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A flipped classroom in Thailand - Innovation: Education

Comparing achievement in an economics classroom

The flipped classroom is a new teaching method that reverses the traditional homework model. In the …


Technology in the math classroom - Innovation: Education

A 1958 illustration of “the push-button classroom” by Radebaugh. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

When we first started our work with the Tarrant Institute I was …


Wilton High School pilots Google Glass

Wilton High School senior Cooper Pellaton wearing Google Glass.Thanks to the federally funded Carl D. Perkins grant, Google Glass will be …


Google Maps and Google Earth: What's the difference?

Google has two distinctly different apps — Maps and Earth — that can handle similar tasks but are used in very different ways.Whereas on the desktop …

Google Earth

Active video viewing - Innovation: Education

Encourage critical thinking & discussion with note-taking

I have been excited lately with the potential of using in blended classrooms to …


Celebrating Pi Day with your students - Innovation: Education

The most epic Pi Day ever: 3/14/15 9:26:53 am and pm

Larry Shaw, the founder of Pi Day, at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Math …


Global storytelling with a green screen and iPads - Innovation: Education

Send your students around the world to tell their stories

These 6th graders found a way to do some digital global storytelling with a green screen and …


2 tools for building hidden object games with students - Innovation: Education

Tie video game authorship to language learning

Last time we looked at how hidden object games can support language learning, and how to assess …


Using hidden object games to support language learning - Innovation: Education

Let language-based video games engage students

ELL students and others who struggle with reading issues feature an uphill battle for skill mastery …


Thursday Links Round Up: finding primary sources for history and art - Innovation: Education

Let Google bring the world to your students

Primary sources? Yes please!

As you delve into your various teaching units, why not take your students on a …

Art History

DIY: build your own podcasting booth - Innovation: Education

In 30 minutes with things you find around a hardware store.

And a fabric store.

You’re gonna have to do a little shopping, is what.

But since even a …


Robotics, PBL, and collaboration - Innovation: Education

At TechJam this past autumn I was fortunate to run into a number of student groups who were there to show off projects. That forum, and others like …

5 Ways to Have Fun with Google Maps in Class


Whether you use it to navigate the streets or to transform into a digital tourist, Google Maps has become one of the most essential tools on …

Google Maps

Project-based learning at Essex Middle School: algebra and songwriting - Innovation: Education

Making math and music at The Edge

We were lucky enough to get to sit down with three groups of students at Essex Middle School’s Edge Academy just …

Making time lapse videos with students - Innovation: Education

Using Lapse It for Android

Students at Saint Francis Xavier school in Winooski used Lapse It, a time lapse camera app to demonstrate the mitosis …

New search engine lets users look for relevant results faster

Researchers at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, HIIT, developed a new search engine that outperforms current ones.

Search Engines

Project-based learning and creative writing - Innovation: Education

We talk to 3 middle schoolers about project-based learning and creative writing: novels, plays & film-making w/8th graders at The Edge in Essex …

The 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher - Innovation: Education

The 7 characteristics of digitally competent teachers, as brought to you by Daily Genius. There may be room for one or two more..

New podcast ep: Building an eco-machine at The Edge - Innovation: Education

Hear from a trio of 7th graders who are partnering with UVM in building an eco-machine to support food sustainability at their middle school.

Reflecting in the math classroom - Innovation: Education

The Tarrant Institute's Susan Hennessey shares resources to help you keep your resolution on reflecting in the math classroom year-round.

Links Round Up: Goal-Setting for Personalized Learning - Innovation: Education

Making new year's resolutions? Here are some ways to help students with goal-setting for personalized learning.

Thinking about flipped science classrooms - Innovation: Education


Should Big Data Skills Be Taught in K–12 Classrooms?

By D. Frank SmithA new report recommends that schools begin preparing students to think like data scientists at an earlier age.


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Terrific Mini Guide to Help Students Think Critically

December 26, 2014
Questioning is the key to critical thinking and through questions students get to explore the deep layers of meanings that would …


Free Technology for Teachers: Nine Popular Student Response Tools Compared In One Chart

Last winter I published a chart that compared the key features of five popular student response platforms. In the nine months since then more student …

12.10.14 Daily Announcements

When the digital classroom meets the parents

The modern classroom is packed with digital technology that can record students’ academic performance in real time, as well as keep track of their attendance, assignments and more. All that data isn't just changing the classroom and the job of teachers. It's changing the role of parents, who are …


Google Glass Augmented Reality in Classrooms

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New technologies that have sprung up over the years have been adopted by …