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For Persian Jews, America Means 'Religious Pluralism At Its Best'

Code Switch has been writing about some overlooked cultural interactions that have helped shape what Jewish identity is today, and we continue the series with a post by Tell Me More Senior Producer Davar Ardalan on Iranian Jews.

Judaism has a rich and millennial history in Iran including the era 2,500


NPR - In the late 1970s, thousands of Iranian Jews fled to...

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You can find @nprjackilyden's interview w/Houman Sarshar on his book Esther's Children here: …

Author Saba Soomekh with her father who named her after a Hafez song. Saba means "the wind in Spring" #IranianJews http://t.co/800WO0P2RZ

Author Event: Discovering Cyrus: The Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World

?This book should be regarded as the most definitive study not just on Cyrus, but on the beginning of Iran and the Achaemenid Empire.?
?Richard Frye, …

Author Reza Zarghamee: Cyrus helped preserve Jewish cultural and religious identity #DiscoveringCyrus #IranianJews http://t.co/JZzYIzo2yD

Author Reza Zarghamee: 539 BC Cyrus restored the Jews to their homeland w/orders to begin reconstructing the Temple http://t.co/RkA6VaTSYd

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"Light and Shadows" exhibit @YUMuseum through April in NY #IranianJews http://yumuseum.org/pdf/LightAndShadowsCurriculumResourceUnit.pdf … earlier …

Will feature these voices in a web story on cultural history #IranianJews in US. Facebook interview Saba Soomekh 4/4. http://t.co/Yy0hC3geux

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Author and Professor Saba Soomekh #IranianJews Facebook interview 3of4 …

Davar Ardalan on Twitter

Author and Professor Saba Soomekh on #IranianJews Facebook interview 2of4 …

Davar Ardalan on Twitter

Facebook interview w/Saba Soomekh & her book "From The Shahs to Los Angeles" 1/4 #IranianJews

On the "Light and Shadows" exhibit at Yeshiva Museum in NY. Tell us more about this Qajar door #IranianJews http://t.co/LfMNdDE3Pp

.@Khoopy what role did Jews play in preserving the legacy of classical Persian music, poetry and art? #IranianJews http://t.co/EtuKVhpBkF