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EU 'spends £500m a year promoting itself'

EU accused of trying to 'indoctrinate' children and trying to influence EU referendum after it emerges it is spending £500million a year promoting itself.

The EU is spending more than £500million a year promoting itself amid growing concern that it could have an "insidious" impact on the result of …

UK News

South Korea vows to make North pay 'harsh military price' for landmine blasts at border

Seoul to resume propaganda broadcasts into communist North Korea after United Nations investigators blame Pyongyang for planting landmines that maimed two soldiers from South

Military tensions along the heavily-fortified frontline on the Korean peninsula have soared as South Korea vowed to make the …

United Nations

North Korea could produce 'military-size batches of anthrax' at pesticide factory, researcher claims

pA North Korean pesticide factory could be used to produce “military-size batches of anthrax”, a US researcher has claimed./p

UK News

Large Hadron Collider discovers new particle - the pentaquark

Physicists had theorised the existence of the pentaquark since the 1960s and now it has been discovered by the Large Hadron Collider

A new kind of particle, called the pentaquark, was discovered by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider yesterday.

Physicists had theorised the existence of the …

Particle Accelerators

On the Stasi trail in Berlin

In the middle of January, Berlin history buffs and GDR junkies were suddenly abuzz with curious excitement about the re-opening of Erich Mielke's office.

Smack dab in the middle of a complex of grey and scary buildings so large they make your neck ache and your head spin, lies the desk, shredder, …

Taxman's power to raid bank accounts 'flies in the face of Magna Carta'

New HMRC powers to seize money from bank accounts flout principles of property ownership and the right to a fair trial, a respected barrister warns

George Osborne's decision to allow tax inspectors to raid people's personal bank accounts "flies in the face" of Magna Carta, Francis Hoar, a senior …

Magna Carta

Circles of power: Putin's secret friendship with ex-Stasi officer

When Vladimir Putin spends time in the German capital, a detour to Fuggerstraße in the Schöneberg district of Berlin is a must. There are many restaurants, bars and cafés there, and rainbow flags fly in the wind.

It is home to the Café des Artistes, one of the Russian president’s favourite …

Man killed by recycling shredder had to be identified through DNA on his toothbrush

A father who was killed in an industrial shredder had to be identified by DNA on his toothbrush, and inquest has heard.

Karlis Pavasars, 55, was seen …

Greece is a victim of its own cronyism and corruption

Postwar Greece never established welfare systems or open institutions - now it's paying the price

Why is Greece so different and why does the government of Alexis Tsipras send such mixed messages towards Europe? Many people believe that the origins of Greece’s problems lie in its four-century …


Kim Jong-un so paranoid he has lots of people checking each lettuce leaf

Tyrant dictators can’t be too careful.

Now reports coming from North Korea suggest Kim Jong-un has ordered for every lettuce leaf he eats to be …

Greece is a lesson for the Labour Party: you can’t have your cake and eat it

Syriza’s rabble rousers have woken up to reality – now it’s time for the British Left to do the same

The rock star revolutionaries of Greece spent months winding up their febrile population with uncompromising oratory, denunciation of their infamous creditors and bloodcurdling threats to the …


'Honour crime': 11,000 UK cases recorded in five years

More than 11,000 cases of so-called honour crime were recorded by UK police forces from 2010-14, new figures show.

The Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation, which obtained the data, called for a national strategy for police, courts and schools to follow.

The crimes are usually aimed at …


Bewildered Greeks left wondering what happened to referendum 'No' vote

Less than a week after they celebrated their rejection of a harsh austerity plan, many Greeks are struggling to understand why Alexis Tsipras is signing up to even deeper spending cuts

Less than a week after they triumphantly gave international creditors a bloody nose by rejecting a harsh austerity …


Greeks urged to sue Goldman Sachs for role in euro debacle

Goldman Sachs faces the prospect of potential legal action from Greece over the complex financial deals in 2001 that many blame for its subsequent …

Whether Greece votes yes or no, the euro cannot survive in its current form

Best case scenario? The EU will undergo years of painful convulsions, precipitating a new treaty that imposes greater centralisation and restrictions on the fiscal independence of nation states

Whether Greece votes to back or reject austerity on Sunday, the euro in its current form is dead, and …


North Korean scientist defects to Finland

• Researcher was part of secretive country's chemical weapons programme• 
Fled North Korea with storage device carrying evidence of human testing
Set to

How Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has 'staked her claim' to power

Mrs Mugabe is working closely with Mr Mugabe’s two deputies and says they take notes listening to her - is this the start of her push for power when her husband dies or retires?

President Robert Mugabe’s wife has “staked her claim” to power by presenting herself as a wise adviser to Zimbabwe’s …

Robert Mugabe

How the euro caused the Greek crisis

Control over the supply of currency is one of the most important tools of economic stabilization that any country has. If used poorly, it can wreak …

European Union

Common sense suggests Britain's economy doesn’t depend on the EU | Coffee House

They say you have to be nearly 60 to have voted in the 1975 referendum. I voted in that referendum. I was 12. My mum had forgotten her glasses. We were a Labour household and as we left the polling station she said, ‘You did vote “in”, like Harold Wilson suggested?’ ‘No,’ I replied, ‘I’m with Tony …


KKK to host pro-Confederate flag rally & says Dylann Roof ‘was heading in the right direction’

The North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan will hold a rally at Charleston South Carolina’s Statehouse next month to protest efforts to remove …

Israeli Counter Terrorism Bureau Warned Against Travel To Tunisia In May, British Foreign Office Still Doesn't

The Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau (CTB), a wing of the Prime Minister’s National Security Council, was advising Israelis not to travel to Tunisia …

Who, What, Why: What exactly is the UK's National Barrier Asset?

UK Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has said the "National Barrier Asset" will be deployed to the French end of the Eurotunnel to prevent illegal immigration. What is the "asset"?

The National Barrier Asset (NBA) is a collection of temporary security barriers established in 2004 to provide …

UK Politics

Kim Jong Un executed the designer of his new airport because he didn't like it

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un was all smiles as he posed next to a chocolate fountain in Pyongyang’s airport – having just had its creator …

It 'only' takes 38 minutes to fall through Earth's core

• Originally it was thought the journey from one side of the Earth to the other - such as London to Antipodes Islands - would take 42 minutes• 

Ukip's angry, left-behind voters are not going away

Nigel Farage draws his support from financially struggling white people who have completely lost faith in the political system. They're anxious about the future, angry about inequality, and they will still be here after May 7

Ukip has achieved remarkable things. Last year, at the European Parliament …

Nigel Farage

Richard III: we are definitely burying the right body, say archaeologists

Last week Dominic Sellwood argued that archaeologists cannot be sure the skeleton in the Leicester car park really is Richard III. Professor Lin Foxhall from the University of Leicester says she is pretty certain they have the right man

Is Leicester Cathedral re-burying the right body this week? …

Richard III

Zimbabweans threaten to dig up the grave of Cecil Rhodes

The grave of Cecil Rhodes in Zimbabwe could be dug up amid anti-colonial protests in South Africa

The grave of Cecil Rhodes in Zimbabwe could be dug up after anti-colonial protests.

Rhodes is buried at a site he chose, known as World's View, in the Matopos Hills, half-an-hour's drive south of …

South Africa

The crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii restored

Villa of Mysteries, which was destroyed in AD 79 by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, is a Unesco World Heritage Site and its neglect left Italy at risk of losing EU funding

Italy unveiled the restored crown jewel of the ancient city of Pompeii on Friday, showing off a rare success story as …


Nigel Farage: the American Rand Paul is my soulmate from the Tea Party

In the ninth and last exclusive extract from his new book, The Purple Revolution, the Ukip leader reveals his kinship with a leading member of the Republican Right

The by-election in Newark in June 2014 was triggered when Patrick Mercer, the Conservative MP, stood down after he was exposed for not …

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage attacks 'bankrupt' voting system after predictions Ukip will come second in 100 seats

Ukip leader calls for electoral reform after research suggests the party could take between 10 and 15 per cent of votes at the election but win just half a dozen seats

Nigel Farage has called for the "bankrupt" first past the post electoral system to be scrapped after new research found the UK …

Nigel Farage