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DARPA Is Spending $65 Million to Meld Mind and Machine

The U.S. defense agency that specializes in “out-there” science and technology endeavors is on a quest to bridge the gap between brain and computer. …

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The Next Generation of Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

New techniques for activating or suppressing neural activity by zapping the skull's surface allow researchers to target smaller and deeper areas of …

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Can brain training reduce dementia risk? Despite new research, the jury is still out

There are good reasons to be cautious about a new study claiming computer-based training can reduce the risk of dementia. But what does work?<p>More than 30 million people worldwide live with Alzheimer’s disease, and while researchers are pushing hard to find a cure, their efforts so far have met with …


Dementia breakthrough? Brain-training game 'significantly reduces risk'

A recent study has been hailed as a "breakthrough" in dementia prevention, after finding that a brain-training exercise can lower the risk of the …


Multiplayer Video Games: Link Between Skill and Intelligence Discovered

Some MOBA video games can act like an IQ test, researchers report. In a new PLOS ONE study, researchers note a correlation between skill in action …


The Brain Clock “Times”

European Journal of Neuroscience

Virtual Issue: Neural Oscillations<p>Differential effects of oxytocin on mouse hippocampal oscillations in vitro<br>Maier P, Kaiser ME, Grinevich V, Draguhn …

Differentiation of cognitive abilities in the WAIS-IV at the item level - ScienceDirect

Abstract<p>It is known that studying the differentiation of cognitive abilities is associated with many methodological challenges. In the recent years, …


Intellectual Disability and the Death Penalty: Current Issues and Controversies: Marc J. Tassé Ph.D., John H. Blume JD MAR: 9781440840142: Books

Providing key information for students or professionals in the fields of criminology, education, psychology, law, and law enforcement, this book …

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Neurons are seen exploding across the brain "like fireworks" in the most detailed map ever made

Beyond teaching us more about the structure of the brain, these maps could help unlock some of the secrets of memory, taste and touch<p>You can now …


Brain implant boosts human memory for the first time

A “memory prosthesis” brain implant has enhanced human memory for the first time. The device is comprised of electrodes implanted in the brain, and …

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Children losing the ability to hold a conversation because of technology, Wimpy Kid author says

Children are losing the ability to hold a conversation because of their use of technology, the best-selling author of the Wimpy Kid series has said.<p>Jeff Kinney, who created the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, warned children are not being "fully socialised".<p>The American author has sold over 150 million …


The alternate title for 99.6% of academic journals.

Software 2.0

I sometimes see people refer to neural networks as just “another tool in your machine learning toolbox”. They have some pros and cons, they work here …

Machine Learning

Brain imaging reveals brain stem alterations in children with autism

Children with autism show different patterns of connectivity than controls do in brain stem regions associated with balance. Researchers presented …


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School Psychology International - All Issues


For Students With Disabilities, Overcoming Low Expectations Can Be Half the Battle

They're capable of the work. School leaders and teachers just don't always believe it.<p>MONROVIA, Calif. — Mark Nelson was ready to take a final during his sophomore year at Monrovia High School in Southern California in 2011. He knew it would be easy; he said tests in his special education classes …


Research Byte: Is General Intelligence Little More Than the Speed of Higher-Order Processing?

Although a small sample, this is still and interesting study. The results are consistent with the continued nexus of the g, Gf, Gwm, attentional …

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Research every teacher should know: setting expectations

In his series of articles on how psychology research can inform teaching, Bradley Busch picks an academic study and makes sense of it for the classroom. This time: a research project on expectations<p><b>There is a wealth of psychology research that can help teachers to improve how they work with</b> …


Top Resources for Educators on Learning and the Brain

In my previous post 10 Brain Training Tips To Teach and Learn I promised to share some of the resources–books, conferences, and websites– that inform …


Mathematical (Gq) giftedness: Review of cognitive, conative and neural variables

Click on image to enlarge.<p>Article link.<p>ABSTRACT<p>Most mathematical cognition research has focused on understanding normal adult function and child …

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The Brain Clock “Times”

How the brain beats distractions to retain memories: Findings could inspire novel artificial neural network architectures modeled after the brain

Findings could inspire novel artificial neural network architectures modeled after the brain<p>Researchers have recently discovered a mechanism that …

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How to run a meta-analysis? A video tutorial

Christina, Page and I like meta-analyses. We are convinced they are a great tool to leverage past research in order to move forward: To gain an …

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