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Michael Lodge –<p>Many times we just pull out our wallets and give to charity, but we never get involved. We need to change that part of our lives.<p>I …

I Don't Know Why

Tax Tips on Reporting Tips versus Service Charges

It is good to know the difference between tips, graqtuities, and service charges and what the responsibility of the employer and employee in …

Icon Tax GroupReporting Tips versus Service Charges

Michael Lodge – Tax Tips<p>The Internal Revenue Service reminds employers that so-called “automatic gratuities” and any amount imposed on the customer …

Social Security

Democrats Have Declared Political War On Democracy

The Democrats and the political elites have declared war on democracy, americans and the President. They have damaged the nation, divided it, …


Political Tuesday - Waste and Corruption In Sacramento

Follow the money and see who is getting it and wasting it. Sacramento in out of control - tax and spend is their role in ruling the state.

You and Your Foreign Bank Account

If you have a foreign bank account, or are a signer on a foreign bank account, with over $10,000 at any given time during the year, you have a …

Icon Tax GroupYou and Your Foreign Bank Account

Michael Lodge – Tax Tips<p>I write about this every year since the law went into effect regarding holding funds (assets) in a foreign bank account and …


State Income Tax Rates: How Much Will You Pay?

Find out the income tax rates for your state.<p>Americans pay many different taxes, and governments at the federal, state, and local level all need …


To Boost Your Productivity Start Scheduling Some 'Lazy' Days

Ceaseless self-imposed pressure is not the solution. It's time to embrace constructive dawdling.<p>You know that pain in your neck that you just can’t shake? Or the irresistible urge to check Facebook and Twitter -- anything but real work? These symptoms and many more can be pinned on pressure. Most …


Why Billionaires Focus on the Smallest Details

Two stories from massively successful people -- one a billionaire, one a CEO of a billion-dollar business -- about how tiny changes can make a major difference.<p>Several years back, I attended a business meeting with the former CEO of Coca-Cola, Henry Schimberg, who told me a story that illustrates …


GET UP - Dont Give Up

Dont give up, keep moving forward. Get up - dont give up. No matter what has happened you can still move forward and succeed.

Should the Average American Use an IRA?

Less than one-fifth of Americans actively contribute to an IRA. Here's why you should join this group.<p>The short answer to this question is "yes." The …


LA’s most expensive rentals on the market - Curbed LA

With one of the most expensive rental markets in the nation, Los Angeles is becoming increasingly unaffordable for many residents. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that the homes at the very top of that rental market are likely unaffordable for nearly every resident.<p>We’ve rounded up the most …


World of Business and Taxes

Dont Give The Whole Load Of Hay When Telling Your Story

All of us have a story to tell about our business or on what we do. Shorten up the story, 25 words can do it.

It Just Takes A Moment To Help Someone

It just takes a moment to help someone. Reach out your hand, your heart, your mind, to help soneone in need

When You Startup - Hire An Accountant

When you startup a business the number one team member is an accountant. You may not need a full time one but you can outsource the accounting …

Icon Tax GroupHave A Startup? Get An Accountant!

Michael Lodge<p>So you have a great idea for a business and you are putting your financing to startup in place, you have put together a business model …

Small Business

Your Ecommerce Business Might Owe a Ton of Taxes You Don't Know About

A bill is coming eventually for the local sales taxes that, technically, online retailers should collect but few do.<p>The saying goes that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. The current manifestation of that axiom is state governments are poised to aggressively pursuing uncollected …


5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Preparing for Crisis Communications

Ubiquitous cell phone cameras mean every embarrassing mistake you or an employee makes is made in public.<p>In a time where you can pretty much bank on cell phone cameras capturing every moment, it is more important than ever for brands to make smart decisions when it comes to delivering on promises …

Public Relations

Philippines says it will reject all aid with conditions

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines' top diplomat said Friday the government's new policy of rejecting aid with conditions applies to all donor countries, not just the European Union.<p>Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano made the statement a day after officials confirmed that Manila had declined …


Florida woman severely burned by Starbucks coffee awarded $100K

A Florida woman who was severely burned after the lid popped off a cup of Starbucks coffee and spilled on her lap was awarded $100,000 for her injuries Thursday.<p>Joanne Mogavero, a mother of three, sustained first and second degree burns on her mid-section after the lid popped off a 20-ounce cup of …


U.S. Could Finally Get Paid Family Leave Under Trump’s New Budget Proposal

The paid leave program President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump have touted since September is expected to show up in the president's 2018 …

Paid Leave

Lawmakers agree on importance of tax code rewrite, but action still far off

Lawmakers and corporate executives denounced the tax code Thursday and outlined plans for a comprehensive tax overhaul they said would boost job growth and global competitiveness. But the House Ways and Means Committee hearing touted as the first step toward action also highlighted myriad …

Gary Cohn

Tax reform to upgrade Philippine credit rating – Diokno

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippines could potentially enjoy a credit rating upgrade should the government implement its tax reform program, Budget …


Mnuchin Warns Some Partnerships and LLCs Won't Get Tax Break - Bloomberg

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cautioned that not all businesses currently classified as pass-through entities would see their rates slashed to 15 …

Steven Mnuchin

U.S. executives tell Congress they want permanent tax reform

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Wall Street and corporate executives urged lawmakers on Thursday to pursue a permanent tax reform package that avoids expanding the federal deficit as a way to drive U.S. economic growth, investment and job creation.<p>At a hearing before the House of Representatives tax …

Tax Reform

How to Reduce Estate Taxes with an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is a special trust which serves as both the owner and beneficiary of one or more life insurance policies. …