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When someone tries to persuade me to go to a contemporary art exhibition:

Johann Zahn - Emission Theory, “Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus Sive Telescopium”, 1685

<i>Johann Zahn - Emission Theory, “Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus Sive Telescopium”, 1685.</i><p><i>Emission theory or extramission theory is the proposal that visual perception is accomplished by rays of light emitted by the eyes. This theory has been replaced by intromission theory, which states that visual perception comes from something representative of the object (later established to be rays of light reflected from it) entering the eyes. Modern physics has confirmed that light is physically</i> …


on the alchemical process of Calcinatio, from Edinger’s Anatomy of the Psyche (Page 40): “The end product of calcinatio is a white ash. This corresponds to the so-called “white foliated earth” of many alchemical texts. It signifies the albedo or whitening phase and has paradoxical associations. On the one hand ashes signify despair, mourning, or repentance. On the other hand they contain the supreme value, the goal of the work..”

The Bunsen - Designer Oil Burner infuser / Terrarium by BORRstore on Etsy• So Super Awesome is also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest •

The Bunsen - Designer Oil Burner infuser / Terrarium by BORRstore on Etsy



Jena G. Fischer  (1902-40) // 

Jena G. Fischer (1902-40) // Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition auf dem Dampfer “Valdivia” 1898-1899..


<i>An aquarium hangs from the ceiling. I light the aquarium with the light of a mercury lamp, and shine the shadows of the ripples in the water onto a white floor. In this way one has the impression that the floor is covered in water around twenty centimeters deep. Visitors can dip their feet into this imaginary water.<br>Water drips into the aquarium from a device above it. Sometimes the drops fall randomly like raindrops. Sometimes they fall around and around, like playing tag. Sometimes the drops</i> …

Michael Maier - The Sun and the Moon as the Twin Complementary Principles of the Alchemical Work, “Atalanta Fugiens”, 1618

<i>Michael Maier - The Sun and the Moon as the Twin Complementary Principles of the Alchemical Work, “Atalanta Fugiens”, 1618.</i>

Monika Grzymala. 

Monika Grzymala.

Anonymous - Mirror of Human Salvation, 1430

<i>The “Speculum Humanae Salvationis” (Mirror of Human Salvation) was a bestselling anonymous illustrated work of popular theology in the late Middle Ages, part of the genre of encyclopedic speculum literature, in this case concentrating on the medieval theory of typology, whereby the events of the Old Testament prefigured, or foretold, the events of the New Testament. The original version is in rhyming Latin verse, and contains a series of New Testament events each with three Old Testament ones</i> …


wonderful Carl Sagan

wonderful Carl Sagan


Master John Banister: 

Master John Banister: Anatomical Tables, with Figures. Between 1499 and 1599.


“Spellbound,” photography by Stephen Meisel

John Wilkins - Heliocentric Solar System with an Unbounded Region of Fixed Stars, “The Discovery of a World in the Moone”, 1638

<i>John Wilkins - Heliocentric Solar System with an Unbounded Region of Fixed Stars, “The Discovery of a World in the Moone”, 1638.</i><p><i>Wilkins presents a variety of ideas that challenged existing natural philosophical views - particularly his suggestion that the Moon could in fact be a world with topographical features similar to the Earth, its own atmosphere, and even its own inhabitants.</i><p><i>These engraved diagrams depict a Heliocentric Solar System with an unbounded region of fixed Stars. Notice also</i> …




<i>Johannes Regiomontanus - Constellations, “Astronomie & Kalender & Monat & Symbol”, 1512.</i>


<b>Sacred Geometry.</b>



<i>Johannes Keppler - Five Platonic Solids, “Harmonices Mundi”, 1619.</i>


Plate 24. Subcutaneous torso. <b>Practical human anatomy.</b> 1899.


<i>Beatus of Liébana - Table of the Antichrist, “Commentary on the Apocalypse”, 1180.</i><p><i>This table was created in an attempt to calculate the numerical “code” of the Antichrist, who was a particularly troubling figure to Christians of the Middle Ages. Saint John asserted in Apocalypse 13.18 that the “number of the Beast…is 666,” the number specifically linked to the Devil at the time the Apocalypse was written. Here, the eight names given to the Antichrist are lettered in vertical columns; each</i> …


<i>A. T. Mann - Twelve Esoteric Mandalas with corresponding Signs of the Zodiac, 1975.</i><p><i>Aries: (21 March - 20 April) - Stone circles built approximately 2400 BC. Attributed to Atlanteans, Phoenicians, Druids, Romans, Giants, Queen Boadicea, and Merlin. Its geometry suggests its use as an astronomical observatory and spiritual centre.<br>Taurus: (21 April - 20 May) - The Great Pyramid of Giza. Astronomic temple and stone monument built approximately 2170 BC. Served as burial chamber for the Pharaoh</i> …





“Blackhole Universe” Our universe may exist inside a #blackhole #darkmatter #darkenergy #singularity