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“ThomasRomain ロマン・トマ @Thomasintokyo<p>アニメ美術デザインの技術。僕が使っている部屋の描き方はこんな感じ。CGモデルをおこさなくても、わりと早く描ける方法です。<br>The way I design interiors digitally.”<p>English ( feel …


New Additional Brushes Available!<p>We have added 24 brushes to the complete brush set available on the site! Check them out then Download the .abr …


Greg Manchess 10 Things about Edges“One of the most difficult concepts to grasp about painting is the use of edges

<b>Greg Manchess 10 Things about Edges</b><p>“One of the most difficult concepts to grasp about painting is the use of edges. Students often go immobile when I mention that they should vary their edges in a painting. It shuts them down. Most have no real idea of what I mean or even where to start.<p>It’s not surprising. Controlling edges is an advanced stage of painting that alludes most everyone, until it’s pointed out to them. I had trouble with edges coming up through my skill challenges, too, but as I …

Square Enix's Wild West Batman may be the best Batman of all

Square Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai line has produced some terrific-looking action figures — we only recently spotlighted Darth Vader, Boba Fett and …



A few people asked for a step-by-step animation process.<br>I’mnot too fond of doing these, as I’m still learning myself -<br>but hopefullythis is kind of …

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Game Industry

Links and articles about the game industry: how to get game jobs, how to manage your role, etc.<p>How to Get In<p>10 "insider tips" for artists applying to …


Wand Wars — Photoshop sprite sheet generator script

Gottfried Bammes and I’m assuming Alberto Lolli. Feel free to correct me!

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The Redbeard, Matt Thorup

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Pixel Shader Tutorial

This pixel art shader has been causing quite a stir.<p>Learn more about it here: It’s in Japanese. Google …


Thunder Cloud Studio | 3D Character | Game Art | Animation Service

HIGHEST QUALITY<p>Confident in what we do. Elite team of artists leaded by Art Director with 10 years+ of experience in 3D Production can guarantee to …

art-resource:Anatomy Reference: The Knee by ConceptCookie

Anatomy Reference: The Knee by ConceptCookie

Rendering illustrations in ZBrush

Posted on January 28, 2015 by Lynette Clee<p>Ladislas is a 24-year old artist living in Paris, France. A ZBrushCentral member for a while, it was only …

Pixel Art Shader for Blender

Offline / Send Message<p>Feb 2015<p>Has anyone seen this?<p><p>The renders look phenomenal. They remind me of …


Islamic headscarf 101.<p>this is really important because I didn’t realize there was a difference and other people should know this




<b>Clothing Tutorials,Tips and Guides</b><p>In order to make interesting designs of clothing, look around the web about outfit design, keep your mind with fresh ideas so then you can draw nice outfits on your characters.<p>Remember to keep in mind color theory when designing an outfit too, keep it balanced unless you are aiming for a sparkledog, then go nuts with the colors.

作画@wiki - アニメーターMAD 

■アニメタMAD ■アニメーターMAD ■青山浩行 爆発 ■阿部厳一朗(ときどき龍輪直征) ■雨宮哲 12 ■荒木伸吾 12 ■安藤真裕 ■庵野秀明 ■石立太一 ■磯光雄 122(BGM変更Ver)...

Maya UV Trick

UV mapping in Maya isn't always straight forward when trying to unfold organic models. Luckily there's a small trick that might help speed up your …

TF2 Shading in UT3 tutorial - Unreal Tournament 3

I'm not going to write much as this should be self explaining to anyone knowing the UT3 materialeditor, all this is based on valves techpapers on …

Advice with Learning Shader Programming

I'm sure you have all read enough questions on this kind of thing (hell, I've read enough of them trying to find answers) but I just wanted some …

CG Cookie

Make Amazing Video Games<p>Build games in Unity, the engine behind some of the best and biggest games today.<p>Start Creating Your Own Games<p>Follow …