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Future of fuel? Canadian company captures CO2 from air, turns into storable pellets

© CarbonEngineering's Channel / YouTubeA Canadian company has big plans for the future of fuel, and it involves capturing carbon dioxide from the


GM pig organs could soon be transplanted into humans

A major hurdle in transplanting pig organs into humans has been overcome by Harvard University scientists

Pig organs could soon be transplanted into patients after Harvard University scientists discovered a way to genetically modify pig DNA so it is more compatible with humans.

Scientists have spent …


Why we'll sue CEOs who ignore climate change

With Shell announcing its withdrawal from the Arctic, the effects of climate change on business performance are everywhere – and it’s time corporate leaders consider the implications for their organisation, or face the consequences.

Business and environmental concerns are becoming the same. Those …

Climate Change

Dell. EMC. HP. Cisco. These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead

HP. Cisco. Dell. EMC. IBM. Oracle. Think of them as the walking dead.

Oh, sure, they’ll shuffle along for some time. They’ll sell some stuff. They’ll …

Cisco Systems

As California Rolls Out More Solar Power, Regulators Could Undercut The Industry

The fall season is kicking off a sizzling solar power debate in California and one that has the potential to undercut the state’s climate mission.

Utility regulators there are in discussions over how to balance the interest of rooftop solar generators with the utilities on which they will still …


Deleting genes could boost lifespan by 60 per cent, say scientists

Scientists have discovered more than 200 genes linked to ageing and have found switching them off extends life

The secret of extending life by decades may lie in switching off certain genes, scientists believe, after showing that small genetic tweaks can make organisms live 60 per cent longer.

Ten …

Scientific Research

Vital information could be lost in 'digital dark age' warns professor

Paper archives are vital to prevent information stored on computers becoming inaccessible because of out-dated formats

The world faces an information 'dark age' because so much information is stored digitally, the former president of the Royal Society for Chemistry as warned.

Professor David Garner …

College & University

What can the New Silk Road do for global trade?

In October 2012, Wang Jisi – professor at Beijing University – urged China to re-open its ancient commercial trade routes with the West. In 2013, …

Silk Road

All Aboard the Sensor Revolution: How the Internet of Things is Driving Innovation

Keeping up with every new buzz and innovation is undoubtedly whiplash-inducing. But look away and you’ll be left behind. Are you going to be a mere …


Meet early Macintosh marketer Joanna Hoffman, who was not afraid to stand up to Steve Jobs

If you're vaguely familiar with Apple and its history, you've probably heard a few familiar names, such as Steve Wozniak, Jony Ive, John Sculley, and of course the man himself, Steve Jobs.

But the new film about Jobs' life debuting this Friday focuses on another key character in Jobs' life that …

Steve Jobs

A manifesto for algorithms in the environment

Algorithms – step-by-step sequences of operations that solve specific computational tasks – are transforming the world around us. They support sophisticated search engines, voice recognition software, online transactions, data compression, targeted advertising and self-driving cars. But algorithms …


Scientists hope to attract millions to 'DNA.LAND'

Study to collect data from customers of genetic-testing services.

Geneticists have launched a project to test whether they can study millions of …


The Internet May Be Changing Your Brain In Ways You've Never Imagined

"Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski."

Five years ago, journalist Nicholas Carr wrote in his book The Shallows: How The Internet Is Changing Our Brains about the way technology seemed to be eroding his ability to concentrate.

"Once I was a …

The Brain

Human 'mini brains' grown in labs may help solve cancer, autism, Alzheimer's

(CNN) — A Harvard medical pioneer calls it "astounding" — an "incredible achievement" and a "quantum leap forward" in the battle against cancer, autism, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

What's going on? Scientists at Ohio State University say they've figured out a way to grow the genetic equivalent of a …

The Brain

Rethinking Work

HOW satisfied are we with our jobs?

Gallup regularly polls workers around the world to find out. Its survey last year found that almost 90 percent of workers were either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their jobs. Think about that: Nine out of 10 workers spend half their waking lives …

Western Philosophy

Groundbreaking carbon capture project unveiled in Squamish, B.C.

The mountain air in Squamish, B.C., could soon be even fresher with the launch of a groundbreaking carbon capture operation.


Why Israel is leading fintech innovation


Over the past couple of decades, Israel has developed a strong fintech ecosystem thanks to continued overseas interest, a local commitment to innovation, and a community that’s dedicated to addressing the emerging needs of this industry.

The Israeli fintech industry continues to grow so …

Middle East

Estonia Wants to Collect the DNA of All Its Citizens

The country’s genetic biobank is still in its earliest stages, but the government hopes to one day have enough donors to totally overhaul its health-care system.

When Steven Smit opens the freezer, liquid nitrogen pours into the room, cascading dramatically over the sides of the container before …

Life Sciences

Google's Alphabet could become 'the next GE'

Analyst Colin Sebastian at Baird thinks that Google's recent Alphabet restructuring could make it the "GE of the new technology generation," according to a research note published this morning.

For GE, the success of the lightbulb became a foundation for diversification and market dominance in areas …

Alphabet, Inc.

U.S. Navy to China: We’ll sail our ships near your man-made islands whenever we want

U.S. officials could soon send a Navy ship steaming by a chain of man-made islands that China has built in the South China Sea, Pentagon officials said, potentially exacerbating tensions in an area in which Beijing is expanding its presence.

China set up a territorial limit around the islands, …


Greek town glimpses mass transit future: driverless buses

TRIKALA, Greece (AP) — There'll be no arguing with the driver on this bus: the rides are free and there's no driver anyway.

Trikala, a rural town in northern Greece, has been chosen to test a driverless bus in real traffic conditions for the first time, part of a European project to revolutionize …


California Wants Renewable Energy For Half Its Power By 2030

"What has been the source of our prosperity now becomes the source of our ultimate destruction, if we don't get off it"

(LOS ANGELES) — Gov. Jerry Brown dramatically increased California’s climate-change goals, committing the state to use renewable energy for half its electricity and make existing …


Battery-stored electricity could reduce power use and save money, report says

Utilities would save consumers money and help support the electric grid if the companies tapped unused power stored in existing home and business batteries, according to a report released Thursday by the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The report, titled “The Economics of Battery Energy Storage,” by the …


Panasonic has made the world's most efficient rooftop solar panel

At the end of last week, solar technology company SolarCity, which was co-founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, made headlines when it announced it had …

Renewable Energy

The global age bomb that's about to change everything

Frank Brincho greets a customer at the Wal-Mart store in Foothill Ranch. Brincho has been a greeter at the store for 10 years and will celebrate his …


The Endless Allure of Non-Hierarchical Organizations

I recently read Dana Ardi’s The Fall of the Alphas. The most important parts of her argument are:

What’s striking is that this argument is a recurring …

Silicon Valley

The airline reimagined: Is this the future we've been asking for?

(CNN) — Could this be the Uber for airlines?

Start-up "Poppi" imagines the airline of the future, where customers can fly "cinema class," where the getting the dreaded middle seat means you win sponsored treats, and where baggage is dropped off when you leave home -- and reappears at your …


This tiny country just outlined a plan to completely stop using oil, coal, and gas

Recently, there seems to be an uptick in small nations or islands setting their sights on becoming increasingly, or completely, powered by non-fossil fuel energy sources, particularly renewables such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

This is welcomed news in a world that – despite recent …


The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership

Workers are often taken advantage of by the on-demand economy. What if they ran it instead?

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently discovered, during his short-lived campaign against Uber, that saying no to a popular, convenient new technology doesn't tend to win many friends—or win much at all. In just a …

Sharing Economy

Nike Exec Says We’ll Be 3D Printing Sneakers At Home Soon

The company already uses similar technology

Nike COO Eric Sprunk attended the GeekWire Summit last Friday, during which he claimed that you’ll soon be able to 3D print your own Nikes without ever having to leave your house, Quartz reports.

He was at the summit to discuss Nike’s Flyknit sneaker …