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#Hijaukan Hutan Mangrove di Pesisir Surabaya

Garry Winogrand: Visions of the Street

Project info<p>The Jeu de Paume presents the first retrospective in twenty-five years of the great American photographer, Garry Winogrand (1928–1984), who chronicled America in the post-war years. Winogrand is still relatively unknown because he left his work unfinished at the time of his death, but …

Street Photography

Garry Winogrand: Visions from the Street, Portraits of America - Photographs by Garry Winogrand | LensCulture

<i>Sometimes I feel like…the world is a place I bought a ticket to…It’s a big show for me, as if it wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t there with a camera.</i><p>—Garry Winogrand<p><i>[above:</i> <i>a video included</i> <i>at the exhibition.]</i><p>Garry Winogrand didn’t believe in teachers. He didn’t believe in school. He didn’t believe in …

Fuji X20 Survives 3 Months of Rain, Snow, and Bears in the Wild… Still Works

This poor camera has seen some things. For three months, photographer KB‘s Fuji X20 languished in the Colorado wilderness while rain, hail, snow, and …

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Sky-high expectations for Marvel's super-slate of comic book movies

If you hate comic-book movies, it might be a good idea to stay away from multiplexes for the next five years. Warner/DC has just announced its own slate of 10 interlinked superhero films, while 20th Century Fox gave the long-running X-Men saga a new lease of life this year with the daring, …

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Leica M8: Eight Years Later

Emotional Connection Through Street Photography

For Rinzi Ruiz, street photography is much more than just taking to the street hoping to capture interesting objects as they pass by. Ruiz sees the …

Top 10 Velvet Underground Songs

Killing time at the market. Oyster Mushrooms? No info card

The New Flipboard Gets Personal with Over 30,000 Topics to Follow

We’re on a quest to create the world’s best personal magazine, and today’s update—the third generation of Flipboard—builds on our core tenets. The …

Alien (1979) Behind The Scenes [1/2]


Small state, big arms: Singapore embarks on major arms purchases from the US

5 things you had no idea your iPhone could do

Every major iPhone update ushers in new features. Here are some under-the-radar tips that you might have missed.<p>Did you know that your cherished iPhone hides secrets from you? That's right, a simple nod of the noggin could shift the way you use this precious gadget.<p>Apple's iPhone is a revolutionary …

What turns an American into a diehard Arsenal fan? EPL takes root in the US

For some Americans, the English Premier League has become an infatuation. But what makes a Californian an Arsenal fan? Or a New Yorker a passionate supporter of Cardiff City? Such loyalties to centuries-old teams from across the pond are, necessarily, partly fabricated – and yet they are brandished …

SINGAPORE: Bombardier opens aircraft services centre at Seletar Aerospace Heights

Six hundred Syrians flee besieged Old Homs in aid convoy | Reuters

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Six hundred people left the besieged ruins of rebel-held central Homs on Sunday, escaping more than a year of hunger and deprivation caused by one of the most protracted blockades of Syria’s devastating conflict.<p>The evacuees, mainly women, children and old men, were brought out …