Iranian Jews in America

In 1979, thousands of Iranian Jews left their homeland after the Islamic revolution and settled in the United States, primarily in Southern California and spots along the east coast. At first, amid the backlash to the hostage crisis, Iranian-American Jews were marginalized. But today Jewish Iranian Americans actively engage in every sphere of American life and take great pride in their rich Persian heritage. As part of the story you'll meet: Saba Soomekh: Author of "From the Shahs to Los Angeles: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women Between Religion and Culture" Houman Sarshar: Author of Esther's Children, Portrait of Iranian Jews Roben Farzad: Journalist and Contributor to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NPR and PBS Reza Zarghamee: Author of the new book "Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World"