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Gerber StrongArm Knife: First Impressions

A good knife can be a soldier’s best friend in the field, but only if said knife is of quality construction. The same applies to the outdoor …


Outside Edges: The 9 Best Camping Knives

Survival knives are fine if you’re stuck in the wilderness, naked and afraid. Tactical knives will do the job if you’ve been air dropped behind enemy …


15 Must Have High-Tech Camping Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have High-Tech Camping Gadgets' from all over the world to make your camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

BioLite BaseCamp …


Tents for Camping: in-Depth View on How to Pick The Best Camp Tent

At first it may seem easy to choose a tent for camping, but when you come face to face with the reality of how many choices you have you actually end …


Guest Post: Why You Should Always Keep A Bear Grylls Survival Knife With You

Editor's Note: I must admit that, with respect to the myriad survival experts on television, Bear Grylls has never been my favorite, despite the fact

Bear Grylls

The Best Tents of 2015

photo: Andrew Bydlon

The Test

Tent nights: 205
Strongest wind: 45 mph in Capitol Reef National Park, UT

Highest elevation: 13,500 feet on Mt. Sherman, …


Multi-Level Hammock

Enjoy the great outdoors with friends without having to sleep on the ground like some kind of neanderthal by using the multi-level hammock. Once …


How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From an Expert

We know by now that when it comes to surviving and preparing for natural disasters things don’t need to be treated with superficiality. Disasters can …


Build of the Month: Camper in a Box

The forums have inspired many a soul to attempt their own builds, and ExPo member Doug returns the favor with an inspiring build of his own. The …

Jeep Wrangler

Cinch Next Generation Pop-up Tent Includes Solar Power And LED Lights (video)

If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to go camping to festivals or with your family and friends, you might be interested in a new pop-up …


Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife Review - JustCamping

Zombie-Prep or Wilderness Survival?

Whatever you’re preparing for, whether it be a now-hypothetical lifestyle shift or a minimalist trip to the …


The 5 Fastest Ways To Find Water In The Wilderness

Image source: all know that we need water to survive. Perhaps we even buy elaborate water purification systems or …


Thermo Tent promises a more comfortable camping experience

If you're a regular camper, you probably know what it's like to pitch a tent on a warm evening and wake up the following morning feeling like you're …


Top-Brand Clothing, Gear, Footwear and Expert Advice for Your All Outdoor Adventures

Join The Celebration

100 years of discovery in America's national parks

Observation Point along Zion CanyonPhoto by: Taylor Bishop

"Our co-op was born …


Camp Coffee Kit

Coffee is essential to any good camping trip — a bag of fresh grounds is usually the first thing in our pack. We like to keep things simple and …

Coffee Brewing

5 Best Hiking Backpacks

Hiking is not only great exercise but it is a way to unwind and get away from the madness of the concrete jungle. Depending on where you choose to …


Top 10 Best Camping Tents

As the weather starts to warm up it’s time to start planning the first camping trip of the year and the most important consideration is your tent. It …


Everything Sleeping Bag - The Info You Need!

Sleeping Bag – Choose A Warm And Snugly One!

The story goes that Freydis Eiriksdottir, the daughter of Viking Erik the Red, invented the first …


Orion Coolers is Proud to Announce the Release of the Small & Compact – Orion 25

Orion 25Orion CoolersSparta, TN -( Orion Coolers is proud to announce the release of the Orion 25.The Orion Cooler 25 is compact and …

Orion Spacecraft

Humvee Folding Knife and Flashlight Combo

Emergency rescue basics

There are two things you need at night when defending yourself from zombies: a weapon and a light to see what it is that …


The Best New Packs of 2015

photo: Ben Fullerton

Warning: We Test On Humans

We go to great lengths to find the best new backpacks of the season because we know where they’re going


Why Your Next Tent Might Be A Cube

The next generation of ultralight backpacking tents is adopting vertical walls and square shapes to maximize living space while shedding weight. …


15 Must Have Survival Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have Survival Gadgets' from all over the world.

Lifesaverbottle: It's world's first all in one ultra filtration water bottle.



Stay comfy when camping with the Thermo Tent

Thousands of years ago, Mongolian sheep herders insulated their gers (AKA yurts) with felt made from sheeps wool. Others were insulated with …


How to Pack a Backpacking Pack – Make It Easy On Yourself! - JustCamping

Success on the trail starts with planning at home

Before you set off on your next, or even your first, backpacking trip, you know there is a certain …

How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

posted on August 14, 2013

From bivies to full blown four-season shelters, Jason walks you through the basics behind choosing the perfect backpacking …


Temperature-regulating Thermo Tents offer the most comfortable camping experience ever

Summer is coming and we can't wait to go camping! However, those freezing nights and hot mornings can suck the fun out of the experience and make the …


The Best Fixed-Blade Survival Knives

In a survival situation one of the most useful tools you can have is a good fixed-blade knife. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with thousands of …