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Mobile Internet To Be Worth More Than Apple By 2018

Editor’s note: Tim Merel is the managing director of Digi-Capital.

Smartphone sales growth is slowing to less than 10 percent annually to 2018, and mobile networks saw just 5 percent growth in the last decade. So while Apple continues to knock it out of the park and Xiaomi skyrockets, mobile Internet …

Mobile Advertising

Shocker: 40% of Workers Now Have 'Contingent' Jobs, Says U.S. Government

Tucked away in the pages of a new report by the U.S. General Accounting Office is a startling statistic: 40.4% of the U.S. workforce is now made up of contingent workers—that is, people who don’t have what we traditionally consider secure jobs.

There is currently a lot of debate about how contingent …


The Most Important Cities In The Developing World


The Infrastructure Needs of the Digital Economy

Complex Challenges

There are multiple challenges to be addressed. The issues are particularly thorny in emerging markets, thanks to economics that are …


The $325,000 Lab-Grown Hamburger Now Costs Less Than $12

A real burger made without the cruelty and pollution is now within reach.

The artificial burger that you—or your science-fiction-loving friends—have been waiting for is real. And now it's cheap, too.

It wasn't long ago that test-tube hamburgers—meat made from small pieces of lab-grown animal muscle …

Stem Cells

Meet the woman who oversees one of the world's largest climate funds

The Climate Investment Funds hopes to stimulate clean energy projects in the developing world.

For a woman that manages an $8.3 billion fund that supports 140 clean energy projects around the world, Mafalda Duarte is rather under-the-radar.

Duarte is the manager of The Climate Investment Funds (CIF), …


‘Brain Balls’ Grown From Skin Cells Spark With Electricity

Scientists shouldn’t be allowed to name their own creations. Today, researchers at Stanford announced a new way of creating gobbets of human brain …

The Brain

Driverless truck corridor from Mexico to Manitoba proposed

Trucks hauling cargo from Canada through the United States to Mexico and back navigate border crossings without the need for passports, visas or even …


Can Elon Musk and Tesla save the mining industry?

New generation of batteries will make cobalt, lithium and nickel essential investments in commodities

When it comes to investing in the future of commodities forget about resources such as iron ore and coal, which dominated the industrial economies of the old world order. The new currency for smart …


Brighton: the seaside resort that wants to be the smartest digital city in England

The blurb for Brighton’s new digital catapult centre reads like a political manifesto, with promises of encouraging innovation and unlocking value. To find out what it’s really about requires the tenacity of Jeremy Paxman crossed with a petulant toddler.

However, as Nick Hibberd, head of city …


Commercial your subdivision?

At a time when Americans want local produce, one farmer is raising fruits and vegetables in spare lots in the suburbs of Orange County, Calif. Could he be a model for others?

This is what passes for farmland these days in Orange County, Calif., population 3 million: a 22-acre rectangle in Irvine …


The bureaucrat who has tech terrified

After less than a year on the job, Europe’s competition cop, Margrethe Vestager, has picked a fight with the biggest names in global business. She’s not done yet.

It’s early evening and Margrethe Vestager is sitting in her Brussels office sipping coffee, talking about her now famous antitrust …


Special Report: The war on big food

Major packaged-food companies lost $4 billion in market share alone last year, as shoppers swerved to fresh and organic alternatives. Can the supermarket giants win you back?

Try this simple test. Say the following out loud: Artificial colors and flavors. Pesticides. Preservatives. High-fructose …


What’s in This Picture? AI Becomes as Smart as a Toddler

Artificial intelligence has graduated past the infancy stage of figuring out what's in an image. Computers have previously been capable of little …

Artificial Intelligence

The case for ‘unbundling’ higher education

The Great Recession and its aftermath have exposed a major mismatch between the skills of many college graduates and the skills employers are …


China's Emerging Vision for World Order

During World War I, Britain and France suffered such appalling casualties that the ability to prosecute the fight against the Axis powers seemed at …


To Prepare For The Future You Need To Shape It -- Or Someone Else Will

The future. We may look forward to it or we may fear it, but either way, it’s something we all must deal with eventually. If we simply wait for it to come, then we are at its mercy, but if we meet the future head on, we can help shape it and the time to do that is the present.

These days, the future …

The Future

Hay Festival 2015: Why artificial intelligence needs to be regulated

The Astronomer Royal Martin Rees says some experts worry about whether humans can keep AI robots under control

The eminent scientist says "there's no harm" in experts coming together to find a way for society to benefit rather than suffer from the revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) and …

Artificial Intelligence

Funds feel heat of coal, oil sands divestment drive

For Rivka Micklewaite and fellow students, securing a pledge this week from Oxford University to avoid direct investments in companies producing coal or tar sands is just the beginning.

Getting that commitment involved a two-year campaign during which they staged a “marriage” between the …


A new Industrial Revolution is coming

Over the past 25 years, the Internet has radically altered the way people communicate and share ideas and the way businesses interact with customers and clients.

For an even longer period, starting in the 1950s with the so-called Third Industrial Revolution, businesses have become more digitized. In …


Patagonia’s Anti-Growth Strategy - The New Yorker

Earlier this month, a peculiar vehicle appeared on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn: a biodiesel-fuelled, reclaimed-wood camper that could have …


Shopping tools help patients find cash prices for medical procedures

When Vicki Burns was told she needed total hip replacement surgery in 2012 she asked her local hospital for a cash price. She got a $79,000 estimate for the surgery.

A doctor advised her to research the fee that the hospital accepts from Medicare and use that as a starting point. Her husband …

Health Care

Europe’s innovators need China’s capital

At a recent event held in London, 10 start-ups were pitching their ideas for seed funding. This in itself is nothing out of the ordinary, as …


The Time to Think About the 3D-Printed Future Is Now

3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, is likely to revolutionize business in the next several years. Often dismissed in the popular mindset as a tool for home-based “makers” of toys and trinkets, the technology is gaining momentum in large-scale industry. Already it has moved well beyond …


Some 40% of UK’s food imports from areas of high water risk

Globally, the agricultural sector consumes about 70% of the planet’s accessible freshwater – more than twice that of industry, and dwarfing municipal use. The 2015 Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum ranked water the greatest potential economic impact risk.

Likewise, WWF research …

Natural Resources

Can high-tech photosynthesis turn CO2 into fuel for your car?

Imagine having a fuel pump in your driveway that uses photosynthesis, the same process plants use to feed themselves, to turn carbon dioxide into fuel for your car.

It’s not science fiction: research groups all over the world have been working to develop artificial photosynthesis, which could …


Rethinking the water cycle

Three billion people will join the global consumer class over the next two decades, accelerating the degradation of natural resources and escalating …

Natural Resources

The Great Decoupling: An Interview with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Machines, it seems, can do almost anything human beings can. Now cars are even starting to drive themselves. What does that mean for business and employment? Will any jobs be left for people? Will machines take over not just low-skilled tasks but high-skilled ones too? If a man and a machine work …


The Self-Tuning Enterprise

Idea in Brief


Leaders know that their organizations need to get better at adapting to changing marketplace conditions—but that’s far easier to accomplish in theory than in practice.

A New Approach

Help comes from an unexpected place: the companies that use self-tuning algorithms to constantly …