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Antique quilt section pre 1850 dating is possible due to the colonial era blue velvet perhaps African American

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Pls take a seat. A window to dream about the Philippines.

A Passage to Africa. Delightful ethically traded handmade gifts thru the store. NYC 59 W 49th St.

Be marveled at the steel vault boldly displayed on the ground floor at 510 Fifth Ave . - a treasure of NYC. A landmark listed by World Monuments Fund - WMF. @WorldMonuments

Yes, I Do! A la Mark Zunino label. Perfect timing @Mark_Zunino - a Valentine's Day moment in Chelsea NYC. @KleinfeldBridal

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New Yorkers enjoy Gotham during a perfect day for sledding and meet Mr. Snowman. Young at heart! Fun for the inner kid - then hot chocolate.

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