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It’s Time for Leaders to Stop Dragging Everyone to So Many Meetings

<i>The Fortune 500 Insiders Network is an online community where top executives from the Fortune 500 share ideas and offer leadership advice with</i> …

The Times - Top 50 Employers for Women


5 Leadership Biases that Hinder Success in Business

There is a natural conflict of interest between companies and customers. It’s natural for any organization to have goals that don’t align perfectly …


A Checklist for Making Faster, Better Decisions

Managers make about three billion decisions each year, and almost all of them can be made better. The stakes for doing so are real: decisions are the most powerful tool managers have for getting things done. Setting goals (another tool) is aspirational, but making decisions actually drives action. …

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

As the 2016 Presidential election begins to come into focus, one of the biggest questions people have is how well can the candidates lead. And why shouldn’t it be? While ideas are good, leadership brings them to reality. Plus, we all love a charismatic leader. Think of Steve Jobs’ leadership and …


Want To Unleash Your Team's Best Work? Develop This Habit.

To unleash the best in your team, you must become a great coach.<p>What do the best, most innovative managers have in common? It's tempting to think that it's their vision, drive, or relentless pursuit of their goals. While all of these things are important to leading effectively, they're not the …


The Ancient Storytelling Secret That Every Leader Needs To Know

The heroic quest predates written language, and its basic structure can help leaders guide teams through huge changes.<p>When Ray Anderson, former CEO of the carpet company Interface, realized that his company needed to lead the charge on sustainability, he didn’t just plan an initiative and put it …

How Leaders Create and Use Networks

When Henrik Balmer became the production manager and a board member of a newly bought-out cosmetics firm, improving his network was the last thing on his mind. The main problem he faced was time: Where would he find the hours to guide his team through a major upgrade of the production process and …

9 Employee Engagement Archetypes

Management Tip: Turn Coaching into Collaboration

<b>Margaret Moore</b>, CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, offers tips for making your one-on-one meetings with your direct reports more collaborative and productive.


A Mental Trick to Help with Challenging Conversations

Imagine the colleague with whom you have a very challenging relationship, the person who makes the most innocuous conversation tense and uncomfortable. Regardless of the topic, this person opposes you and approaches things as an adversary rather than an ally.<p>Once you can visualize that person …

Harvard Business Review

A former Google exec explains how he evaluates his senior leadership team

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The Leadership Behavior That’s Most Important to Employees

For the last 20 years, I’ve studied the costs of incivility, as well as the benefits of civility. Across the board, I’ve found that civility pays. It enhances your influence and performance — and is positively associated with being perceived as a leader.<p>Being respectful doesn’t just benefit you, …

9 Unique Traits of High-Performing Teams

What are the unique traits that separate high-performers from low-performers? Find out and build your own High-Performance Team that is highly focused on goals and achieve superior business results.


Working Better Together

Published in<p>Report<p>Oct, 2015<p>Viewrcnt.eu/0kd<p>Summary<p>73 per cent of North American business and IT leaders agreed that their organisation would be more …


Leadership Develops When You Escape Your Comfort Zone • George Ambler

Successful leaders know that they must get out of their comfort zone to succeed. Great leaders from history are those who have spent a large amount …


The four traits of collaborative leadership


Ten Ways to Say Yes to Saying No

Saying no feels like a door closing. But, those who can’t say no end up over-committed, overwhelmed, and ineffective.<p>Saying no is the first step …


The 7 Practices of Curious Leaders

Lack of curiosity is deadly in changing times. Vision, courage, and energy, without curiosity, turn to exhaustion and irrelevance. Curiosity …


We Choose Our Leadership By How Much We Give - Lolly Daskal | Leadership

Two men shared a hospital room. One was allowed to sit up in his bed beside the window for an hour each afternoon; the other had to stay flat on his …


The Mindset of a Winner


Making Yourself Indispensable

Artwork: Vincent Fournier, Space Project: MDRS #04, Mars Society, 2008, U.S.A.<p>A manager we’ll call Tom was a midlevel sales executive at a Fortune 500 company. After a dozen or so years there, he was thriving—he made his numbers, he was well liked, he got consistently positive reviews. He applied …

Most Managers Think of Themselves as Coaches

As a manager, do you think of yourself as a leader or as a coach? Do you, for instance, feel it’s important that your staff see you as an expert or do you prefer to create an egalitarian environment? Are you the person who solves problems or helps your staff come up with their own solutions? Are …

Keys to Developing Leaders When Your Team Grows Too Big

Boss: <i>“You’re doing a great job with your team!”</i><p>You: <i>“Thanks!”</i><p>Boss: <i>“You don’t mind if we go ahead and put a few more people on your team, right?”</i><p>You:</i> …


The Future of Leadership in 2016

The Future of Leadership in 2016 written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape MarketingEveryone wants to be a leader, but not everyone acknowledges …


The Best Leaders “Talk the Walk”

One of the most ubiquitous aphorisms in business is that the best leaders understand the need to “walk the talk” — that is, their behavior and day-to-day actions have to match the aspirations they have for their colleagues and organization. But the more time I spend with game-changing innovators …

24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World

Different cultures can have radically different leadership styles, and international organizations would do well to understand them.<p>British linguist Richard D. Lewis charted these differences in his book "When Cultures Collide," first published in 1996 and now in its third edition, and he teaches …


4 Essential Skills for Millennial Leaders - Switch & Shift

Let’s first be clear that leaders don’t have to be managers. Leaders are in any position – one with given authority or one with influence. Every …


Simon Sinek on Leadership - TED2014