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Iranian Jews in America on Flipboard

By Davar Ardalan | In 1979, thousands of Iranian Jews left their homeland after the Islamic revolution and settled in the United States, primarily in …

For Persian Jews, America Means 'Religious Pluralism At Its Best'

<i>Code Switch has been writing about some overlooked cultural interactions that have helped shape what Jewish identity is today, and</i> <i>we continue the series with a post by</i> Tell Me More <i>Senior P</i><i>roducer Davar Ardalan on Iranian Jews.</i><p><i>Judaism has a rich and millennial history in Iran including the era 2,500</i> …


In the late 1970s, thousands of Iranian Jews fled to the U.S. in search of a new home.

Visit YU Museum @ www.YUMuseum.org

Davar Ardalan on Twitter: "You can find @nprjackilyden's interview w/Houman Sarshar on his book Esther's Children here: http://t.co/Tx1DGnyUmF http://t.co/IuSYiswzgW"

Author Saba Soomekh with her father who named her after a Hafez song. Saba means "the wind in Spring" #IranianJews http://t.co/800WO0P2RZ

Author Reza Zarghamee: Cyrus helped preserve Jewish cultural and religious identity #DiscoveringCyrus #IranianJews http://t.co/JZzYIzo2yD

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Davar Ardalan on Twitter: ""Light and Shadows" exhibit @YUMuseum through April in NY #IranianJews http://t.co/IkiITwi9de earlier @FowlerMuseum http://t.co/SCkWfDEgc0"

Will feature these voices in a web story on cultural history #IranianJews in US. Facebook interview Saba Soomekh 4/4. http://t.co/Yy0hC3geux

Davar Ardalan on Twitter: "Author and Professor Saba Soomekh #IranianJews Facebook interview 3of4 http://t.co/dRfXJPZGOy http://t.co/ieL895j9cZ"

Davar Ardalan on Twitter: "Author and Professor Saba Soomekh on #IranianJews Facebook interview 2of4 http://t.co/De5ztXBCvG http://t.co/lz1lVNBcGK"

Davar Ardalan on Twitter: "Facebook interview w/Saba Soomekh & her book "From The Shahs to Los Angeles" 1/4 #IranianJews http://t.co/De5ztXBCvG http://t.co/rgvUULVGVE"

On the "Light and Shadows" exhibit at Yeshiva Museum in NY. Tell us more about this Qajar door #IranianJews http://t.co/LfMNdDE3Pp

.@Khoopy what role did Jews play in preserving the legacy of classical Persian music, poetry and art? #IranianJews http://t.co/EtuKVhpBkF