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Sugaring, STEM, and the community part 2: teaching others

Last week we looked at the sugaring operation at Essex Middle School. The students at the Edge Academy built a sugar house a few years ago, and now …


37 Ways to Help Kids Learn to Love Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

These …


Helping Girls Unlock Their Leadership Potential

Women make up approximately 51 percent of the U.S. population. Yet in 2013, they make up just 18.3 percent of Congress -- and this is the highest …


Teach children outside to save their vision, say scientists

In China, pupils are already being taught in huge translucent boxes to try and halt their vision decline

Children should be allowed to study outside to stop them becoming short-sighted, a new study suggests.

Researchers believe that youngsters are spending so long inside for lessons that it is …

Scientific Research

4 Earth Day lesson ideas with iPads - Innovation: Education

Study the Earth’s ecology with deep-digging tech tools

“Earth Day 2010″ by v-collins, CC 3.0

Earth Day is April 22, and if you’re looking for some …


Sugaring, STEM, and community connections - Innovation: Education

Early spring is sugaring season in Vermont. We produce the lion’s share of the domestic output of maple syrup, and we’re pretty proud of it. The …


From STEM learner to teacher - Innovation: Education

Student teaching STEM Academy arduino strand

Meet Ian. Ian’s a senior at Essex High School, and he’s not just enrolled in the STEM Academy there, he’s …


#vted twitter chat, 4/15/15: - Innovation: Education


Moderated by Washington West Supervisory Union superintendent Ned Kirsch (@betavt), the #vted twitter chat takes place every other …


4 ways to use an iPad1 in the classroom - Innovation: Education

Making the most of an original generation iPad

Yes, you read that right: you can definitely still use an iPad1 in your classroom. Sure, not every app …


Learning to parent as an educator - Innovation: Education

What’s your school song?

A few months ago I wrote about not spending enough time on personal reflection. It is incredibly easy to be immersed in the …


Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015

24% of teens go online “almost constantly,” facilitated by the widespread availability of smartphones.Aided by the convenience and constant access …


Find an authentic audience for public service announcements - Innovation: Education

Help your students’ PSAs find their public

Student-made PSAs are a great way for students to engage in project-based learning with real-world impact. …


Personalized STEM learning at Essex High School - Innovation: Education

New podcast episode: Essex STEM Academy

In this episode, we talk with math educator and STEM Academy leader Lea Ann Smith about Essex High School’s …


A Pledge to Responsible Use of Student Data

By Mark SchneidermanCompanies that provide technology services to educational organizations call for better security practices, not new regulations …


Why Texting Should Be Part of Teaching

By Scott HammResearch into texting between teachers and students shows that it can drive engagement and deliver results.


Hack your classroom: flexible physical learning environments - Innovation: Education

Flexible learning environments have a physical component — and effect

CC BY 2.0: “Old school desk” by flickr user SandtoGlass, cropped. Original image …


The backlash to STEM education - Innovation: Education

There is a lot of conversation about the importance of STEM education – in the media, in politics, and among educators. With so many voices …


3 iPad apps for audio - Innovation: Education

Create compelling audio in iOS

Which free iPad audio app will work best for your classroom? That depends on three things: age range, complexity and …

Making Civil War videos like Ken Burns - Innovation: Education

Narrating WW Isaac Robbins’ letters home

Ken Burns’ epic nine-part documentary on The U.S. Civil War ranks among the most powerful teaching videos …

Separate Science in New Zealand - Innovation: Education

Kia ora! You may (or may not) have noticed that the semi-regularly occurring Science Saturdays column has been off the radar for a little bit. This …

Digital Display: add badges to digital portfolios - Innovation: Education

100 years of Girl Scouts can’t be wrong

Digital badges have potential to serve as both markers of achievement and as a vehicle for those of us who …

Storing digital badges for portfolios - Innovation: Education

What are some mechanisms for keeping track of digital credentials?

As we work with schools who are piloting digital badge programs on the BadgeOS …

3 tools for interactive timelines - Innovation: Education

Find new uses for data visualization

Free, online timeline tools allow students to break free of the traditional two-dimensional timeline and create …

Encouraging Conversations with EdPuzzle - Innovation: Education

Make active video viewing a social activity

encouraging conversations with EdPuzzle

Edpuzzle opens up the possibility for both students and teachers to …

Girls Still Lag Behind Boys at Math, Study Finds

Despite decades of global efforts to get more young women to study and pursue careers in math and science, girls still lag behind their male classmates in terms of academic performance and career aspirations in so-called STEM-related fields.

Using results from a 2012 assessment given to about a …

Mathematics Education

A flipped classroom in Thailand - Innovation: Education

Comparing achievement in an economics classroom

The flipped classroom is a new teaching method that reverses the traditional homework model. In the …

Technology in the math classroom - Innovation: Education

A 1958 illustration of “the push-button classroom” by Radebaugh. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

When we first started our work with the Tarrant Institute I was …

Wilton High School pilots Google Glass

Wilton High School senior Cooper Pellaton wearing Google Glass.Thanks to the federally funded Carl D. Perkins grant, Google Glass will be …