edmunds Middle School. Great range of ideas! #vted