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31 Not So Responsible Behaviors To Avoid For Healthy and Prosperous Life

This article will tell what you should not do to become healthy wealthy.

Good Habits That Make Life

These are the list of Good Habits that have potential to take you to great heights in life.

Time Management

The Most Valuable and The Only Degree That Actually Matters in Life

This Degree will reveal whether You passed the exam of Life with flying colors or not.


Bad Habits That Ruin Life

This is the List of Destructive Bad Habits to avoid at all cost.

Text Messaging

The 37 Greatest Joys of Life

The greatest joys of life are often found in the sweet little things we do in life.


Why You Should Have Sympathy with Terrorists

A terrorist kills people, destroys property and causes lot of fear. Why do then I have sympathy for them?


Wonderful Features, Benefits, and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? What are the Pros and Cons of Managed WP Hosting? Who is it meant for?

Web Design

51 Highly Valuable Life Lessons That Are Not Taught in School and College

Listed below are the Life lessons that have significant importance in our lives.


Are You More Open Minded or Close Minded Person

Read here amazing traits of Narrow or Close Minded person vs Open or Broad Minded person.

Cost of Living

Life and Different Parts of Life in 80 Incredibly Short Sentences

Read on to know what is life, what is not life, and different parts that form our life.


List of Good Karma’s That Uplift You

Accomplish these Good Karmas (actions) and rise in life.

George Eliot

Why You Should Not Hate Anyone

Learn what is hating, why we hate someone, about the process of hating and the consequence of hating.

25 Bad Karma’s That Drown You

This is a list of Bad Karma's that will take you down in life.

How to Optimize WordPress Robots.txt for Better Search Rankings

Setup Robots.txt for better search rankings (SEO) which ultimately leads to more traffic to your WordPress site.


Kunal Desai

To create a Positive, Productive, Constructive World with Peace and Stability, and Humanity as the Religion.

Kunal Desai

To create a Positive, Productive, Constructive World with Peace and Stability, and Humanity as the Religion.

6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Pay Tax

Tax is a part of your income which belongs to the country, not your family.

Personal Finance

True Value of Wife in the Family

How valuable is Wife to the family? Does Wife contribute more, less or equal than Husband?


Here are 25 Interesting Rights of an Individual

Rights empowered to an individual at birth, no matter where he or she is born.

Rights & Freedoms

What Are Habits

What are habits? What are good habits? Habits that can improve life.


Why Inflation is Called Invisible Tax

What is inflation and why it is called invisible tax? How does it affect you and your loved ones?

Price vs Value

What is Price? What is Value? Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham on Price vs Value.


How You Can Lose Money in Stock Market

If you do these things, you will surely lose money in the stock market.

Stock Markets

Need vs Wants

Learn to distinguish between need and wants and make life joyous.

How Expenses Affect Wealth

Become rich the legal way.


Gold as Investment Option

Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, John Bogle, Jeremy Grantham on investing in Gold.


Greed and Fear : Super Contagious Diseases

Know why Green and Fear are called super contagious diseases. Warren Buffett's views on Greed and Fear.

Warren Buffett

Investment vs Speculation

Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Keynes, Seth Klarman on investment vs speculation.

Does Beta Measure Risk

What is beta? Does beta measure risk? Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham on Beta.