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The art of murder: miniature dioramas of unexplained deaths – in pictures

Frances Glessner Lee, often referred to as the ‘mother of forensic science’, created the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death to train homicide detectives in the 1940s and 50s. The dollhouse-sized true crime scenes are being shown at the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum


I can spend hours browsing Victorian newspapers, especially now that so many are online through The British Newspaper Archive. They tell us so much …

LeFort I, II and III type fractures - animation shorts for Monash University, Australia

Forensic pathology of physical injury

Access to the complete content on Oxford Medicine Online requires a subscription or purchase. Public users are able to search the site and view the …


Black eye

This article is about the injury. For other uses, see Black eye (disambiguation).<p>Not to be confused with Eye black.<p>A <b>black eye</b>, <b>periorbital hematoma</b>, …


Virtual Autopsies Provide New Insights into Death

It used to be that the cause of death could only be determined by cutting a corpse open. But a new, virtual procedure developed by Swiss researchers …


For The First Time, We've Seen Brand-New Neurons Firing

New insight into how the brain works<p>Scientists have watched newly formed neurons fire in a live animal for the first time. In a study published in the journal <i>Neuron</i> , researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center and the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute used a …

Forensics: the anatomy of crime

"Shoe print fragment" copyright tassie-guusje #miniaturepeople #figurines #csi #minifigures #forensic #forensics http://t.co/n33h158sYU

#littlepeople #figurines #scale1:87 #csi copyright tassie-guusje. "Skateboard ending". http://t.co/B24Jk2p1ju

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Image of the day: sinusoidal congestion of the liver with sickled RBCs #pathologists #sicklecell #SCD http://t.co/ImNWrwmTeE

Kinda banged my knee on the door frame on Sunday. Hadn't really looked at it yet. Ouch though!!!! #ouch #bruise

When the opposition fails at a tomma and you aren't even near the goal... Seriously?!?! #hockey #hockeyislife #fail #tomahawk #bruise #ball #ouch #nopainnogain #legday

Curling aftermath #curlingroztyly #curling #bruise #knee #hurt #nasty #colours #me #slippedandfell

Untitled, Bruise Study. 2015. Nesbitt Gallery @ University of Science and Arts Oklahoma. #bruise #drywall #painting The works, Untitled, Bruise Study are humble reminders of our body’s physicality and I give reverence to these ephemeral markings by enlarging and embedding them in a building material, drywall.

Frances Glessner Lee (of The Nutshell Studies fame) also commissioned these gunshot plates #forensics http://t.co/fAryYqdPVw

@Regrann from my other account @remains2beseen - This image is a post mortem artefact called "tache noire" which literally means "black patch/spot" and is fairly frequent - I've seen it a good few times at autopsy. It occurs when the sclera of the eye becomes discoloured because the deceased has their eyes slightly open. As the transparent sclera stays in contact with the air it dries out, turning it first yellow, then brown, then black. To the untrained eye this could look like an injury which is why pathology staff and medical examiners are (or should be!) trained so well. This is not the only post-mortem artefact which could be mistaken for an injury by the untrained eye and I'll feature more on the site soon. #humanremains #anatomy #pathology #forensics #forensicscience #autopsy #autopsytechnician #APT #pathologytechnician #Regrann

Riikka Hyvönen Captures the Beauty of Bruises in Giant Artworks

Most of us flinch when we see a bad bruise. Finland born, Helsinki based artist Riikka Hyvönen sees an inspiring myriad of colors that tell a story. …


This is What a Handgun Shot Looks Like at 73,000FPS

Want to see what a speeding bullet leaving a handgun looks like at 73,000 frames per second? Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters recently …

W. Tebb, Premature Burial and how it may be prevented (1905). http://t.co/eUXFCR7nx3

Beauty over functionality. Bow frame amputation saw, Europe, 1575-1585. http://t.co/LQHxIjbsfp

The Dissection Room, Medical School, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1897. cc @AtTheKnick http://t.co/gchXT5gxoL

Watch This Bullet Pierce Through These Four Watermelons in Super-Slow Motion

A video posted online to a popular YouTube channel shows a bullet pierce a series of four watermelons in super-slow motion.<p>Produced by the “Slow Mo Guys,” the footage — titled “Catching a Bullet With a Watermelon” — shows an individual fire a .308 rifle trained at several watermelons resting on a …

RT @DittrickMuseum: Preparing for the Members talk on 7/29, @bschillace looks into #Cleveland's #forensic past! #twittersorians #histmed http://t.co/VaqbYGZDT3

Cross Section Photos of Fireworks Give Us a Peek Inside the BOOM

It’s the fourth of July (on the off-chance didn’t know), which means your Facebook feed is about to get flooded with firework photos from friends, …

Dr Strobe: the man who stopped time and electrified photography – in pictures

If you could stop time, here is what you might see: a bullet being shot through an apple, an egg being cracked into a fan, or a play-by-play of Pancho Gonzales's famous serve. MIT professor Harold Edgerton invented the strobe flash in the 1930s – and his stroboscopic photography captured amazing …